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  1. theory

    This cracked me up more than it should have. "Look at the thunder and lightning on that one."
  2. I loved Phendorana. I loved Teft. If it were up to me, I'd give him a good dose of Herald mind torture. Then have Ash break him like one of her sculptures and Taln can drag whatever is left behind his war chariot.
  3. I've never been very complimentary of Shallan, hated her most of this book but I've decided to let bygones be bygones (for now). Not only did she not attempt to kill my boy, Kelak, but she called Mraize a Jabroni and gave him the Peoples Eyebrow. Well done.
  4. I liked Kelak. I liked him in the prelude and I liked him in RoW. I think people are selling him a bit short, though. Everything from Mraize's comments, to his mythos in vorinism, to the endpapers art (in world, I know, and not necessarily accurate but that honorblade and stare though), to his primary divine attribute (resolute), leads me to believe he was incredibly deadly on the battlefield. I feel like the Willshaper Order plays into it too. Sure they where builders but also liberators. I see him as being small. Quick, tenacious, and indomitable. If he's ever healed or redeemed, y'all will see. AFAIK he was in his 20s, younger than Jez, so I think he's suffering similar identity issues.
  5. Interludes I7-I9 szeth/CC/Mr T Szeth's family was given to the honorblades like a sacrifice? But Mr T sez daddy dead? Just what the hey-tang be going on in shinovar. I strongly suspect shenanigans, which may be the name of the stone shamans sports bar. Love chiri but I guess I shouldn't speculate too much cuz dawnshard under spoiler protection. That pure tone of Roshar. Honor? Seems like it. I don't know why we don't kill Mr t's close retainers and family. Sure spare karbranth. I guess that's the evil in me speaking. We knew nightblood was viable for damaging rayse from WoB so not a huge surprise here. Dannnnnggggg. The glyph page is cool as heck. Koravari culti shard holder??! Yezss. 73. Shut your filthy pie hole, Ulim. That's Taln you're talking about. Yeah so the palace meeting was a set up. Wonder how long Odium was working on Gav and who the agents were. And did Gavilar come by his aspirations himself or were they planted. Interesting stuff. Find it funny that they think the oathpact alteration was a strategy. Seems like Odium forces always have an excuse when they lose. Either it was luck, or the enemy was way stronger. That believed, or some kind of master plan. It seems the world s biggest joke that humans are the most advanced they've ever been on roshar and should be able to stand by themselves but are missing what they had before, the full radiant structure and heralds. 74. No, you're pathetic, venli. Grow up. I can understand lirins pragmatism but can't make myself like or respect it. Feels like he let the roshone situation break him. Shash. My boy inspires where ever he goes. 75. I think a herald is writing the chapter header epigrams. Candidates are Ishar, Kalak, and taln. The part 4 glyph would seem to indicate taln so ill lean that way for now. . Adolin, wow. Been 400 pages more or less. The Urithiru events were so horrid that I almost forgot this plot line. Honorspren are walk. I think they are broken. No guess on the deadeyes. I want it to be about Maya and her awakening though. Shallan. Yeah well seems like the shallan persona might be the fakes of all. Figures right when pattern is about to spill the beans and when its looking like we might have jumped the gun, shallan would go full retard. 16? No clue. Someone cosmere aware. Cognitive shadow maybe. Way shallans backstory us going, both deadeye cryptics we've seen are related to her. Maybe she and her family make a hobby of killing spren. And maybe the cryptics have been trying valiantly to get a bond on there for some reason and the ghostbloods are stopping it or something. 76. The decisive in decisiveness in the epigram reminds me of kelak but I dunno. Phew crazy. The rhythm of war. Really hope stormvoid light isn't a massive loss for the good guys. This whole book is depressing. Maybe she and lift can make more tower light forcing it into the pillar? Bah of course she was never going to give the tower back. The revelations about the shadow days were cool. So raboniels grandma saw the expulsion or the arrival oh humans. Ordinarily you'd think , ok 50-70 years prior to raboniel being born or able to remember. But, with singer femalen going into puberty around 7 or 8, could only be 20-30 years. I feel like the war started pretty fast. Maybe less than 100 years, and the humans were probably winning, otherwise we go to odium for power? Oh well, I need more info! 77.77. Wow. That was awesome. So axe is world hopper agent and there was another. Ghostblood? Nalthis? Man just more questions. Ah. So gavilar is the reason voidspren can cross at all. I guess he opened the "back door?" And man pretending to be sons of honor or i mean he disobeyed the Heralds, he wanted to be a God? I need more info! 78. Kelak's balls! Uh uh maybe that's not the right oath for this situation. Man. Ok Pattern probably not bad, yay! But there's another traitor. Darn Pattern red herring. I've long wondered if syl was just syl or if other honorspren were like her. They used to boy Kelak. Sigh I'm going to hate him aren't I. Not sure if I'm more afraid of him condemning adolin or of shallan trying and/or succeeding in killing him. 79. Jezrien gone. I had come to accept it as the truth but still a hard pill to swallow. Poor Rlain and yay best mom hesina. Hope dabbid continues to recover. 80. You know, I was never clear. I wonder if the Herald's torture is what Kaladin is going through now if if the it was a constant stream of new bodies as they were physically tortured to death. I like design. Be strong bud. 81. I don't know what to think honestly. I believe that the double cross would have happened and I'm not confident that gavilar would have been a bondsmith. Seemed to far gone and self serving. But even if they hadn't, taln would have still broke. Feels bad, man. 82. Oh man oh man. I'm really starting to hate Shallan. It's always one more bad thing. Just stain your hands a little more and then you can wash your hands of everything. Mraize and the ghostbloods wanting it is all I need to know that stabbing Kelak isn't a good thing. It's a shame Adolin can't see the heralds as the once were. Kaladin and others were ready to break in months to a few years. 2500 years. I think Kelak and others are right about Jez being in the beyond. Everything points to it, so I don't think mraize is lying about that. But the whole roshar thing, she the world, heralds monsters, blah blah blah straight up manipulation. Thaidakar cognitive shadow eh? Probably fraying if he has some Herald symptoms. Man, this feels so wrong. I really need there to be some kind of Herald redemption arc. It's gotta be worth something, ya know? 7000 years, giving up their lives and souls. Also there's what crazy really needs to do, uh back flap, the captured soul? This book is depressing the he'll out of me. 83. I was afraid that odium was a pure tone of roshar now. I guess it had to do with a combination of the recreance and the everstorm. I guess we need to do a new tower light. Rhythm of war combined with lifelight. Man F Lirin I'm done with that fool. Lift! Yes! Finally finally we are doing something that seems good and right. 84. Huh force multipliers. raysium name confirmation. Complications in Jezriens capture. I still think his soul faded away. Kind of ironic that ABM capture both damaged roshar and gave singers the idea you could do that to a herald. Dunno how I feel about navani. On one hand maybe her experiments are the only chance. On the other, well damn, you've given the enemy everything else, why not anti matter bombs. 85. Feel good chapter. Bondsmith dabbid, make it happen. 86. Yeah so Gavilar had no contact with pro odium forces. A third faction pulling the strings? Stuff just gets weirder. Wonder if its autonomy doing her buddy rayse a favor and jailbreaking. 87. You can tell Brandon had a lot of fun writing Krazy Kelak. 2000 windrunners, wow. I was totally totally totally off on the numbers. I thought a bit over 1000 radiants total and that feverstone keep was the majority of windrunners and stonewards. Nope! Only way this ends "well" and don't consider shallan murdering a herald for the ghostbloods, impersonating him and ordering spren to war under false pretenses, thereby staining everything to be, "well." Only thing i can think of is adolin resurrecting Maya and her offering testimony. I find it impossible that the spren didn't know the recreance was gonna happen and though they might not have been on board, I can see some of them agreeing. 88. Timbre. Huh. Roshar weird, man. 89. Yes, navani, DO Something. Poor Sibling. Gosh darn it. This book is the worst. Kind of crazy that the ancients, on both sides, app, were so cosmere aware but had a low tech civilization, though, at point they could forge steel, at least. The opposite is now true. Though it's changing. Vibrations, sand on desk. Comatose. Is that really where we're at now. Jasnah did ask Kabsal to play the pattern for Urithiru. 90. I hate this book. I don't thinkbit's a bad book, just 1000 pages of big Ls and depression. Honor is not dead so long as he lives in the hearts of men! Can't really blame the other ones though. Yeah so cryptic. Yeah, Shallan's work, the one who ruined everything. Veil and Raidiant taking a stand was cool , but then shallan just moved the goal posts and unleashes formless. So formless will kill the judge and impersonate him. The truth will get out, and it will be worse than not doing anything at all. It will destroy Adolin. Shallan is trash, utter trash. I'm open to shallan redemption, but I don't see it happening. Taking a stab at it, I'd say formless is either the original persona or much closer than "shallan." She killed that spren and maybe more than him, ill even go do far as to say, her mom was probably justified in trying to snuff her out. Starting to change my mind on capturing Kelak for dear leader being the truth. Starting to think its part of the deal with fused to use oathgates to get stormlight off world. There's Maya, the gathering deadeyes, and shallan's captured soul. There's also a glimmer of hope in bavani, rlain, Kaladin. And venli. But, if radiant spren declare for Odium, it doesn't matter, it's over. Sigh 91. Phendorana is a babe. I think Syl implied she was someone important and the reason for the wave of 50 honorspren accepting bonds. Teft right, you an officer buddy. Even Rlain would run through a brick wall for you. 92. Almost gave it all away Venli. Raboniel suspects, I'd say its an even chance she knows but thinks she can't be stopped. Thude and company alive. Totally cool. Would be awesome if listeners and humans did a true alliance. I think its been done in the past though the singers weren't radiant. Still, even if that doesn't happen, hope thude and company remain free and alive. Guess this is it. Hours left before the sibling is unmade and raboniel goes about winning the war. I'm sweating. 93. Reintegration. Ha. Glad to see it. Also glad to see what seemed apparent, the honor never dies faction wants to fight and the leaders are just using kelak as a prop. A bit of a good vibe but still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wouldn't surprise me if someone else uses the knife on Kel. 94. YES YES YES. Maya ftw. And damn brandon sandbagging. Saying healing deadeyes was practically impossible if you weren't the oath breaker. Yeah, I know she isn't healed. But she's lucid . I guess they are like pre first ideal or something? Still, now there's a chance. 95. I messed up the timeline in my head . Kept forgetting the year b etween books. Hmm come on second ideal, venli. 96. I guess this was Venli's come to Jesus moment. I don't know if I'd want her coming back, honestly. Seems like it would be against her nature. I just hope she doesn't get Thude and company killed. Mishram is the captured soul. I dunno what good freeing her does but seemingly lucid Kelak wants it and capturing her did take a big bite out of roshar. 97. Well navani gave raboniel everything else, of course shed give her the key to destroying radiants forever. Of course anti void light evens the playing field. But only if we get the tower back. Trying to kill raboniel was a good try but meaningless as she would just be back in 7-9 days. Well the only hope now is Rlain, lift, kal, teft. I think shallan has to release bam and rlain needs to touch the sibling. Gosh dang it.
  6. CInterludes: Vyre - Really running away with the lifetime achievement award for worst friend, all time. Sickens me how Jezriens sword is being used for so much evil. Well, bro im not only a member of the cult of Stormblessed, I'm also the president, and you ain't breaking him. Lift - wyndle is everything a soren should be - kind, earnest. Determined. Man I'm so confused. Who was the old dude? The red "chicken" and aviar too i guess. I hate mraize and the GB. I mean, maybe they just want to be an intergalactic drug cartel, but seems more sinister than that. Mr T - I don't like T, never have, never will, but I don't completely hate him. Makes me sad - him, Elhokar, others that endless potential of humans, just cut off. If he'd only been able to believe and stand up tall. Wow, odiums plans though wow. So, going to use humans to invade other shard worlds. And the singers. It will never be over, they will never be free. Is Renarin another play by Culti or just a random outlier. I had thought maybe a culti had really abandoned us but she's been fighting so much -4d chess. So people close to Renarin - kholin's, Bridge 4, windrunners. I get this feeling of pride in my chest - odium must have really hated honor and his heralds, they stuck it to him for 7000 years. I don't know how we cone back from this without a miracle. But maybe Kaladin and adolin turning the honor spren, lift, szeth - maybe there's a chance. *bites lip* Ch. 44 storming fool that I am, I teared up again. I think kal's pic is next to fidelity on the dictionary. Syl still the baddest spren to ever spren. Sibling! We down but we re not out. Ch. 45 This is a record is it not for how far we have gone into a book before the first flashback? I guess no big revelations here though its nice to know they were always living around the shattered plains and uh no shardblades. Wonder if the intricate well made weapons they talk about in Wok are their hereditary weapons or something new. Ch. 46 no tech just spren and humans, honor and cultivation, working together. So much is being confirmed this book, its crazy. Odium and arserag wasting no time with the psy ops. Sibling! Syl! We fight. Ch. 47 I really hope mink isn't plant but how else did the lure dalinar and jasnah away? Man. I've been. Clamoring for more herald backstory and I got it, but hurts seeing them fight for the other side. Dang though. I knew Nale was shamming with Lift. All ten together on the battle field must have been an unholy terror. Wonder why he and kalak bed. Powing around together. Seemz an unlikely pairing. 48. Here we go. You remember the past? Great! Let's destroy the world. 49. Badass chapter. I guess it was foolish to think the plan only damaged Singers. Looks like Melishi took a bite out of Roshar. Still though. Ur! And son of Tanavast! So Adhesion being honor's personal surge is legit. Gonna be hilarious is the "fake surge " is the one that leads to the fuses downfall. I dunno how they get around gravitation being blocked. Wonder if you can reverse lash and pull yourself to the ceiling or whatever. Great stuff though. Syl is simply the best. Just noticed that know adolin in part 3 so brandon leaving us on tetherhooks til end of book probably. Joy. 50. Not super happy with team Kholin. Seems to be a disconnect between what dalinar idolized and his actions. 51 raboniel too smart. I dunno whats going on with venli or even what I want to happen. Kaladinli would be hawt but I don't see willshapers and windrunners being compatible. 52. You know, I was all, where's the flash back revelations at and then axi is all forms of power yada yada. I was thinking it would just be documenting that buttmunch ulim showing up but now. Also, man I can see how the hate festered between singer and humans. Can't be good for the ego to have these soulless weak dumb inferior humans whooping arse for 7000 years. 53. Syl still best spren but Timbre on the podium. I want to despise Leshwi but can't quite do it. What's her game. Heart was in my throat. Glad family is safe but lirin basically disowned Kal, it all crazy. I believe in you Venli. 54. Still annoyed with Dalinar "absolute power" Kholin. Yes, Renarin, yes. I don't like the idea of corrupted spren or Sja, but if it denies Ghost Bloods a tool and weapon, he'll yeah ill adopt them. 55. Adhesion, yes! Honor's truest surge! Yes! 56. Venli fighting it so hard, but she's still becoming a better person. Good job Timbre! Rain! Six degrees of stormblessed expanding. I guess its a race between the fused destroying the barrier and Navanidin/ Dal getting a clue. My stomach hurts. 57. Huh Wonder if gavilar got the red gem from braize along with his voidlight. Makes sense that everstorm was formed in Shadesmar. Guess the listeners just pulled it into physical realm. Spooky stuff. 58. *blots forehead * phew I was sweating. Chapter 58 and Sylphrena is still the baddest soren in all the lands. I really feel like sibling and Kal have a connection, maybe cuz he's like dad. They're practically brothers. Please please make it in time Kal. 59. Man hurts that the sibling was corrupted a little farther. But the fight with pursuer was great. 60. "Essai," what are the Singers Mexican now? Herdazians true Singers??! Poor Rlain, he gave it the old college try, but Bridge 4 forever, baby. It's a shame 2nd ideal failed but understandable, gotta stick your neck out, Ven. Ugh Lift. I knew I was justified in hating the Ghost Bloods. Kind of feels like Shallan is betraying everyone and everything with her affiliation. I know it's strongly implied Ghostbloods are responsible for all her trauma and ha e been mind raping her, her whole life, but still feels bad, man. 61. At this point it's going take a miracle +1. Hurry navani. 62. "Time. It was a sadistic master. It made adults of children-- then gleefully, relentlessly, stole away everything it had given " This hit me pretty hard. Different kind of feel. 63. Go go gadget arm. I've got a bad feeling about this. 64. I think I didn't fully appreciate modern Shardbearer training. Sure they might not fight quite like old radiants or maximize their plates abilities, but jasnah just isn't very good until she starts soulcasting. Nice to know jasnah isn't always the stone cold ice queen she puts herself forward to be. The light on the hill confused me. Division? I can't decide if she's having pillow talk with Wit but it seems more likely. Great, the Ghostbloods worry Hoid. Shallan, what you doing girl. 65. Oh great. Grandmaster Sanderson isn't content with scaring me he has to terrify me. So, matter anti matter bombs. Nuclear weapons +1 ar the very least. Don't fall navani. Man navani, Kaladin and the sibling really are fighting against the annihilation of everything. 66. I feel cheated. I thought the chapter would be about Taln! I don't k ow what I think about putting T under permanent house arrest. Will Dal feel the same when he finds out about Urithiru? 67. Stone shaping is so cool. That little glimpse into what dawnsingers were like pre odium was haunting. 68. Lot of stuff here. So singers go through puberty around 7 or 8? Crazy. Original forms of Honor and Cultivation. How much did Odium corrupt? Sad that humans and singers getting ready to fight each other again, even without Gavilar's forays into the occult. 69/70/71 I legit cried here, my chest hurts and I'm hyperventilating. Damn you Brandon I don't even know if I can keep reading. It's hopeless. Kal survived things and did things. Impossible things. But what now? Ishar isn't going to help! The Heralds were the best of the best. Better than any fused but ishi is crazy. The man he once was could have taken down raboniel, but now? Are there even enough surgebinders to take back the tower? I mean maybe if venli rescues lift and attains 2nd ideal and rlain fights maybe there's a chance. I hope there's a chance. I'm dying here.
  7. Why are we using the falchion? Ah, I'm comic and super heroed out. This coming from a guy who had wolverine #1 and original dark Phoenix.
  8. Sitting cross legged at 7am, tears running down my face. What have you done to me, Brandon Sanderson? I'm such a soft touch, I went all gooey when teft resigned to work at the clinic. Pattern? **** I spent the first two books hating Adolin. Now, in all, you so much more than a sword, and a uniform bro. Love Maya. This part just depresses me. I think back about how back then, when the honor spren were true, Jezrien alive, it must have been glorious. Do you think there were a bunch of Windrunners, maybe the biggest order, or that the honor spren just had a smaller population. It seems crazy that every living member was bound. I think adolin brings Maya back showing that the genocide can be reversed. **** every shard and shareholder except sazed culti and tan. Yeah nobody cares, just sacrifice roshar for the greater good. Kinda broken up tbh, thought the attack would come much later and navani and my boy were gonna be able to turn the tide. I was doing 12 hail Mary's while she was infusing the fail safe. Man I'm glad total defeat was averted but gonna take way more than waking up those 20 knights and their squires. I don't know what it says that the most selfless orders have gravitated to the coalition, but really broke me up all those stonewards not even getting a chance to fight. I said it before I'll say again, Syl the baddest spren who ever sprenned. You ready for this? They were going to take teft. Damn. Damn. Storm Lirin. Bridge four forever.
  9. It will be, but supposedly crossovers are going to become more and more common.
  10. Yes Just finished part 1 before work. 5 more hours then I can read all weekend. Can't wait. . So- part 1 - Little weird that it ended on a snuggle rather than the usual mic drop. Moash- well, my red line in the sand was Jezrien, so nothing this cat would do will surprise me. The whole give your pain to Odium gimmick is the total abrogation and repudiation of personal responsibility. I don't know how it was for the fused, if they were losing because of superior numbers or what. That's another thread, all I know is I don't like it and can't respect it. Chapters 10 and 12 i think? Anyways Kal and Rock? Hurts the feels man. I must be too much of a windrunner cuz I roll my eyes whenever shallan, especially Veil is on screen. Wish she'd fmgo full Ghostbloods or break it off. She's really been a horrible human to Jasnah. Not liking Dalinar terribly atm. Despite everything he knows still a total monarchist. Of course a high-prince would be the perfect envoy. I guess I'm a little bitter that Shallan can have 56 personalities and be crazy as a bat and it's cool while Kal is out out to pasture, let's be honest, the whole ambassador thing is a dog and pony show. I guess Dal was hoping he'd be recruitment lord or whatever. It's pretty obvious that no one on the general staff takes him seriously. Like, yeah, guy did some great things but just one soldier. I find it pretty laughable that they think they are gonna plug and play , co-opt windrunners with no drop off in combat capability, of the windrunners. Really hoping during the attack on the tower Kal swears the 4th, punching through the suppression, giving navani time to wake up the sibling. It would be a real triumph of the discounted and forgotten.
  11. Way late to the party but journey before pancakes and all that. Everything was way creepy. I didn't think my adulation / simping for the heralds could go higher, but considering the shape the fused are in and the fact they could take a nap between desolations, wow. Kind of perturbed that Shallan can have 36 personalities and be crazy as a loon, and it's all good, but boy gets a little shell shocked and he's court martialed. Ok cool, so jasnah and dal get lured away, my disgraced boy swears the 4th ideal during the attack and saves the planet. Can't wait to read more after work!
  12. Adolin and Kaladin should ditch the chicks and run off together. They could tame lions and call themselves Emo&Joy. 

  13. Yall, I'm a total Bridge 4 simp. BRIDGE 4!

  14. Phew, so pretty.  Gonna go finally finish OB and start DS while ps5 stuff is downloading. *dance* 


  15. I'll be casually experiencing everything pictured. Excited to die in Demon Souls, especially.