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  1. I highly recommend listening to ShardCast also if you are into podcasts! You can pick out episodes that interest you the most or are specifically about world hoppers or just start at the beginning like I did (but that will take a forever!)
  2. My totally off-the-wall idea is that Maya will be “revived” or “healed” or what have you (mechanism of that TBD) and that Adolin will NOT bond her when given the choice in order to set her free to return to Spren society (probably for some greater good in order to win favor in the spren battle of public opinion. He will then loose his shard blade in a specific moment that will be of great cost to him and/or the ones he loves. Obviously completely speculative but I like the idea of a show of good faith to make up for the pst abuse of spren in the recreance at the hands of humans...
  3. Gotcha. Vivenna in the Rosharan cognitive realm shows that its structure and make-up doesn’t change based on the person’s perception. In my fuzzy brained hypothetical I was imagining an entirely aquatic civilization native to Roshar that existed in parallel with the land dwellers but I guess that itself would have changed Shadesmar in a way that we wouldn’t be discussing oceans of beads and such... Sign me up for a Shardworld with an aquatic civilization!!! <3
  4. I do think it is possible that through chemistry something could be invented that could induce the effect you are proposing (Greek Fire was invented in a comparable time and concentrated strong acids and bases were being manufactured and used at least as early as the medieval times). I wonder if this is not something that they would have thought to develop as a society, though. Given the abilities granted by stormlight (radiants, fabrials, etc.) it seems like they have invested much more study into fabrial engineering and harnessing stormlight to do things for them than chemistry. A lot of their problems may have been more easily solved through investiture than through traditional STEM fields. Maybe it is my background, but we don't see a lot of study of chemistry, physics, or biology in Roshar. Shallan seems to be one of the few people interested in biology given just about everything she observes she is coming up with theories about instead of having already learned them. All the brightest minds are busy investigating interesting things like fabrials and realmatics and not bothering with boring things like chemistry...
  5. Oh yeah, I was thinking about that backward and got my mind all flipped around! While not necessarily habitable, the cognitive realm does roughly correspond to the perspective of the being to some extent (I think? not that many examples). So if an aquatic being were to transit to the cognitive realm they would be on/in a mountain of beads making mountains into the sky conversely to their depth in the physical and need to flop/roll/scoot to what was land in the physical realm which would be water to them? I am trying to think analogous to humans where the native physical environment is inhospitable beads in the and vice-versa.
  6. What would Shadesmar (or the Rosharan cognitive realm) be like for an aquatic sapient being if it were to cross into the realm? Surely they would not appear and exists in a mess of beads, would they? Would the air above the water be beads to them? Or would the air still be air and the sub-aquatic terrain be beads? Asking for a friend
  7. Thanks!
  8. Ah crap! I misspelt my user name (I’ll blame autocorrect)!! hahaha! Can I change it or am I stuck forever...
  9. All the Cosmere and some other odds and ends! Can’t wait for RoW! Thanks! Heard about him after I finally finished Wheel of Time and a friend told me if I liked hard magic systems I’d like the rest of his work! Right now I am thinking Adolin actually after finishing my third read/listen through but I change my mind every book I read. I’ll be vague and say Warbreaker Other fun one I’ve been listening to is Duke and Dutchess Stormlight episodes! I want to say stoneward to be cool but probably honestly a Truthwatcher. also I hope I’m doing this right with the reply and quotes.... first forum and apparently I’m old now!
  10. Got caught up on the shardcast finally and figured why not join and see what it’s all about!