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  1. Galladon clearly considers himself not Arelish, and the Shaod still takes him. I'd guess that it's genetic, otherwise his intent (lowercase i, I think) would affect that.
  2. Thanks! Also, how did she manage to get there?
  3. How do we know this? (It's probably in Mistborn: Secret History, which I'm in the middle of, right?)
  4. Seriously? Why on earth - or Roshar, in this case - would Shai be there? How did she get there? And isn't there going to be an Emperor's Soul sequel? Could you post the WoB for me, if it's out there? I want to see this
  5. In The Emperor's Soul, Shai gets caught because she's betrayed by her accomplice, the Imperial Fool. That's Hoid, right?
  6. I was thinking that, but I'm not sure - do we know if the white clothing was a Shin thing, or just Szeth's own choice?
  7. That is a very cool theory, and it would fit with having each story being some reference to Rosharan history
  8. The story of Nomon and the Natanatan queen seems like the kind of ancient origin myth you get in Greek or Norse mythology, but could actually be based on some weird thing with an early Natanatan queen and a magical moon related thingy - I can't think what exactly
  9. I'll bet it's something like "Knife of W____ Truth" - knife because he was an assassin, and truth because the Shin have some whole thing with that
  10. All these theories are really cool. But one point: The other representatives, the ones who came in before our friendly Skybreaker, also seemed like Rosharans. They had very ornamental armor, like Shardplate, and Dusk sees a vision of his body with his face smoking - eyes burned out with a Shardblade? Finally, one of them is described as speaking the language of the homeisles like a native, so maybe one of them is a Willshaper, who can learn languages the way Dalinar learned Thaylen in OB (I think that's Willshapers)
  11. With Cuna and the scene at the end of Starsight where Spensa sends the delver to Starsight, it's definitely at least hinting that the Superiority isn't totally evil, that there are lots of innocents and also some good leaders. Plus, Brandon specifically said that he felt there weren't quite enough alternative viewpoint chapters in Starsight, and that he's going to both do more chapters with other characters and release audio novellas from other viewpoints. (This was in State of the Sanderson)
  12. From what we learned about different kinds of Light in RoW, it seems like all Investiture is somehow connected to one Shard or another. But in one of the scenes with Navani and Raboniel, Navani puts Light in a vacuum tube. That means it was totally isolated from all tones or other Shardic influences (if there's a different type). So what is the status of that Light? It's completely pure Investiture, so something probably changes. Any theories?
  13. If Adolin doesn't become a full Radiant, and he just ends up with a stronger connection to Maya as a blade, what would that entail? Besides that, we don't really even understand how deadeye Shardblades work. Are they just manifesting in the Physical Realm without a bond? We know something like that is possible from Soulcasters and similar, but how they make it happen is still kind of vague.
  14. I thought only people, with a cognitive element, appeared in Shadesmar. That probably applies to animals as well, but bacteria don't have brains or thought, so they probably would not burn down the Cognitive Realm