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  1. Man, I hope so. Lux was really good.
  2. I loved it. I have this weird belief, as a big fan of horror entertainment in general, that audio horror is scarier than anything else. Like, if you listen to old horror radio shows, they will actually make you wonder if the monster is behind you. I think it's because audio walks that line between things being so imaginary that they aren't that scary (like in a lot of books) and being so real-seeming that you can come to terms with the monster and stop being scared by it (like in a movie),so that things feel real but the monster remains this terrifying nebulous thingy that haunts the space just beyond your peripheral vision. DO: Forgotten hit that exact point for me. The characters and plot and voice acting were all super well done, and the music and sound design were very good at real-ifying some of the scarier moments (I don't think I've ever heard a torture scene so long, visceral, and intense. Those screams were scary). And, there were a couple moments where I actually gasped and/or flinched because of the things happening to the characters. @Use the Falchionif I can hazard a guess I bet your referring to the fact that when Christina is initially cursed, it feels super uncanny and scary, but pretty quick the tone goes back to "I can detective this". I was also a little annoyed by that, but since Brandon also wrote this, I can see where Dan was probably reigned in a little. Anyway, great stuff. Five stars, would music box curse again.
  3. Would it be possible to set up a forum to discuss Intentionally Blank? I don't know how many people on here listen, but I'm willing to bet it's quite a few. Might be fun to have an area in the General Brandon section to talk about the ridiculous nonsense they talk about, and to continue lobbying for Hollywood to green- light the great British bake-off movie featuring The Rock. Post here if you support the idea so we can see if it's worth it, but it would be fun to have.
  4. When you constantly reference Intentionally Blank and have to explain to everyone around you
  5. To some degree, probably. The Elantrians themselves don't consider themselves gods, but the people on Sel might still deify them.
  6. Maybe a religious Church of the Survivor space militia? I'm actually curious what will happen in general in terms of cultural give and take during era 3 and beyond. It seems like there's definitely been overflow onto Lumar - even if this isn't a reference to Marsh, they know Iriali - but there will probably also be clashes between religions from different planets, like heralds and the Elantrians and the gods of nalthis, all of whom are considered deities by their respective planets
  7. I'm pretty sure that the shard on Lumar is Whimsy, because at one point, for no apparent reason, Tress is described as suddenly having a feeling of whimsy. In the past, Ive also seen theories around here that Whimsy is the opposite Shard of Autonomy, so I think this is Brandon hinting to number 16 being Whimsy
  8. You make a good point. I wonder, is Brandon making the names of things the same as on earth just to make things more easily understandable to us, or is there something deeper to it?
  9. Tress herself mentions death being a specter with nails in his eyes. Obviously, that's Marsh. How/why would he not only be on Lumar at some point, but have forged a similar reputation as being death to what he has on Scadrial? Given Ulaam's presence, it's possible there are Scadrians on Lumar that have transplanted their culture there, so Marsh himself was never present, but I feel like that's unlikely. Any thoughts?
  10. Except that we know for a fact that First of the Sun is specifically technologically backwards, which is why the sky people carry so much influence. In describing Riina's hideout, Hoid seems to say that you [the audience] would call it a laptop, which no one on First of the Sun would.
  11. This theory makes a lot of sense. It fits with the classic "knowing your destiny will mess up the future" trope. If dumb Taravangian knew exactly what he was supposed to do, he'd mess something up. Instead, by giving him a general direction and putting the right people in the right place, smart Taravangian certifies that his dumb self will unknowlingly stumble into the correct future. Y'know, like how we humans do it.
  12. Watching the BBC America Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency show. I haven't read the original book (which is unusual for me, I try not to commit sins like that), but I've heard that both are good, but are different enough that I think I'll be able to enjoy them seperately.
  13. The way they adapted Namor from the comics (I'm an avid reader of Marvel) was great: it improved on the themes and ideas of an old character that definitely had ....problems, while including lots of the fun, goofy details, like the ankle-wings. Also simply great overall. There were lots of cool cinematic moments that, in theaters, made me so excited.
  14. I loved this book overall, thought the character decisions and writing was great, there were a ton of very fun plot points, Wayne's arc and sacrifice were great, as was the tribute to him at the end. BUT When I was reading the scene in the lab at the beginning of the book, I noticed something very cool that I don't think I've ever seen an epic fantasy book do before. Wax says that the reaction between the ettmetal and trellium caused some of the matter to transform to pure energy and release outward with extreme force. Here on Earth, we call that nuclear fission. So basically this book was the Set planning to nuke Elendel. Isn't that awesome? I thought it was super cool, and it fit in really well with Era 2's whole theme of "epic fantasy but industrial revolution"
  15. um..... Because people were talking about her? I can't really think of another spren who'd fit the bill. To that point, Ba-Ado-Mishram might if Odium imbued her with some power during the desolations which then allowed her to Bondsmith her way into bonding Parshendi.