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  1. The connections between Lotus and the 2 elims seem too strong to be a coincidence.
  2. Wounded Gazelle Gambit - when elims attack and protect one of their own to make them seem more Village. Edit: Ninja'd, spelling
  3. I'm going to move my vote back from Liranil onto Lotus. Me too! It's one of my favorite subjects.
  4. I got Ninja'd by a lot, plus I must have misread since I'm doing this while doing my physics homework.
  5. Now that people are abandoning the Lotus exe, I will switch to Liranil because I'm more suspicious of Liranil than of Danex, plus I think that the information from Danex (if they are really a Brown Ajah) is more helpful for finding elims than the kills from Liranil (If they are really a Green Ajah). Edit: Never mind, I got Ninja'd a lot. I'm probably going to switch my vote ONCE THE FLOW OF POSTS SLOWS DOWN
  6. Seconded. Please give a proof or some good evidence.
  7. I'm not suspicious of Dannex and if Liranil is elim we'll know quickly since if they're elim, they won't be killed tonight, while if they're village, they will be. Since Lotus is the only other person with multiple votes on them at this point and I'm slightly gut-suspicious of them, Lotus.
  8. It's why I thrive when there are no PMs. That's when all of the fun chaos is in the thread where people like me who panic at starting a conversation with somebody else can actually see it.
  9. Here, I scienced it up for you: Burnt Spaghetti is in a higher-entropy state than unburnt spaghetti. Therefore, any influxes of random energy are more likely to be from burnt spaghetti than from raw spaghetti.
  10. So, James, do you actually secretly want Illwei to cry?
  11. I just got here. Can I have a summary of what's happened so far in the cycle?