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  1. "I voted for Reading despite the interference of the little bundles of hate on wings that other people call butterflies." At that moment, all of the butterlies took off and headed for the hills. "What are they doing? Oh no. The butterflies must be trying to lure more dragons to us." @Gears, you wanted to know the secrets? I finished my secret goal, so I guess I might as well say what it is. I needed to say "not the butterflies" in 3 different posts without anybody remarking on it. Each comment on it only invalidates one post and I get the points at the end of each round. 'So you're suspicious of me both for voting based on another person's reasoning and then voting based on my own reasoning? How is that supposed to make sense?" @Illwei, you said that the existence of my reads list made you suspicious. Is that because I typically don't post reads lists? This game has fewer people than normal, so it doesn't take as much time & effort to make one.
  2. (OOC: because I copied and pasted it over from a google doc and it all turned bold and I could only unbold it one line at a time, so I decided to turn it into a feature) "Wait a moment.... you heard the formatting?! And formatting that was in my head, too!?" (edit: for some reason I was able to unbold everything at once in edit mode?)
  3. (OOC: I voted Gears because I wanted to switch from a poke vote onto someone who I'm at least a little bit suspicious of based on a not extremely attentive first read-through. It was never meant to be permanent, just a sort of informed poke vote until I made this list. Making reads lists is so much easier when there are so few people. Gears: Null. Suggests a terrible idea, but says that it’s a terrible idea and that it should not be done. Is using the plan we all vote for ourselves and kill anyone who doesn't. Wants the crossbow, which I now think is NAI after reading through the thread again. Random Bystander: Null. Is planning to vote for herself to get the crossbow because she only trusts herself, but that seems typical for her. Reading: Null+. Seems to be committed to a simple, straightforward, non IKYK-y plan, which I give slight village points for. Also has a secret code role, which I think would be less likely for an elim because they already have lots of deception on their hands. On the other hand, my paranoia is telling me to not trust my village read and my assumption and is thinking that his sticking to a straightforward plan is just an elim trying to blend in. Does anyone have any information on how troll-y a GM Archer is? TUO: Null-. They only have 2 posts, one saying that Mat should read them as village (which makes me gut-read them as suspicious) and one responding to Archer jokingly(?) suggesting that there could possible be only one elim. Dannex: Null- to Mild elim. He came up with a plan that’s really tenuous and maybe-ish (that’s not even a word, but it’s the impression that I’m getting of it) and seems too eager to find a reason to defend it. He mixed up odds and possible options, which isn’t suspicious in and of itself, but here it seems like he’s trying to fabricate good features of his plan. On the other hand, he did suggest a plan that similarly depends on the elim response to it a few MRs ago, but this one seems much more easily manipulatable and based on little evidence than the other one. Ashbringer: Null. His only non-rp-only thing was just saying that he wants the crossbow, which I think is pretty NAI for him. XP: Null because of inactivity TJ: Null+. In favor of the simpler, non-IKYKish plan, slight gut read Mat, Quinn, Illwei: I’m not even going to try to read each of them by their posts. It’s too late in the night for that. If anyone has reasoning for any of them being village/elims, I’ll probably just take that for my reads of them. Sorry if I missed some people's posts, this took a while and I didn't want to lose all of it to the Shard, devourer of reads lists) "On second thought, Gears isn't as suspicious as I thought before I replayed this. At least the butterflies are good for replaying pasts scenes. On the other hand, Dannex's plan is looking pretty suspicious, he's pushing it very hard to be the plan that everyone follows. He's ignoring its flaws and it seems almost like he's trying to play off its dependence on the elims' knowledge as a feature. Does that seem like non-dragon-bait to you? I think not." The butterflies stopped swarming in the shapes of people talking and returned to their usual maliciousness levels. (OOC edit to avoid double posting: Well, I sure am good at appearing suspicious on D1 when I'm a villager. I blame it on all of the elim games that I've had recently. I think that I've forgotten how to think like a villager and I need to get back into the habit.)
  4. "I agree. The Random Bystander is free to go, but Gears is looking suspicious. I'm going to be quiet for a while now, the butterflies are being especially malicious today." (OOC: I want to have exactly 314 posts on pi day and I'm getting pretty close to that number, so I'm going to try to post less and condense more things that I want to say into one post)
  5. 2 options does not make it a 50/50 chance. What code phrase? And even if I did have one, it's actually not "the butterflies".
  6. "Just, if you see anyone who heard me and didn't see my slip of paper but still uses the precisely correct color, that's proof that they can hear formatting."
  7. Hop walks up to Jillian. "Ignore the butterflies, they just want to aggravate you. Sorry, but I have just one minor question. Did you see the writing on my piece of paper before the butterflies covered it?"
  8. "Even if we can't agree on a plan, we should at least know which plan everyone is using. All of us - though not the butterflies, you horrible fluttering miasma of insects, you might be thought of as beautiful by people who don't have to deal with you all the time but you aren't official members of the dragon hunters so please don't mess up my written vote - should write down the plan that we're using in purple and cancel using a plan in orange. I think that, at the very least, we should all announce who we voted for tomorrow so that the dragon bait can't hide their votes no matter which plan we choose." Hop writes down "Vote for someone other than myself and announce it tommorow" on a piece of paper, which is suddenly covered by a swarm of butterflies that smudge the fresh ink. Hop sighs in annoyance.
  9. "I'll join this plan." "If one of them is trusted, then they'll get the crossbow no matter which plan we use"
  10. It's just RP, nothing related to the mechanics.
  11. (OOC: Arbalist sounds way cooler than crossbowman, so I'm going to call the crossbowperson the Arbalist no matter what gender they are) "We could potentially ask everyone not to vote and then kill the arbalist to get rid of a dragon-bait for free... but now the elims know this and they'd be able to fill up the dragons with one of our own for free. On second thought, let's just not, the butterflies would probably just mess that plan up somehow anyways. Voting on somebody who's relatively trusted then seeing if anyone has three votes on them or there are no opponents to the elected arbalist with more than one or two votes on them is probably a better plan that'd help us find the dragon bait, too."
  12. That's going to take a long time.
  13. What's Sharder Lair? Leave pieces of paper with parts of the Diagram on them in a public place.
  14. Hop poked the random bystander. "What's some random bystander doing here?" they said, a few butterflies alighting on the random bystander's shoulder. Ugh, not the butterflies again! I must have one of the most annoying talents ever to exist. Butterflies flying onto every single thing I touch? Come on, it's not even useful! Being dragon bait would have at least given me a relatively stable job.