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  1. Division by 0 makes perfect sense, for example when one divides by zero the distance between two locations they split it into zero pieces, making it 0 and so an easy and short trip. the mathmagicians guild claim that such power must have an adverse effect of the fabric of reality, but they said the same thing about exponents, so why trust them? You can't go wrong with googly eyes
  2. that's the stupidest thing I've seen all year, water is the name of the molecule, ice is when its a solid, steam is when its a gas, when its a liquid its called gaise. this is a alternative correctable sentence: butter is best used as an accessory for dogs out in the cold, don't question it. in ten years I will be ten years older than I was previously.
  3. I hate it when people use the suffix "ing" its "eng" for petes sake! learn to use correct grammar you rusteng illiterate chull!
  4. To be fair, people from other worlds being everywhere makes perfect sense given the context, even if it feels a little heavy handed compared to in say, The Stormlight Archive, but that's to be expected; the Ghostbloods are based in Scadrial, and a core reason for their formation was to defend Scadrial.
  5. you said "red and blue", but you are supposed to list colors in alphabetical order and capitalize them, this is basic English, why is this so hard to remember? Also, when software allows it its polite to color the colors the correct color, so to summarize, its "Blue and Red" not "red and blue" when you want to place emphasis on something you need to underline it.
  6. actually there is only one E in needs, like this: neds I'm Batman
  7. *Do'nt make it right Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. if you are reading this how are you (respond the same way, turn font color white)
  8. One person says something, the next post is a incorrect correction. for example: its corecton, not correction.
  9. about three years because I couldn't get through the first book and dropped it for three years before realizing my mistake and binging yes not that much to be honest
  10. You have no idea Also, I finished reading it about 40 minutes ago and I am still randomly shouting yes while doing a weird awkward jump in the air and occasionally dancing.
  11. these are the current candidates for the king of the thread, or you can reelect Thaidakar The Ghostblood 1. The Wandering Wizard The popular newcomer 2. The Bookwyrm The Wyrm of books 3. EmulatonStromenkiin i don't really have a good one for them 4. ???? there are 7 more nominations available, anyone and anything can be nominated, regardless of if they are real.
  12. sorry about my lack of existence recently, i just graduated and have to deal with life soon , but before i get to that these are the current candidates for the king of the thread, there are nine more nominees open, or you can reelect Thaidakar The Ghostblood 1. The Wandering Wizard The popular newcomer 2. ???
  13. i just got here, and i am happy now