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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I will start it off by voicing what is probably a very unpopular opinion: I am not sure I even want Mayalaran to be revived. One of the most noble things about the spren we know about is they all seem to understand that tremendous risk that comes from forming a Nahel bond. Pattern encapsulates this best. In very plain Crypticspren english, he says that he is 100% convinced that the bond will kill him. He does not say this to caution Shallan, he does not say this out of bravery. He states this as the simple, inevitable truth. Yet he sacrifices his very psyche for the greater good. The Stormfather also believes his bond will be the death of him, but risks everything to stop Odium. The incredible sacrifice that the spren are undertaking with no concern for their personal welfare is a wonderfully brave and noble thing to do. Maybe it is not fair to compare the minds of spren to humans, but I think this little detail adds some depth to their “character”. If knowledge was uncovered that spren could be brought back from spren death, then their heroic sacrifice would become meaningless. Even if the method of spren revival is hard to replicate. For example, maybe Adolin will prove that the deadeye needs to spend a decade with a human on top of some other crazy stuff. But if the possibility of spren revival exists, then I will care less about whether or not the knights are keeping to their oaths. It is one thing to be able to heal any wound with enough stormlight, it is quite another to revive the dead.