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  1. Beautiful writing. I only really had one complaint. In Chapter 4, you had Ash say: I just wanted to point out that we have a WOB stating that Taln's moment of clarity was directly linked to Dalinar opening the perpendicularity. That's all. Good job on the writing though, I think you got all the characters right.
  2. I'm sure I am not the only one who has noticed just how much you are in the "Introduce Yourself" Forum. You are doing good work out there, keep it up!

    1. Scout_Fox


      :lol::lol: Thank you so much @HoidWasTaken that is so nice to hear! I always remember every time I went somewhere new or started a new sport/activity it made a world of difference to get a warm welcome so I try my best to do that here!

      It wouldn't be anywhere near as good without everyone else welcoming people too so it is 100% a team effort!

  3. Already did. It was Called "The Way of Kings" and had a whole 5 or so chapters about it.
  4. wasing the having of interest. Needing the knowing of more. Running the Fadran of the outing of material.
  5. @A Windrunner
  6. Oops, Didn't see that, I only saw the main forum page. sorry Ghanderfaffle. Instead, @A Windrunner on Athe,
  7. @Ghanderflaffle sorry 'bout this mate. Nothing personal, it's just good business. EDIT: I saw you on this forum page, just to clarify.