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  1. Me and my Dnd friends went and saw it. The week before we were talking about how she always cocks her head and stuff before a fight, so we were all laughing when that actually came up.
  2. So with the genetic stuff, I think Venli’s orange hair is a regular genetic expression. It is just a certain gene that codes for orange. There also appears to be some Parshendi where there is co-dominance, where both traits are expressed separately, but simultaneously. This is opposed to incomplete dominance, where the trait expressed is a combination of the two traits (eg, red and white flowers mix, children are pink.) This also seems to be what is happening with Adolin and Renarin’s hair as well.
  3. Shardcast a day early! Woohoo!
  4. Just why. When I showed my friends this, they all cringed.
  5. My opinion may be unpopular... but why. Just why.
  6. These books keep screwing me over! I keep calling pigeons chickens in biology class!

  7. It can be from the same person because they could have added more gems afterwards. I don’t know how Naze-daughter-Kuzudo could have warned of side effects without some kind of future sight. None of the spren, not even the Sibling, knew what would happen, otherwise the Sibling would have told Melishi what would happen.
  8. So, in Oathbringer, we learn about how Naze-daughter-Kezudo warned Melishi about possible side effects of imprisoning Ba-Ado-Mishram. How could she have known about this? Simple explanation: In the gemstone archive, there is a small emerald in the drawer about Ba-Ado-Mishram. It says this: I think that was Naze-daughter-Kezudo, and that she became an Enlightened Truthwatcher all the way back then.
  9. @Chaos congrats, man! Hope you guys have a great honeymoon!
  10. Even if our perception of Moash changed in Oathbringer, another issue I have is that Moash murdered Elhokar while he was carrying his own child. Right in front of him! Edit: My thoughts on Moash haven’t changed much, but I now know the mistakes you can make when commenting before finishing the video
  11. I agree. But there is still a possibility.
  12. It’s a battle to the death, not to the killing . If Dalinar refuses to kill it, when he eventually dies of old age, it will be complete.
  13. A leecher does not steal Investiture, they like, remove it from objects or people. You might be able to remove them or temporarily make them ineffective, but they wouldn't steal them.
  14. Hello there! I would probably go with superhuman physical abilities. And maybe some future sight on there as well. As far as cosmere magics go, I would be a Stoneward.
  15. Kaladin on Whales