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  1. Good, good. Lots of schooling and suchlike. How about you?
  2. Ok, so I'm good. Cool. Hi everyone, I'm a non-adult and so I can now post things in this thread. That's exciting.
  3. Is there, like, a list of terms and conditions I can read to see if I qualify for being a non-adult? It seems like it's pretty confusing. Will I need a lawyer? What are the penalties for non-adults on this forum? This is making me all nervous.
  4. Isn't he able to watch the guard from his tube? I thought that was how he did it. Audiobooks make it harder to find specific passages. *sigh*
  5. A declaration of war against the new religion worshipping Brandon because the scientists have begun sensationally fearmongering instead of being curious.
  6. Probably Renarin. In TWoK, he was kinda a background character and I was kind of like, "So he's a sad guy in the background. Great." WoR improved him a bit, especially with his efforts to join Bridge 4, but in OB and RoW, I really liked him both as a person and in terms of character arc.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the names of the Epics in Lux (some of them, anyway) were a metaphor for Jax's life. The theme of the book, as I see it, is revenge, and the way Jax's search for revenge hurts others. Lovestruck, who kills Dan, strikes someone that Jax loves, thus injuring him and igniting his desire for REVENGE. Lifeforce, who himself characterizes revneg in the way when Jax tries to hurt him he instead hurts those he loves, is the force in Jax's life. ok, so it was just those two, but still! Maybe i'm waxing too philosophical, but does anyone agree with me?
  8. Not 3.14159265358979 years? (Sorry, couldn't resist) In terms of Deathrise in general, I think the reason Paige wakes up right after David defeats Calamity is because Deathrise was somehow dominated by Calamity - a sort of second, darker force that Calamity used to manifest the fears, which is why he's pictured as a dark demon by Lifeforce. In fact, I'm pretty sure the demon iconography has been used by other Epics in the first trilogy. Lifeforce does seem to be a different kind of gifter. The idea of him being a conduit makes a lot of sense, because not only does he give his powers to others, he has no power with no one to take from. He essentially drains life from one person and passes it to someone else. In fact, maybe he;s not really a gifter in the traditional sense - he's not giving an ability to others, just being-ness. Or perhaps alive-itude. (What was the term again?)
  9. And with the containment tube, Jax puts the watch on the guard he knocks out and teleports him back. It seems like if you're using the tech, but don't jump back, you melt. Otherwise, you'll be fine.
  10. spoilers

    The strong implication seemed to be that Deathsrise is a being similar to Calamity. @Player22, your interpretation sounds right to me, though it would be a bit of a retcon to say, "Just kidding, Calamity wasn't actually creating the fears of the epics, it was someone else." Maybe the answer will be that Calamity somehow killed Deathsrise and gifted him to the Epics to manifest the fears/weaknesses, but now Deathsrise has regained his consciousness or sentience. This would also fit with his name - he's risen from death.
  11. They totally pulled a "gotcha" on everyone watching:
  12. I appreciate your MTG reference. I'll take a stab at this too: SA: (Get it, stab, because Shardblades)
  13. I saw your post in a thread about Greenglass House. I love that book.

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    2. Shard of Reading

      Shard of Reading

      Okay, that's cool.

      *Runs to library*

    3. MGershone


      The second most recent one is The Thief Knot, which is a spinoff about Marzana from Ghosts of Greenglass. It's really fun in that satisfying way books are when the characters can work together to solve a mystery really well.

    4. Shard of Reading

      Shard of Reading

      I'll right I'll check that one out.

  14. Alright guys, the point is moot. Dan Wells has confirmed that the title of book 5 will be Knights of Waluigi's Toilet.
  15. Since the Ghostblood's whole bit is trying to transport Investiture (in myriad forms) between worlds, even if Mraize himself didn't visit Patji, Yolen, or SIlverlight, it seems logical to assume that either another Ghostblood did it, or whoever did it for the Ghostbloods was subsequently forced to divulge their method of travel/transport. Mraize likes torture, I can imagine him forcing some random person who found a way to get to Yolen or wherever to tell him their methods.