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  1. Or Progression of Illumination. How the appearance of things will progress (because all of his visions are visual).
  2. It looks like your function is equivalent to this image. Perhaps your set of functions is just polynomials plus that extra term at the end?
  3. I think the radiant or spren can still break the bond, but other people can no longer break it for you (not sure how that works). I think the 5th oath will grant both that, and more intelligent cousin spren. Since at the 4th ideal you now have cousin spren following you around making shardplate, maybe they are smart enough at the 5th oath to look and and report back. With their spren organizing them, Radiants could have constant reports on everything going on within a large distance. For any order, that would be very beneficial.
  4. Imagine a caste system, but rather than directly inherited castes, you inherit the opposite caste based on your magic power. Those who happen to be in a low magic generation of their family will be a lower caste, but also encouraged to have more children. In very serious countries, there might be laws prohibiting inter-caste marriage, so that magic strength isn’t diluted into half as strong people.
  5. This seems to imply that you would eventually fly off into space. Interesting question!
  6. The phrase “we can all agree” implies an audience of multiple people. Either God doesn’t know their religion, or there are multiple religions represented by the audience.
  7. Leaf lakes? I can definitely imagine certain animals evolving to live up in the leaves, away from the danger of larger creatures. This can then lead to leaf tribes, people who live up there eating those animals. Their problems would be less giant creatures stepping on them, and more giant creatures shaking them and causing leafquakes. Maybe one of your heroes encounters them?
  8. It’s definitely between Aondor, Surgebinding (Truthwatcher of course), Feruchemy, and Awakening. Any of these would easily win over any other option. I want something that can run without me, because that would allow me to set up whatever I want and let it run, like a computer program. That leaves Awakening and Aondor. Aondor just seems like it has more capability than Awakening, even if it is harder to program. Illusions are always among the top few of my list, because there’s so much potential to them. Truthwatchers have the most ability with them, but Aondor also has a small amount of capability. Ultimately, here are my priorities: 1. Aondor 2. Truthwatcher 3. Awakening 4. Feruchemy
  9. Every hopeful hopping happy hippy hungry hippo who gets too disappointed, writes award-winning Rosharan movies, and is confused at the unending sky of the 17th Sharders (plus some bloodthirsty kittens) is accurately named President President President the President.
  10. film

    For action scene, I agree that the most important would be Kelsier fighting the inquisitor, and Vin realizing that iron and steel are his specialties. For character scene, we need the moment in the carriage when Kelsier offers Vin a lot of money, saying that he can’t have crew members who aren’t invested.
  11. F-copper for sure. Depending on what compounding memory does, maybe double copper. Alternatively, A-tin would be good.
  12. Wasing the liking of this for the thinking. Wasing the wishing of more nips knowing the say. Brighting the thinking of nips notting the knowing of saying the say. To get enough people’s inputs on whatever those topics are, we’d need to include an English translation for whatever we say. Edit: Or wasing the having of links to the this. Nips wasing the needing of learning the say.
  13. Using progression to grow food is a much better way of using Stormlight for food. Or soulcasting food. Or healing animals. So many options that make it easier to sleep at night. Maybe you could spike animals to have gold compounding? Train them to use it? I like that idea a lot more than using people.
  14. I think it looks like they just by coincidence, because I spaced out the surges weird. You could space them out differently and get a very different look. edit: sorry for the double post.