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  1. Hemalurgy specifically requires flowing blood. Connection manipulation does not (most likely). So I doubt it will also require bind points.
  2. I don’t remember where, but I’m pretty sure there’s a wob that says that they are good against things like lashings. That implies that it burns away everything, not just what you have powers for.
  3. It’s best when it’s a quote from a book they haven’t read, because then they think you’re more witty than you are. TPBM is currently juggling oranges and washing the dishes at the same time.
  4. I shall give you the boon of every hour of sleep counting twice toward your wakefulness. Your curse shall be that every such hour shall be filled with nightmares of having every curse listed in this form thus far. Shall I forbear? I wish for control over every surge.
  5. Maybe you could do something like, the more realistic the growth, the easier it is to do. Healing is the easiest because it is natural for living flesh to grow. Growing organic materials like food is next because it has once been alive. But growing stone is very difficult because stone doesn’t naturally grow at all. As a side note, I’d love to hear about the other elements if you’re willing to share.
  6. Here we go:
  7. This is of the top of my head and might be wrong. Weren’t the trappers using small boats to get between islands? That means they can’t be that far apart. Also, if Patji is in the middle, I would guess the danger of the islands fades as you go outward. The islands are different sizes. Patji has steep cliffs all around. Maybe. At least that’s what I remember. Hope this helps!
  8. Oops. Got ninja’d
  9. I love seeing Julia interact with the Stormlight characters. And I’m excited to see exactly what her markstone can do! Thanks for the awesome story!
  10. Sounds cool! I just had to mention this... I happened to read your post exactly 16 hours after it was posted.
  11. This is awesome! Please post more chapters if you can.
  12. How many spheres did you have to pay on copperminds!? That would be useless to me, as I would barely remember any of them.
  13. List the Stormlight character you 1) would like to be friends with most Navani. I would love something along the lines of weekly 1 on 1 fabrial lessons. 2) feel is most believable in terms of motivation Lift. It is very natural to be afraid of change. Especially the change of growing up. 3) enjoy reading about most Shallan. Her relationships with her personas are so fascinating. 4) find most confusing/intriguing Renarin. What is going on with the corrupted bond? 5) find makes you laugh the most Wit. I don’t feel the need for reasoning. 6) would like to punch in the face Moash. Still no reasoning required. 7) personally relate to most Renarin again. Totally feel the whole socially awkward thing. 8) feel is emotionally most realistic Elhokar. Switching between positive and negative feelings of his skill as a king. Also the paranoia due to seeing spren. 9) shamelessly crush on the hardest Not really any of them. If you’re allowing characters outside the Stormlight Archive, Vin. 10) is most like someone you know IRL Jasnah. Specifically, the political moves she made after becoming queen.