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  1. I'll probably join this after it gets going a little
  2. Okay, I'll just jump right in. Here's the idea: People. Each from a different planet or realm or dimension, whatever you want, but each person has a form of Magic unfamiliar to the others. They're Magically Plopped (that's a term now) into a new world, left to survive and forced to cooperate with these strange people and learn about the magical arts they are proficient in. We'll see how it progresses after the characters basically learn how to not die. But that about sums it up. Good? No good? The most beautiful thing you've ever beheld? A monstrosity that should be banished to the nether realms?
  3. (looking at Roleplay count) 17...18...19... Alright, I guess I'm joining this then... half of those are dead anyway...
  4. So, this is basaed off of a thread I made earlier, in which I explained how I gave everyone in Mistborn a french accent for a chapter. I figure this has probably been done before, but I couldn't find the thread, so here it is. These are what I imagine cosmere accents as Horneater (Unkalaki)- Sort of Russian (This mainly comes from the wording that Rock usually uses) Duladen/Herdazian- I imagine these both as a sort of Spanish accent, with lots of clipped endings. Bavlander- Scottish/ Cabbie driver brittish (You know the one.) I can't think of more right now, I'll probably think of more later, but a lot of them are more subtle. (Teoish- Bold speech| Rosharan westerner- softer speech| Veden- loud, similar to Herdazian, but rougher) I was wondering what accents, if any, other people on the shard give various cosmere nationalities.
  5. So it's speculated Lift's resonance is the ability to communicate. There's no primary theory for Wayne, but I believe that it's probably his abilities of imitation. So, Lift (And, I guess, any edgedancer) has the surges of progression and abrasion. Wayne can store health and burn cadmium. Progression- F-Gold Abrasion- A-Bendalloy (I mean, they're called 'Sliders'. I realize that's not a HUGE connection, but then, their resonances aren't quite the same.) So maybe (If Wayne's resonance IS his ability to imitate people) that's why they have similar resonances. I just wondered the implications of this, with being able to guess at resonances between similar abilities. (Sorry this posted twice, could someone remove one?)
  6. So I was reading Mistborn, and I just, reading some names (Demoux, Kelsier, the name of those caves with the rebellion), figured, you know what? until the end of this chapter, I'm giving everyone a french accent. I don't know if anyone else has done something like that, but I figured, 'Sure they have. This is the seventeenth shard, after all.'
  7. I mean, it could make it a worse story, but so far, you've done a good job at it. So... I guess just keep doin' what you're doin'
  8. I think the problem is, he can't Preserve or Ruin something individually, because that wouldn't be Harmonious. So he can't Ruin something unless he also Preserves it, which negates the whole thing. (Also, yeah, this should probably go to the Mistborn section.)
  9. That is true. Probably best to tread very carefully with that vein of stuff.
  10. I think it's a shared opinion that it doesn't suck. I'd quite like to see more.
  11. "Alright. What..." Alth paused, "What exactly are... is... 'the job' right now? Money?" He looked around. "I suppose it would be better discussed indoors..."
  12. "Maybe your question was vague," Alth said. Now he was getting into the swing of things, "But morality won't be a problem. Either mine or yours."
  13. Alth gave a slight smile. "I'm not some Windrunner. And even as a Skybreaker, I follow the law as I believe it should be, not as it is. I'm something of an outlier among them". He began drifting down with careful lashings.
  14. Alth sort of stumbled for a moment, but then brought up his steel. He summoned his shardblade, rising a foot or two in the air with precise Lashings, and scorched the ground below him with Division. They couldn't be allowed to see him as weak. "Althara Yuris," He said. A fake name. Smoke rose from his shardblade, a trick he'd learned with Division, exploiting its indestructible nature.
  15. We're... Going to ignore that. *Snap* Boom. Forgotten. We're ignoring it now.
  16. Nobody notices Ire. And that is why they shall win. They've got experience, and maybe so do other groups, but they'll strike right under every single person's nose.
  17. Althara watched the people. Well, here's a good place to start. No worry about morals. He walked forward, removing his mask, approaching them. "H-Hello. Is this- are you- can-" Alth sighed. "I'm...interested. In this... thing". He really would have to deal with his speech if he was going to interact with people.
  18. Just think of all the ridiculous thing we could do with investiture... Feruchemical Armor A suit of armor. On a feruchemist. It wouldn't even have to be solidly MADE of the metals. It could even just have metal plates inside. \/ Feruchemical/shardplate armor. You have said feruchemical armor. Right. Then you put shardplate over it (Probably tapping strength...). Ta-da! Koloss-sized magical warrior OF DEATH Nicrosil enhancement line (Konga line) Bunch of nicrosil mistings. In a carefully timed pattern, they enhance each other, all leading up to a Mistborn, who burns duralumin and (Steel/Electrum/whatever). Konga line of death/ Spaceship with less work/ the diagram II, Electrum boogaloo) Identity theft This isn't even elaborate. I just thought it was funny. Spike someone's Connection, either to a person or to whatever. Then pretend to be them. (Even better, steal some of their relevant memory too.) The diagram II, This time without electrum boogaloo Zinc compounding. That's... It. (Although, If you wanted to, you could send people out to learn themselves on a particular subject, then spike those memories/intelligence from them) Just Joking Use Cadmium to store Breath (Yes, yes, I'm kidding) I'm welcome to more additions to "The list of all the things we can do. (No Morals Allowed)"
  19. Ah, well, poo. There goes that.
  20. Unfortunately, no, but I believe I may be able to acquire some soon.
  21. Tainted Hues... Yes... Less a table of power, more a spectrum... I may have to rethink the Nature of the Hues again...
  22. "Onward, then," Verdin said, and began walking south
  23. Fav

    Who cares what Allomantic powers you have if all I have to do is touch you to divest you of them? (Well, I guess some powers could help you get away. Whatever. We're ignoring that.)
  24. Quick little update (Also keeping the thread alive), I tried to make the rhythm of anticipation. However, I don't think that it had the proper life to it that a rhythm should. So I might reattempt it.
  25. Especially after spiking away all of Hoid/Waldo's investiture. But all's well that ends well, I guess. I did love the part in SotDM where Shai Forges Lift to be fat, and she burns it all to claim the struggling Darethi empire with Awesomeness. Though some of the laws she made were questionable.