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  1. Books seems good. (edit: also, books are good)
  2. That makes sense. Sure!
  3. What are Shardbuddies?
  4. I haven't had much time to read this because I have lots of homework and I don't know how to analyze people's speech patterns, voting patterns, or how people act when they're elims or villagers. The arguments for Elandera being an elim seem pretty good though, so I guess I'll vote Elandera.
  5. When you think of Tien when finding the binormal vector to a vector-valued function (the binormal vector is found by crossing the tangent (T) and normal (N) vectors. TxN ... TN ... Tien)
  6. I'm new to Sanderson Elimination, so I'm probably mostly going to see how things work, at least at first. Also, what is a poke vote?
  7. The first person to discover instant noodles would probably be some random Scadrian cook, but the first person to eat instant noodles would definitely be Lift. Hoid would be just about the take his first bite of instant noodles when Lift just slides on past and takes it.
  8. The "pure notes" quote probably refers to being able to attune to the Rhythms, so it doesn't automatically mean that the Singers have perfect pitch. However, I think it is likely because they're able to copy the Rhythms precisely and because it seems to fit thematically.
  9. Hello. I'm new here. I've read every published cosmere book, White Sand (the prose version), The Rithmatist, and both Skyward books, and I'm excited for Rhythm of War. I've recently been obsessing over the Cosmere and reading random WOBs.
  10. I also want to try it out once it's ready to be playtested.
  11. I'd like to join. It's late at night, so I'll think of a name and character tomorrow or the day after.