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  1. oof yeah... Also I feel thoroughly stupid for the record: Gears genuinely managed to pocket me by saying that he was TLR. I went to great lengths to keep him from being lynched, which I suspect is why, as @Sart put it, things got all twisted up C2 and C3. Of course, I sort of deserve this lol
  2. Anyone who Connie claimed to (she never did claim to me, though I suspected she might have been AnonRBer because she kept asking me for advice on who AnonRBer should RB). But no one's going to admit to that now... Also anyone who resisted voting Gears last cycle. And I'm going to use my powers of premonition to guess that Vapor, Ghander, and Jester are going to continue their claims that I'm suspicious.
  3. I mean, I guess Gears could be a spiked elim who's also an RBer? But I'm pretty sure TLR can't have roles so... Also I'm not sure I get how it's relevant to Gears' trust in TJ that Gears is or is not an RBer (and I'm inclined to think he doesn't have a canton since he told me he didn't back before he knew whether I was or had contact with a rolescanner to confirm).
  4. Ohhh wow I hadn't even realized they left you out... even though I also have a PM with you...
  5. Okay, look. I would like to point something out. In the (likely) event that Gears flips elim, I don't want anyone to take Gears' read on me and TJ as proof that we're elims too, and here's why: If Gears is an elim, he knows that we will find that out next turn. He knows that we, the village, will then instantly reevaluate everything he's said. Any elim who knows they're going to die would have to be incredibly stupid to tell us to trust their fellow elims. In fact, an elim who knows they're going to die would try to put as much distance between them and their fellow elims as possible, so that they aren't implicated. Of course, if Gears flips TLR then feel free to interpret his reads however you'd like.
  6. Oh, shoot, I'm sorry! I misread the name. In that case, I should clarify: I directed that post specifically at Ghander, who didn't cite any specific reasons at all. However, looking back at what you've said this cycle, I don't actually see you cite any specific reasons for voting me, just that you originally didn't want to vote Gears because you were worried that he was TLR. So, if it isn't just a gut-read, then why are you sus of me?
  7. I wrote that post in response to you saying you suspected me, and I quote, "mostly on a gut-read." So that's why I said what I did. If you have other reasons to suspect me, you might want to share them, since I doubt you're going to convince anyone to lynch me on just a gut-read.
  8. Uhhh so I just reread this and you do realize that Gears can't turn up village, right? He survived last lynch, and since lynches can't be RBd (I mean, how would that work anyway?) he must be either a Spiked elim or TLR (and ik he isn't TLR for a couple of reasons--a different TLR has claimed to me, and it also just doesn't make logical sense for him to be TLR).
  9. Well it is sort of hard to balance six or seven PMs and try to act on the information you gain from them without giving away anything that other people don't want widely known.
  10. Why do so many people (Jester, Ghander, Vapor, etc.) gut-read me as bad.... Also I'd like to point out that at this point it's probably not the best idea to lynch people on gut-reads alone (and I don't just mean me, I mean anyone) because you can easily be wrong that way...
  11. Well, I can't argue against a gut-read since there's nothing substantive about it to argue against. I suppose if I asked what I've done that was sus you'd list basically the same things that Vapor and Jester have, so I guess I won't ask... But I will say that I'm sort of suspicious of anyone at this point who targets someone other than Gears and completely ignores the rather strong reasoning that says we should vote Gears out.
  12. Jester, currently we have 4 or 5 elims, and one TLR. That means that of our 16 players, the ratio of village-elim-TLR is either 10-5-1 or 11-4-1. To be on the safe side, we should assume it's 5 (remember, in QF48 the elims won primarily because the village assumed there were only 4 of us--let's not make that mistake this time). The elims will kill a villager this turn, and if we lynch in inactive player they're likely to also be village. So then the ratio will be 8-5-1. After that, if they avoid being lynched another turn, it will be 6-5-1 and they'll be at lylo. If we lynch one of them that turn, it will be 7-4-1, and they'll be within one turn of lylo. My point is, depending on the number of elims we just can't necessarily afford to take risks, which is what we would be doing if we lynched anyone other than Gears without very solid reasoning--and I think it's reasonable to say that PM reasons no longer count (I know that I've cited them a couple of times in explaining my certainty that Gears is elim, but there are also plenty of non-PM reasons that we should lynch him and that he is likely to be an elim).
  13. Right, well if you lynch Gears and he's TLR, regardless of how he's aligned, you'll know I'm an elim and you can vote me out. But I promise he's definitely an elim. Especially given that, for about the fiftieth time, we have no alternate explanation for Reading's survival.
  14. I know you guys won't believe me one way or another, and that Gears will 100% deny this, but I have good enough logic for why Gears is an elim that when I told him in our PM he dropped the act and admitted that he was one. If you think about it, this whole thing is a weird role-reversal of C4 of QF48...