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  1. Yeah, both death sentences are similar.
  2. I say it "Kel-see-ir"
  3. My guess is it's going to be an Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame sort of thing. The good guys will sort of lose in book five, but come back to fight again in part 2 of SA. Then again, Brandon was surprised us so many times, I've lost count, so anything could happen..... *cue ominous music*
  4. Yeah, I went into reading it thinking that there was going to be a lot of Venli and Listener stuff, except it really is Kaladin's or Navani's book. There is some Venli, but not enough to make the entire focus of the book on her.
  5. There was a typo at the end that I edited, but it always said "not that there is definitely gonna be a Stormlight movie". This is purely hypothetical.
  6. This may already be a topic so you can link it if you want. Not that there is definitely gonna be a Stormlight show/movie (which would be amazing) but who do you think would be good actors/actresses to play the characters in Stormlight. Kaladin-I can sort of see Adam Driver (he has the hair for it) Shallan-Scarlet Johansson (maybe) Dalinar- Daniel Craig Rock- The Rock (it's meant to be) Anyone else?
  7. The last one, "I Know Him" is perfect. It had me chuckling quite a bit.
  8. I agree. He could also be lying to try to make Shallan accept her past, so he just went along with what Shallan believed.
  9. Sanderson proves yet again that there is always another door to open, always another secret to be found. Just think of all the planning and whatnot that had to take place in order to be able to connect everything together and to foreshadow another mystery.
  10. I agree, it's hard to read Shallan's chapters without cringing every two seconds. I didn't like her that much in WoK, I loved the flashbacks in WoR, but in Oathbringer, I honestly felt like she was as mad as the heralds. It was a bit better in RoW, but not much. The whole "Formless" thing just made her even less same. Also, how Veil and Radiant aren't technically married to Adolin was weird to me. (Like what if Shallan and Adolin got all intimate, and Radiant popped in out of nowhere. It would be so awkward for Adolin).
  11. True, I had forgotten about this
  12. Sorry about that
  13. I would say that to the singers/listeners, calling them Parshendi is like calling a Chinese person Japanese.
  14. First off, I want to say that when Teft died and Kaladin saw his body, I cried for a little bit. But I soon realized that his death was needed. First, it pushed Kaladin to the breaking point, allowing him to realize he can't save everyone. It almost went the other way with Kaladin killing himself, but luckily, he said the Fourth Ideal instead. Also, in every book you need someone to die. It's honestly just a fact. It makes the story more tragic and poignant. Mistbor spoiler: I think Teft was the perfect person to kill off. He was important enough to not go unnoticed, but he isn't like Kaladin or Dalinar dying. Also, Teft meant a lot to Kaladin, and with Kaladin crying over Teft's body, it made it so much sadder. And the way Teft felt peace at the end because he was loved was such a bittersweet moment, and it made his death all the more poignant.
  15. I agree with you. There wasn't much Dalinar, but I'm not sure if there is really anything more to write about him because most of his problems with his past and whatnot have been resolved. On the other hand, Shallan still has her triple persona problem and Kaladin still had his problem with freezing in combat and not accepting that he can't save everyone. Also there was Venli who thought she was a mistake. So in the end it's probably better for Sanderson to have focused on them more. I loved this part as well. It brought Kaladin's journey altogether, starting as a surgeon, to spearman, to bridgeman, to bodyguard, to Radiant.