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  1. the fastest snail you ever done see.
  2. Taken, are you still Taken, or are you a different Taken now?

  3. They often do a little dance
  4. @VanillaDCocoKingI'm willing to help out with this.
  5. row

  6. So, any thoughts on what happens to a Knight Radiant who gets Amnesia? Would stormlight even help with that?

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Shallan: Who in the world am I?

      Kaladin: Stop being a drama queen, Shallan.

      Shallan: So that's my name? Cool.

    2. King Karl

      King Karl

      Since I haven't even finished Way of Kings yet I won't comment. But that would make this a paradox because I am commenting but saying I won't and therefore contradicting myself. Hmmmmmm

  7. "You sneaky squirrel, you!" @Rosharan A.C.
  8. On a scale of Excalibur to soapy dishwater, what is your favorite number of the alphabet?
  9. @Channelknight Fadran, I am sad that I lose the game every day. Please join me in my suffering.
  10. I am an Agnostic leaning more toward Atheism. My father is Catholic and my mother is Atheist. I know quite a bit about the Catholic religion.
  11. I lose the game every single time I look at your name, or think about condensing water in general.
  12. 1. I follow basically everyone. It is like a reflex to everyone I encounter. 2. No particular reason, just lurking
  13. Amateur Numbers