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  1. I love how pattern is a plant! Not sure how that would have worked, but I cannot wait to see where shallans story goes now, betrayed by her mother, her father, and now her spren “with whom she shares a bond more intimate than a marriage”. let’s go dark shallan! Also loving Kaladin so far. I keep expecting him to say the fourth oath in a really non climactic but personal way, but the more the book progresses the less I expect it now. i was hesitant about this book having listened to a few YouTube reviews that didn’t rave about it, but honestly this has been my favourite storm light so far.
  2. Hi Windrunner! Ooh I like this question! Well, I really liked Amaram’s character in the first two books. I really bought into his opinion of himself, that he had a vision for the future and he believed in it so much that he was sacrificing everything to bring it to life. Sacrificing even his own conscience because he believed in his cause so strongly. I saw him a little like Lelouch from code geass, but obviously from a view that isn’t the protagonist. I thought he was a great example of the “ends justify the means”, or greatest good, and thought that his ideology was a great counter to Kaladin. He was set to be the the human/emotional challenge to Kaladin, as if he needed more going in in his head... but that story has now passed to Moash. When it was revealed in oathbringer that instead of rising above his guilt, and doing what he believed to be for the greatest good despite the pain it caused him, he was simply offloading this all to Odium, I was a bit bummed. Hi Mist! Hmm my favourite theory... Well after reading the latest prologue I thought there’s no way Gavilar isn’t coming back. I’ll be surprised now if he isn’t Odiums champion (whatever that means). I love Kaladin, but I doubt I would get along with him sadly. He is far too self important, and deservedly so, but I’d mix between irritation and jealousy. Hi Koloss! Haha damnation you took my answer! Well I’m just a guy, I don’t think I would be able to think quickly enough to defeat him in that instance! I’d probably run to Dalinar and tell him to discipline his misbehaving child. Hi Fish My favourite character is easily Kelsier. I look forward to his reveal later in Stormlight... Who is yours? Hi Fox I almost missed the question in there! I would love to bond a Willshaper spren! The combination of powers is my favourite, their emblem is my favourite, and their words/goals are my favourite, plus I scored them on the quiz! Don’t know enough about Timbre to know if I would like to bond them though. Personality wise I really like Syl. Hey also, I have been hitting quote, then copying this into my edit - is that the fastest way to do this? I’m on an iPad if that changes anything. Cheers.
  3. I can remember when reading this part that I wanted to execute them all. I thought they were mindless empty shells waiting to be turned into voidbringers - ravaging monsters that destroy all in their path! When Shallan was hesitant to initiate a genocide I was outraged! The best form of defence is offence I reasoned... Felt bad learning they were actually sentient creatures in Oathbringer. Maybe it’s good I’m not a king.
  4. Hi guys, First post here, or in fact on any online forum! I have been a lurker for years, and coming here to browse the theories is one of my favourite ways to relax. I’ve often thought about making an account but have never thought I have much to say. I have read all published works I think, and skimmed through WOK prime. My favourite is Stormlight: 2, 1, 3; then Elantris, then Mistborn 1, 3, 2; then Warbreaker. Each of these I have read multiple times, but I’ve read Wax and Wayne only once so don’t remember all of that very well. I’ve also read Arcanum Unbounded. Over lockdown when my partner and I went running I would tell her the story of Final Empire to keep her motivated! Look forward to theorising with you all!