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  1. Since TUO has responded, I'll switch my vote to Mat.
  2. I did the quiz again and I got: Truthwatcher:64% Lightweaver: 53% Willshaper: 45% Elsecaller:26% Dustbringer:18% Edgedancer:18% Windrunner:17% Stoneward:-1% Skybreaker:-2% Bondsmith:-21% Lightweaver is now much higher compared to Willshaper than it was before.
  3. I'll put a vote on TUO until they give any thoughts at all about the game. (and by the way, my AP tests are wednesday & thursday, not tuesday & wednesday. I was mistaken before.)
  4. *knocks down the pineapples that the chanting is making*
  5. I have AP tests coming up on Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm not going to really be active until after that.
  6. I will take my vote off of Araris because of his claim. I haven't really been paying attention to the game since the beginning of this cycle due to IRL stuff, but Matrim feels more suspicious to me than Biplet.
  7. Happy pride month! (agender, aro, and ace flag colors since I'm aro, ace, & agender)
  8. I'm a windwhisper and I scanned Araris with 2 charges of tin tongiht. He targeted Manukos, so there is a high probability that he was an elim & killed them.
  9. Veren sipped carefully at their hot tea at a corner booth in the tavern as they spread their notes and some police drawings of the murdered peoples’ bodies over the table. The injuries of two of the three seemed to be caused by spikes dealing vital blows. This could only mean one thing: hemalurgists. They probably weren’t rebels, since one of the victims turned out to be a rebel after their personal items had been investigated posthumously, so the others here didn’t really care about investigating any of the murders other than the one presumably done by rebels, especially since this small town wouldn't have too many Hemalurgical-grade spikes for the Hemalurgist(s) to restock with. Veren, however, was not too worried about the rebels but hated Hemalurgy on principle. This was why, once again, Veren was awake late into the night, but this time they had some crimes of their own to solve. They were no detective, but as everyone with more experience in investigation was focusing on finding the rebels, they would have to try to figure this case out themselves. Veren thought, somewhat morbidly, all the executions and murders going on would be helpful in increasing the likelihood of a Hemalurgist being caught.
  10. I'm not going to be on again until after the end of the cycle, so I'll look at the actions of and reasoning about everybody who has at least one vote (as of when I am writing this), list the relevant (to me) facts about all of those people who I think have valid reasoning about them, and vote on one of them. I’m mostly going to use the reasoning that other people provided, but I’m looking at it from my own perspective & deciding what I think is significant. TJ Was the person who actually broke the tie, which saved Mat. So if TJ is an elim, then I think Mat probably is too. Read Lotus as an elim due to only RPing even though it would’ve been easy to mark that as a reason for a null read. However, this could theoretically just be distancing. Ashbringer Their vote was the most suspicious of the votes on Experience because their reasoning was tie avoidance, and it makes sense that at least one person on that train would be an elim I don’t agree with the reasoning on the other three (Szeth, Ventyl, and Araris). Szeth’s reluctance to so analysis at the beginning of D1 is apparently typical for them, Ventyl’s negative-attention-getting-behavior seems like something that an elim would avoid, and Ashbringer’s claim that Araris is piggybacking is built on shaky connections. I am somewhat suspicious of TJ & if they flip elim then that implicates Mat due to TJ breaking the tie, but I’m a bit worried that they were the one who killed Lotus because they’ve been the only person to elim-read Lotus, and I don’t want us to lose another powerful role this earlier in the game. My suspicion levels about Ashbringer are slightly less than of TJ. I think I’ll take the risk of killing a possible coinshot and vote on TJ.
  11. Although it was the middle of the night, Veren wandered through the streets with their long, dark coat wrapped tightly around them against the chill. As they walked, they thought about the messenger’s recent demise. Although he had honestly been acting very suspicious - he had barely been seen around town recently, he had not spoken to anyone else since the rebels had talked everyone here, and his shows of loyalty often seemed so extreme that they had to be faked - Veren had been unconvinced that he was an infiltrator from the very beginning. The rebels would hardly send in somebody so unskilled at keeping attention away from themself, after all. It was getting rather late, so Veren started to walk back to their rented room on the floor above the tavern. When they opened the door to the tavern, the smells of warm food reminded them that they hadn't had a proper meal since noon because of all of the excitement of the day. Veren ordered stone food and, as they ate, noticed that several fellow meeting participants were also here. They made a mental note to themself to talk to them tomorrow, and then went to bed. They'd need all the meager hours of sleep they could get for tomorrow.
  12. Veren watched the discussion, idly twirling their pencil in their hands. They searched for potential allies and people in useful positions more than rebels. They would be happy to catch the rebels, but it wasn’t their first priority. The rebels were present here & potentially dangerous and Veren was stuck here because of their actions, but those were both situations that they could try to turn to their advantage. And if the rebels tried to kill them, they could probably spin up an argument about how they were trying to change the status quo too, albeit in a different manner, so Veren wasn’t as worried as they could be about that. It’d certainly be a good idea to get in touch with Earl, the journalist. The ability to influence what people all over Elendel read about this situation would be powerful. He seemed to disappear every so often though and he had been gone for the past few hours, so it might be difficult to find him. Juno was… certainly creative and open to new ideas. She might not be particularly consistent in the ideas she espoused, but original ideas would be vital to changing the balance of power in Elendel. Josephine and Lumen were both in positions which were often overlooked but potentially powerful. Now, Veren might be a bit biased here because they had a similar position as an assistant to the Elendel representatives, but it really was true that working behind the scenes could be immensely effective. ------- My incomplete thoughts about a few people: DrakeMarshall They put out a potential elim strategy, which points a bit in favor of them being village, but the phrasing makes me a bit gut-suspicious ??? This strikes me as a bit strange. It's not immediately, obviously suspicioius, but it feels a bit off to me They said literally the most obvious things in their thoughts about the roles, and later said that they weren't trying to inflate the word count of that post. That makes it feel a bit like trying to look helpful while not really adding anything Their more recent posts feel less suspicious to me. Maybe they're just getting used to playing again, either as an elim or a villager? Ventyl Doing everything “for comedic value” draws a lot of negative attention, which an elim especially wouldn’t want this early in the game, so that makes me read them as slight village. Archer They immediately startied to do useful analysis from the beginning, which makes me read them as leaning village, plus my gut read on them is positive. Experience The votes on experience seem to mostly be because of their inactivity. I won't be joining that train because it feels wrong to vote out somebody before they can even play at all, much less defend themselves. I think that I will switch my vote from Dannex to DrakeMarshall, since I'm a bit suspicious of them for the reasons outlined above. I will most likely not be on again until after the cycle ends. (also, I would very much appreciate more PMs)
  13. My thoughts about the rules so far: Because items and boxings are spread among the voters on an executed person, there's an additional incentive to join bandwagons, which compounds on itself. If somebody would rather have someone other than whatever the current leading candidate is executed, there's the additional factor of potential lost boxing's or items. It's even more important than usual to be careful of bandwagons since it's easier for elims to start and keep them. Promising to switch to vote for someone else if enough other people are willing to switch too might be a good way to mitigate that a bit. Pulsers could collaborate with someone else to make up to four of their actions occur on the same turn(or up to six with an assisting nicroburst too). This could be especially helpful for information gathering-type roles because it would allow them to scan a large segment of the population at once and get a fuller picture of a turn. Steelrunners could make this even more extreme. A steelrunner/tineye could potentially scan everybody in one turn, letting them see for certain who targeted the night's elim kill victim. I suspect that some of the feruchemical roles, such as windwhispers and sparkers, will be revealed rather quickly since they affect the actions that someone can do while storing. I'm a bit unclear about the black market. Does it have any items on it by default or can it only get items from players selling to it?
  14. Veren was, admittedly, a bit happy that all of the representatives were stuck here. It would give them a chance to make more connections and gain more influence. Of course, they did not condone the rebels or their actions (at least not officially), but they would be a fool to not see and take advantage of the opportunities that this chaos provided. The outer basin was less stratified on political power and more welcoming of new ideas than Elendel (see: the aforementioned rebel problem), so influencing their representatives would be easier than changing Elendel. Somehow, despite all the changes that Scadrial had gone through on the past few hundred years - and in Elendel, especially in the few decades - nobles in some form or another always managed to hang on to power. Like cockroaches. Veren supposed that part of the reason was the centralization. First with the Lord Ruler and now with Elendel, there was always a single center of political and economic power, and of course the people in charge wouldn't want to let go of their influence. But if the outer basin got more negotiating power due to Elendel's fear of what the rebels might do, then Elendel would be forced to listen to their demands. And it was Veren's intention to make sure those demands included a forcible curtailing of noble power. Dannex. Poke poke. I'd welcome somebody PMing me, whether for RP or discussion
  15. I'd like to sign up as Veren, an assistant to the Elendel representatives who is trying to decrease the influence of the nobility in government and who *may* be meeting with the Garmet representatives in secret and sneaking some of their suggestions into the Elendel representatives' agenda.