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  1. LOLLLLL so funny!! thank you for the detailed info and the sense of humor
  2. Thank you for the detailed answers!
  3. Hi guys, I am "rereading" OB on Graphic Audio after physically finishing it just to make sure I understand all the intricacies of the plot before DS and RoW. I am having some questions which I am sure you guys on this board will be able to help me with, being the subject matter experts I want to try to finish the reread before November 17 in order to evade any potential spoilers while I post my questions. I know the number of questions is somewhat large but I am giving it a go. Any answers are appreciated. I am planning to make a similar answers request post every 20 chapters or so in order not to have too many questions in the same post. So for the chapters from the Prologue to Ch 18: 1- How was Odium previously captured in a gemstone and how was he released? Was this part of the plot alluded to / explained or not yet? 2- Do we know why did the listeners escape their gods? Or will it probably be addressed in RoW? 3- We know now that the 9 shadows of Odium's champion are the 9 unmade. When Amaram was overtaken by one of the unmade he was given access to all surges. So what do you think Odium's champion will have access to with all 9 unmade at his disposal? 4- What is the difference between the surges given by the Nahel bond between higher spren and humans and the "voidsurges" provided by the bond between voidspren and parshmen? 5- Knowing that the humans are the actual voidbringers, does that mean that Kalami's story about the voidbringers and Dalinar's visions where he fights black shapes are false? In his visions, Dalinar thinks he is fighting voidbringers, while in reality the humans were the transgressors. So are his visions wrong? 6- Who was the parshmen's god before the arrival of the humans to Roshar? Did Honor, Cultivation and Odium exist on Roshar before the humans's arrival? 7- In chapter 2, Dalinar tells Renarin that Renarin and Shallan will have to lead the radiants. Do we know what he meant by this? 8- In chapter 4, Navani is writing her memoirs. Do we know if these memoirs will be the name of a future SA book or whether we will see them in future chapter epigraphs? 9- Why doesn't the everstorm charge spheres with voidlight? 10- Is there a significance to the moment Dalinar was able to hear Evi's name for the first time? Why at that moment precisely? 11- Why did Navani say that the Azish were "almost" Vorin? And why do they put the Heralds above the Almighty? 12- When talking to Dalinar before their marriage, Navani proclaims that she is more religious than most other women but then tells him she doesn't mind if a "confused dishwasher" marries them. Does that contradict her proclamation? 13- During the ceremony between Dalinar and Navani, why did the Stormfather tell Navani that she broke oaths before? 14- Why doesn't the vorin church accept the notion of spren having religious authority, for example to marry people? 15- Why did Kadash willingly accept to be a slave as an ardent? 16- When Kaladin visits his parents, Syl tells him she remembers them. When he presses her for more info, she says "there was a voice pure with a song like tapped crystal". What does she mean? 17- Why did the Stormfather summon a highstorm against the first everstorm? Was he instructed to do so? 18- When Shallan and Dalinar feed off each other to create the map, it shows the first synergy between two radiant orders. Do we know of any effects of similar interactions between different orders? 19- In the preface of his book, why does Dalinar say that the heresy thoughts were with him since he was a child? 20- What was the issue with Renarin staring weirdly at the murdered body in Urithiru? Does it have anything to do with his corrupted spren? 21- When Kaladin asks the ardent in one of the villages about what they saw during the everstorm, she tells him that they saw red dots in the night, but that those were not the eyes of the parshendi. What were they? 22- Are knights radiant the only ones who can hear dead blades screaming? 23- When Dalinar asks the Stormfather what happened during the Recreance, why did the Stormfather refuse to answer and told him that there are things better left unsaid? 24- Did anything come out of the alleged negotiations between the Azish and the voidbringers? or between Iri and the voidbringers? 25- Before the discovery of the oathgate at Narak, did the people know that the monuments in their respective cities were actually oathgates but they didn't know how to activate them? 26- Isn't Thaylenah one of the Vorin kingdoms? How come they follow the "passions"? 27- In his first meeting with Queen Fen, Dalinar tells her that he expects Knights Radiant to start appearing all over Roshar. How come we don't see anyone new other than Malata? 28- What is the difference between Khen and her people from one side and the parshendi that fought in the battle of Narak? Why the difference in carapace color and the difference in powers granted by the Everstorm? 29- Pattern tells Shallan that if he dies, "they" will send her another spren. Who does he mean by "they"? 30- Are the honor blades and the Stormfather both a part of Honor? 31- What is the surge that Dalinar uses to bind Kadash to the ground during their fight? It is the same one that Szeth and Kaladin use. Can Bondsmiths, Windrunners and wielders of honor blades use a common surge? 32- In the card game that Kaladin explains to his parshman captor, he tells him "if the king is captured, the game is lost", do you think there is foreshadowing in that about Elhokar? Dalinar? Jasnah maybe? 33- Do we know how were the copycat murders done?
  4. That's very interesting! Do we know that Shashara and Shalash are Cognitive Shadows from WoB?
  5. Many thanks for your answers. I really liked how you explained questions 11,12 and 25!
  6. Many thanks on the detailed answers!! For your answers to questions 3, 4, 9, 15 and 24 were specifically eye-opening! One question - what do you mean when you say Shashara and Shalash are cognitive shadows? Answering your question, I am not following the preview chapters. I am preferring to wait for the release of the full book to indulge in it I will try on the reread (audiobook) to take some notes for the chapters from the beginning to chapter 82. Thank you for your help!
  7. Thank you for the details!
  8. Thank you for the details!
  9. Many thanks for your answers. Those are clearer now
  10. Hi guys, I just finished the first reading of Oathbringer, just in time before the release of Novella 3.5 and Book 4, and I am delving through this forum to read theories now that I am caught up on the SA books. I am planning to listen to OB on Graphic Audio soon but starting with the last 35 chapters or so, I started taking notes on some of the unclear things to me. I am reading analysis articles about the book and the various events, but thought to ask you here the questions I have in mind because I am sure I have missed most of these answers. So thank you again for those who have some answers to the below: [SPOILERS BELOW FOR OATHBRINGER] . 1- Interlude I-7: Venli mentions that the Alethi mistakenly thought that the greatshells were the gods of the singers. Has this been discussed elsewhere? Is there more info on this point? 2- Interlude I-10: Is the Hog that attacks Sheler a greatshell or a new animal? 3- Interlude I-11: Did Venli bond two spren: the voidspren in her gemheart and Timbre? Can humans and other singers do the same or is it a unique case for Venli? 4- Ch89: Are Nightblood and Vivenna / Azure's sword shardblades? Do swords on Nalthis and Roshar contain the same type of Investiture? 5- Ch 89: Can a certain type of shardblades be summoned / used in Shadesmar: Honorblades, Dead Shardblades, Sprenblades? 6- Ch 92: Why do some people call Szeth by his dad's name (Neturo) and others by his grandfather's name (Valano)? 7- Ch 92: What does Szeth mean that he knew a voice similar to Nightblood's in his youth? We probably have to wait to his flashbacks to know more? 8- Ch 92: Why does Nightblood only burn eyes on Roshar? 9- Ch 92: Is Shashara from Nalthis the same person as Shalash on Roshar? 10- Ch 92: Is Nightblood's consumption of Stormlight on Roshar the same mechanism as him consuming Breaths on Nalthis - as both are types of Investiture? Is Nightblood a spren on Roshar? 11- Ch 99: Do the Spren use the copper on the ship in Shadesmar to communicate through vibration? Is this related to some Cosmere metallic quality (Should I find something in Mistborn about this)? 12- Ch 100: Why can't Dalinar use the Stormfather as a shardblade? 13- Ch 100: What is the metal that falls from the sky and can block a shardblade (is it also a reference to a metal from Mistborn)? 14- Ch 100: Why do Vedens look Alethi but speak a foreign tongue? 15- Ch 101: Are screaming blades only the ones left during the Recreance by the Knights Radiant? 16- Ch 101: Do we know who Ico's daughter is? 17- Ch 106: What does Nin mean when he tells Szeth: "The others must interpret what they have sworn before and I hope they will see the truth?" 18- Ch 108: Mythica book mentions that the Midnight Mother was destroyed at Aharietiam. How is she still in Urithiru? 19- Ch 109: What does Venli mean when she says that the spren betrayed the singers for the humans? 20- Ch 114: Why did the Nightwatcher call Dalinar both son of Honor and son of Odium? 21- Ch 114: How does the Nightwatcher know about Nightblood? 22- Ch 114: When Dalinar returned after meeting Cultivation, he hears only leaves rustling and thinks he should hear something else. What should have he heard? Screams of children? 23- Ch 115: Does Odium change his appearance depending on who sees him - Dalinar sees him human, Venli sees him as a parshman? 24- Ch 116: What are the yellow spren leading the Fused? 25- Ch 117: Why did Lift say that the Nightwatcher lied to her? 26- Ch 119: In the battle of Thaylen Field, there were 3 Un-made? The 2 in the Thunderclasts and Yelig-Nar as the Black Smoke, or there were any additional ones? 27- Ch 120: Amaram's transformation of the ground to liquid after ingesting the crystal (Yalig-Nar??) - is that some form of Voidbinding? 28- Ch 121: Why did the Fused instruct Moash to kill Jezrien? 29- Ch 122: What does Adrotagia mean when she tells Taravangian: "The Herald's insanity prompted us?" 30- Ch 122: Is Renarin's spren, Glys, still corrupted after the end of OB? 31- Ch 122: How did Jezrien's honorblade go from Szeth to Leshwi (who then gives it to Moash?) 32- Ch 122: Nohadon knew how to write and read. When did the men stop reading and writing? 33- Ch 122: Why did Dalinar "accept the sword "only through the cloth"? What does it mean? Thank you for answering any of these; I know they are too many to be all answered by one contributor
  11. Hi guys, I discovered Brandon's work ealrier this year and I have just finished Oathbringer before Dawnshard and RoW are released A plethora of info is on this sub and I will try to use it to get more detailed info from more veteran readers of the Stormlight Archive books. Best source online for this I believe. Great community!