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  1. I agree. But there is still a possibility.
  2. It’s a battle to the death, not to the killing . If Dalinar refuses to kill it, when he eventually dies of old age, it will be complete.
  3. A leecher does not steal Investiture, they like, remove it from objects or people. You might be able to remove them or temporarily make them ineffective, but they wouldn't steal them.
  4. Hello there! I would probably go with superhuman physical abilities. And maybe some future sight on there as well. As far as cosmere magics go, I would be a Stoneward.
  5. Kaladin on Whales
  6. I think that you could steal someone’s Breath with nicrosil hemalurgy. Simple as that. I think that’s the kind of thing we’re looking at.
  7. I think the adoda glyph is in itself a reference to Adonalsium, so...
  8. Honor isn’t just following laws and codes, it’s also moral codes. There is a big similarity to Devotion in Honor, I think. In Honor, you do things that you swear to do, but you also do things that are morally right to you.
  9. theory

    I don’t think you can kill/hurt a Shard with it’s anti-investiture. It’s still the Shard’s investiture, just in a different form. Even though it’s called anti-investiture, Anti-Stormlight isn’t the opposite of Honor, it’s the opposite of Stormlight. Those are separate things. Edit: To support this, the Raysium dagger used to draw the anti void light in to Raboniels daughter doesn’t explode when touched by anti void light
  10. Jasnah doesn’t have a problem right now with genocide because 1. They’re in the middle of war 2. The singers are “resources” for the fused. Outside of Desolations, the singers are just innocent people who want their lives to be peaceful. They didn’t like the Fused much, as the listeners talk about hating their gods. So I’m between, they are just innocents.
  11. Wisdom is not confirmed as a Shard. There are two unknown Shards. Also the Dawnshards are Commands essential for the existence of everything. I don’t think Individuality is essential for the existence of everything.
  12. Yeah. He just uses connection. He would probably need something to connect it to though, like traveling to Sel or the weird Ire tube thing. Or maybe a Seon
  13. What you said about heat fabrials: Brandon had said that matter, energy, and Investiture are all the same just in different states, like with real physics. The heat fabrials take Investiture (Stormlight) and convert it into heat energy.
  14. Stoneward rep right here. I mean, come on, fighting.
  15. You guys keep saying they used the painrial on Renarin. They used it on Adolin.