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  1. this is the thread where you try to choose the king of the thread (specifically this thread), you can elect anyone and anything. you can use any means necessary (within reason) as long as they are within the rules of the forums, so no personal attacks or things like that, once their are 10 candidates the official vote will occur, and then the king decided. one vote per person! the poll will accept nominees one day after the king is chosen. the king of the thread can make one law during their rule that must be followed (don't abuse it please) the king will rule until a new king is elected. the poll will also have an eleventh option to extend the current kings rule. the king will chosen when there are thirty votes for king or if no one has voted for 4-5 days. (this rule will probably change later when someone has a better idea) (the rules will be refined with time, if they are unclear or you think they could be improved ask)
  2. looks like vapor is once again queen.
  3. thanks I worked hard on making it original and am happy that others like it too.
  4. The happy ninja that gets too excited and writes Dark Revengers rom-com comics is not the unending future of the happy Radiant Sharders, it's my bloodthirsty flerkens.
  5. The happy Sharder gets too excited and unreads Dark revengers rom-com comics is not the doomed future of the crystal Radiant Sharders, it's my bloodthirsty flerkens. there we go, back to proper grammer... ish
  6. this thread will never die, it will only ever enter a coma.
  7. anyone want to join me in reading the Entire TLT(M), anyone want to join me, peerks include being able to reference random super old plot points, like butts 12 daughters.
  8. "The happy Sharder gets too excited and unreads Dark revengers rom-com comics" and is not the doomed future of the crystal Radiant Sharders, it's my bloodthirsty flerkens.
  9. Okay, so i have the recurring question of whats a gaks relation with straw, because in book one grandpa smedry says that their are no gaks here why do you think we keep around so much straw which suggests gaks are scared of straw, but later, when alcatraz says gak in front of the council of kings one of the monarchs in a straw hat yells hid your straw, which suggests the opposite.
  10. the very best
  11. this thread feels like home, i have made two magic systems and have ideas for two more in my spare time recently, and I just want to thank AonEne for making this thread. this one is pretty standard, but i thought i would give it a try moods, henceforth referred to as emotion, are something unique to creatures with souls, the more advanced and complex the soul, the wider range of emotions it can reach, when someone reaches extreme emotions they have a small chance to become a Moodmage, with extended extreme emotions having increasingly high chances. people often snap as children due to this. (i couldn't think of a good name, suggestions are welcome) using their emotions to harness the powerful emotions their soul creates, different emotions create different effects which will be listed below, and stronger emotions cause more powerful effects. a side effect of using magic is your emotions becoming muted as you use them as fuel, though they will recover and come back with time. emotion effects. (if anyone thinks of one that i missed please tell me and i will try to fix it) anger: anger is used for fire magic, though its extremely due to the usual lack of control and rationality that comes with anger. jealousy: jealousy is used for summoning magic, though its highly frowned upon to use, and most moodmages know better then to use it. irritation: irritation is used for sound manipulation, and is generally used to mute annoying noises. happiness/joy: happiness is electric magic, so moodmages who are generally happy are employed by powerplants, leading to the saying that the world runs on happiness. love: love is used to create objects out of nothing, and is useful if you forgot your spouses anniversary sadness: sadness is water magic, and many sad moodmages end up with involuntary rainclouds hovering over themselves as a odd and not fully understood side effec fear*: fear magic is used to create shields and wards to protect the user, which thankfully last a while after fear subsides, otherwise it would be quite useless because they would stop feeling scared because of their shield, and then promptly lose it. *bravery is a variant of fear, which is being scared but still doing what scares them. bravery causes stronger effects then fear and mutes slower. shyness: shyness is used to create invisibility, used as a defense mechanism to avoid people. sympathy: sympathy is used to heal others, though people who feel sympathy pain (like me) are warned against going into the medical field. guilt/shame: guilt is used for memory magic, but its not healthy to use and can have severe emotional consequences. determination: determination is used for temporary physical enhancements. confusion: confusion is used to gain information, such as scrying, which usually helps resolve the confusion. if anyone has one for earth or air I would appreciate it. blindness
  12. i totally called it before i clicked it LOL!!
  13. glad you liked it, also try fully white text like this you can see it if you highlight it with your courser. my goal is to make people look for it more often, and then start hiding secrete messages more if you are reading this then congratulations
  14. i was having trouble making this meme appear here, so here is a link to it. your welcome look at this after seeing meme
  15. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down!
  16. i once had a dream where i was driving my siblings around in a big white van (we actually own one, so that's not weird) and every now and then i would remember I couldn't drive and almost crash, and then i would keep driving.
  17. yay, i have a chance of winning again!!
  18. my family is moving from Seattle to Utah, not sure about the rest of Seattle, but i live within around 5-10 miles of around 3 strip clubs, why this is a thing I don't know, but I'm glade to trade them for temples in Utah.
  19. how's it going, thought i would post on the off chance this thread spontaneously dies.
  20. whoops, sorry about that, also i had an idea, optional of course, but what if we did our best to incorporate our number into our post, bolded, i can do it with 992, and you can too
  21. not sure if this ones been done yet but, "Luke, i am your Goat" "sometimes a goat is just a man in the process of changing" for those of you who also watch studio c: i once ate a goat that was the color green, but the ER said it was a poisonous goat, so that explains why i threw up goat, and inside that goat their were chunks of green. (well that didn't translate well.) for context on number three
  22. we can do it!! not sure what it is, but we can do it!!!! 990
  23. "The happy Sharder gets too excited and unreads Dark Avengers rom-com comics" is not the doomed future of the crystal Radiant Sharders, it's bloodthirsty flerkens.