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  1. So,even though i had read era ii a long time ago, i still havent exactly figured out how the identity thing works. And all the theories are blowing my mind. So can somebody expain it in simple terms?basics? thank yoi
  2. 3) Venli did bond two sprens. A void spren that gave her new form and timbre who makes her a radiant. As to whether other humans can do it or not, Brandon has mentioned it as theoretically possible though i dont think we will see this(personal opinion). Other listeners could have multiple bond. 4)Azures sword is not a shardblade, though it is hinted it is desinged after the shard blade. Nalthis and Roshar have magic systems that can substitute each other easily. 9) There are two people. 10) Nightblood when unsheated will drain any type of investiture including souls. Yes the process is similar. Every object has a spren ig. (not sure)But nightblood isnt 'a' spren. 12) I believe its a restriction on bondsmith order. Their powers arent meant for destruction, for unity hence they dont get a blade. 14) Well, Vedens i believe have red hair and is paler. not sure on llanguage. 15) Yes, the ones the ones whose oaths were broken. So all the shard blades before the new radiants. 16)Timbre . 17) Not sure but i believe he is saying szeth that all must act according to what they believe their oaths mean them to, and hopes they follow him. 18) Deatroyed as maybe captured in Urithiru and no longer a threath. 19) Roshar was once inhibated with listeners and spren lived with them. Humans came and began the desolation. Howerver for some reason they changed sides and joined humans leading to formation of radiant orders. 20) He was nurtured by odium to be his champion. And i believe being a resident of roshar or being a radiant makes u a child of honor(kaladin is reffered as son of tanavast). 22) he cant hear his wifes name when spoken by someone else. 24) Ig its a void spren. 25) That he wont kill her. 26) The thrill was the unmade there. Thunderclast arent unmade. And the araman bonded unmade 27) Most probably. yes 28) They saw passion in him and ig it is stated somewhere they are afraid to be near jezeiren. 30) yes 31) kaladin had collected it from szeth at the end of wor. Taravagian stole it from bridge 4 and maybe gave leshwi after odiums visit 33) if he touched directly he will hear the screams of the dead spren.
  3. It is because surgebinding was prohibited by honor/cultivation. It is stated in elia stlele. So they didnt go for it. They came from another world, using powers that we have been forbidden to touch. Dangerous powers, of spren and Surges.
  4. So I was thinking how will the last battle be.i was thinking who will be fighting who in case it is going to a inter planet war. What if all of our main shard planets are not in same side aginst autonomy and/or Odium? What if by Mistborn era IV, Scadrians starts attempting dominating the cosmere and invaders other planets(hints already there) maybe sazed changes from harmony to discord (hinted in final empire) and cause chaos in cosmere and Rosharans Nalthis and others will have to team up against them for the battle? But scadrians superiors tech and their allies will be a match for them. Maybe autonomy will side with scadrians (maybe not) and other missing shards in both sides and a space war will take place. this is what i think ill happen. What do you think about this? please excuse the poor grammar and structure, as English isn't mine 1st language.