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  1. C++.
  2. I'm a bit of a programmer, and I was relistening to the Rithmatist when I realized I could program the magic system! (My original idea was to create the magic system from Elantris, but with the Rithmatist it's more of a game (i.e. duels), and way easier to program) It's far from finished, but I have a basic framework set up and it's moving smoothly. The code is currently on a private repo on github (I wanted to keep it private for now because I feel like I could run afoul of copyright law somehow), but if anyone wants to help me, email me and I can let you in!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm smartycope. I'm a gigantic Sanderson geek, and have been meaning to make an account for a long time. I'm sick with covid and not doing anything else, so I figured now is a good time. I've listened to every Sanderson book at least 8 times (on average, Oathbringer is about 3, and The Alloy of Law is about 30), and have a large list of questions. I'm super excited
  4. I love the Alcatraz books to death, but the 5th book ended so nicely! Well, not nicely, but it wrapped everything up. Why is there going to be a 6th book and what's it going to be about?
  5. I don't know... considering the books, I would expect nothing less than an abrupt, unsatisfying ending that favors the antagonists. I personally don't mind books having an ending where the bad guys win; it spices things up.
  6. It's a long way off yet, but once it is ready, I'll certainly let y'all know so you can play test it!
  7. I am sooooo excited for Rhythm of War to come out!! Good question! I've never thought about that before. It would depend on which order we're talking about, and whether you're limited by solely cosmere characters or not, but off the top of my head I think I might say Ender, from Ender's game. He would make a good Radiant. I initially got into audiobooks because I have ADHD and Tourrete's syndrome, which makes it hard to focus on a page and not loose my spot constantly. With it in your ears, it's just there, and if I miss something, I often re-listen to books anyway. Another thing is the convenience of it. I can listen to books at work, while cleaning, or while riding my bike (I like going on bike rides a lot). I'll also listen to books at 3x, 3.5x speed, so I can listen to books far faster than I can read them now.
  8. Nice morse code text, that made me laugh Favorite novel for being in the Cosmere, would probably be Mistborn: Secret History, because it ties so many things together and hints at even more.
  9. Good to know, thanks. I don't know, I've never been super big on things like that, as evidenced by me only now getting a 17th Shard account. Do you have a link?
  10. Wayne. Wayne is my favorite character, hands down.
  11. I just listen to them like people listen to music. One of my biggest passions is audiobooks, and Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (the people who narrate most of Sanderson's novels) are my favorite narrators. I can't pick just one! But if I had to choose, I'd say either The Alloy of Law, because it's just so fun, or The Way of Kings, because I can relate to it a lot. My favorite magic system would probably be Scadrial's, just because we know so much about it, and it makes so much sense. I really love Sel's as well though (Elantris's specifically)
  12. Oh! That actually makes sense. Cool!