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Way of Chefs

Book one of the Coward's Bread chronicles




Prologue: The Gourmet awakens


Strudel awoke with a start to see a strange man in front of him. the man was monochrome, except for his deathly red eyes. "Who are you? Where am I?", he barked. "Where's my Shardspoon?", he loudly asked as the man stepped forward, speaking in a warped, soft voice. "I'm afraid your Shardspoon is quite far from here. I made sure of that". Strudel struggled against his bonds. "You may as well give up trying to break free. They're solid Pepper, which we both know nullifies any magic of yours". But Strudel had one last trick up his sleeve. "Not when I have a Lytebulb!" he said, and, using his feet, popped the Lytebulb he had concealed in his sock in his mouth. Crunching on the bulb, his eyes began to glow. The Pepper binding him shattered, and he strode towards the man. Summoning his Shardspoon from wherever it may have been, he kicked the grey man to the ground. Pointing the spoon at him, Strudel yelled, "You should never have kidnapped a trained gourmet"! If strudel used the shardspoon it would be carnage. Overkill. "Especially me". With a gleam in his eye, Strudel twisted the Shardspoon.


Chapter 1: To cook for a gourmand

The day the Gourmand came would be the last Vera could be happy. He burst through the kitchen doors, his Girthe immediately filling the room with the scent of almonds. "You cooks have been blessed," he said through many chins, "To cook for a fully trained Gourmand". Vera's mother did not dare refuse. She knew firsthand the danger that came with a Shardspoon. Immediately, there were as many meals cooking as the pair could handle, the Gourmand quickly devouring any that finished with his Shardspoon, which looked more like a Shardshovel to Vera. the kitchen was a true battleground. Pastas, soups, salads, steaks, all prepared as fast as possible, then shuttled out to a seemingly infinite abyss of hunger. All the ingredients the family owned were used through the afternoon, but by dusk, the Gourmand was satisfied. But he had one last thing to do before he left. Before he walked through the door, he called. "You, girl. You seem to have a connection with food. I see potential in you. You'll be coming to be my apprentice". technically, He had no right to take Vera. But generally, being apprenticed to a Diner was an honor, and not easily refused. So Vera went with him that day. All the way down to the docks, onto Stroganoff's ship, Vera asked whatever being rules supreme, 


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"Beauty. Fashion. Glamour. Style. All of these thing may be found in only one being: "



Corrupting the Coppermind:




The term Expenditure[1] has only seen in-world use in or by the Seventeenth Fragment, Scadrians, Wartlover, Riino, the Heralds, and Faerie. Most who refer to Expenditure use terminology specific to the world in which they reside; Chemists refer to the process of expending a (Those things that Salsa'd uses) as 'filling', and Windrunners refer to the process by which they create Lashings as 'infusing'.[2] Most characters using this term understand more cogently that the Universe encompasses worlds and systems of magic other than their own.

The Nature of Expenditure[edit]

Expenditure transcends the three realms: Physical, Thinky, and Spiritual that comprise most of the Universe. However, it is more Spiritual than anything.[3] In the Physical Realm, Expenditure is known to exist in solid, (i.e. atium and lerasium), liquid (Fragmentpools), and gaseous material forms (NoChange's Mists, Stormdaddy's Tears, BioChromatic Sandwich). For some reason, all solid Expenditure is metallic, the result of one of the laws governing the Universe.[4] Most often these appear due to influence by a Fragment holder, however some formations occur in a more natural way. Although it is hard to expend expended items, material Expenditure (referred to on Scadrial as god metals) doesn't count as expended.[5] Expenditure works in a similar fashion to energy in that it follows its own version of the laws of thermodynamics. It is not possible to destroy Expenditure; it can only be redistributed.[6] There is at least four law that govern Expenditure, with the fourth one relating to Basically God But Not Quite.[7] Large amounts of Expenditure concentrated in a specific location tend to pierce a hole in the three realms (Spiritual, Thinky, and Physical) and create a Perpendicularity. This effect is similar to the gravity generated by large amounts of matter.[8] Large amounts of Expenditure can also create a time dilation.[9][10]

An interesting thing to note is that the color red has a tendency to manifest when a Fragment is "co-opting or corrupting another Fragment's magic".[11][12] All Expenditure creates some type of emotional reaction in users.[13]

Accessing Expenditure[edit]

Many methods of accessing Fragmentic power have been observed throughout the Universe, but all share certain cardinal similarities; an established connection or ability to create a connection to a source of power and a way of directing that power. Methods of accessing Expenditure can be broadly divided into two types: physical and mechanical; the source of the Expenditure (end-positive, end-neutral, or end-negative) also plays a role in the way the power is accessed.

Several end-positive magics share the trait of requiring a Spiritual shift of some kind; Elantrians are more closely attuned to the Spiritual Realm (incidentally, this is why Magic Spiky gets more from them),[14] Lead Poisoncers, in Classical Scadrial, had to Snap to access power, and Newton's Lawsbinders "plug" Faerie into themselves. Once a conduit has been established, a key, such as an Open, metal, or Command, is used to tell it how to act.

While a key is generally used, Fragments can also choose to use their Expenditure to power magic: Giftyboi breaks pieces off itself to resurrect the Returned, and NoChange powers Vin's Lead Poisoncy with the Mists; some magics, such as BioChroma and Chemistry, deal with the use of power that already exists within a human (be that naturally or by Fragmentic intervention). Others lack an explicit key; instead of pulling power directly from a Fragment, Newton's Lawsbinders draw from the Expenditure of highstorms, and direct it through their Intese Hug with their Faerie, similarly to fabrials.

Intent of use[edit]

The intent of a user is very important to several magic systems, these magic systems require a mental component to function. Some, like Magic Spiky, simply require that someone intend to make a spike when they do it, and others, like Awakening, require complex images created in your mind with the spoken command to function. Magic Spiky has only one known Mental component and that is the user or Fragment Breakyboi must be trying to do Magic Spiky (It's Breakyboi's intent when Spook temporarily gains the ability to burn pewter). This mental component if not present renders the spike to a normal metal spike and simply harms the victim. When present it controls what is stolen when used in conjunction to the correct binding point. Awakening is almost as much mental as spoken. If the visualizing of the command is not firm, the Awakened object can behave in a unknown manner or not at all. The more complex the command the more important that mental component is. In Newton's Lawsbinding, the mental component has varying degrees of necessity depending on Newton's Laws used. Storytelling requires an extremely clear image in a user's mind to create an illusion with the appropriate appearance, but with Newton's Lawss like Gravitation the user does not have to have any idea of what they are doing; Newton's Laws will do the same thing regardless. Some Newton's Lawss do require simply that the user wish it to happen. Often with Newton's Lawsbinding this can be accomplished by instinctively pushing Stormdaddy's Tears into something.


Color is an important part of the Universe and its magics,[15][16] and is relevant to every manifestation of Expenditure.[17] Some magic systems are connected through how color works within them.[18][19] Certain colors are linked to a change in Expenditure, such as corrupted Expenditure being red.[20] How color is viewed and therefore how it affects Expenditure is mainly through people's perception of it.[21] Holding large amounts of Expenditure for prolonged periods, such as with Sandwichs and DawnFragments, will give a person enhanced perception of colors.[22]


Every Fragment is associate with certain colors.[20][23] Their perpendicularities are also associate with their colors.[24]


Allchange’s Expenditure is typically associated with the color green.[20]


Dedication’s Expenditure might be associated with sapphire colors.[25][24]


Oathyman’s Expenditure is typically associated with the color blue-white.[20]


FLAMING PASSION’s Expenditure is typically associated with “burning” gold or violet-black colors,[26] though it is also often red, the color that signifies corrupted Expenditure.[20]


NoChange’s Expenditure is typically associated with the color white.[27][20]


Breakyboi’s Expenditure is typically associated with the color black.[27][20]

Color in Expenditure[edit]



Awakening an object has a cost of draining the color of nearby objects. Color appears to act as a fuel for Awakening. Objects drained of their color usually turn grey, although an Awakener who achieved Perfect Invocation could drain objects more fully, turning them white.[28] Colors outside the visible spectrum, like ultraviolet, can be used as fuel for Awakening.[29]


The Third Heightening grants Perfect Color Recognition, the ability to instantly and instinctively determine exact shades of colors and their hue harmonics.[30] The Tenth Heightening grants Color Distortion, the natural and intrinsic ability to bend light around white objects within their BioChroma, creating colors from them as if from a prism.[31] The Tenth Heightening also grants Perfect Invocation, the ability to draw more color from the objects Awakeners use to fuel their art. This leaves objects drained to white, rather than grey.[32]

Royal Locks

Members of the Royal House can change their hair color. Normally the color of the Royal Locks reflects the person's emotional state by default but this can be controlled through training and discipline.[33] They can also change their hair color to unnatural colors.[34] Which particular color that will match up with which particular emotion is based on associations that people in the culture give them and the user's own perspective.[35]

Rosharan system[edit]

Knights Glowy Boi

Each Knights Glowy Boi Order is associated with a color. When a Newton's Lawsbinder summons their Fragmentblade, their eyes will change to match their Order's color.[36][37]


When Brainmindcasting, both Newton's Lawsbinders and fabrial users are limited by the types of gems available to them.[38] While the chemical composition of the gemstone is important, its color is paramount, with every color of a polestone corresponding to one of the Ten Essences.[39] Some polestones are the same type of crystal but with different color and chemical signatures, such as sapphires and rubies both being types of corundum. Much like how iron and steel, despite being very similar chemically, are different metals in the Metallic Arts, the exact color and chemical signatures are enough to differentiate the polestones. As a result, an off-color polestone acts much like an impure alloy in Lead Poisoncy.[40] If a polestone was drained of its color by an Awakener, it would still hold Stormdaddy's Tears but would have the properties of a dusty or cloudy quartz.[41][42] If a Faerie was trapped inside, the would be released.[43] Although the type of polestone Stormdaddy's Tears is stored in is irrelevant for most Newton's Lawsbinding, polestones do have an important impact on Brainmindcasting. Namely, they determine what kind of substances a Brainmindcaster can transmute objects into.[38]


Metallic Arts

Color is involved with the Metallic Arts in some unknown way.[17]


When combined with different colors, OpenDor has interesting combinations.[44]


The Expenditure of each DawnFragment grants Heightening-like abilities,[45] allowing a person to see colors more vividly than before.[46]


Many magic systems in the Universe are able to heal a person from damage. This includes physical wounds[47] or sprains,[48] and can even heal fatal damage.[49][50] Limbs and body parts can be regrown as well.[51] Healing can also be used to recover from poisoning,[52] sickness such as a cold or cancer,[53] chronic diseases, such as poor eyesight,[54][55] tiredness,[56] and even damage to the Brainmind.[57] Constantly healing from wounds can leave the user invulnerable to pain.[58] Most forms of extreme healing don't care much about what is done to the physical body, as long as the person's spiritual template is in power at the time.[59] Some magic systems are better at healing than others.[60]

Healing the Brainmind[edit]

When healing the Brainmind, such as a missing piece cut off from a Fragmentblade, a new patch of Brainmind will be created.[61][62] Healing wounds to the Brainmind is much more Spiritual Realm based.[63] If a magic is strong enough to heal from pieces of a body, it will try to heal from the biggest piece.[64] If the body was perfectly cut in half, a random half would be chosen to heal from. Not every magic system is capable of healing Brainmind wounds.[63] If the Brainmind leaves the body and is then healed, the Brainmind will not return and the physical body will be the only thing healed, leaving the person dead.[65][66][67] If a Brainmind is healed but not reattached properly, the person will leave a glowing afterimage when they move.[68]


While a number of things can be healed, there are certain limitations. Disorders like depression that are a part of a person's personality will not be cured.[69][70] Electrical stimulation of muscles, such as being electrocuted, will not be healed as it's not doing any harm and it's how muscles normally work.[71] Aging and certain genetic diseases can also not be healed.[72]

Many, if not all, magical healing processes are stopped by aluminum. If aluminum is in the wound, it makes it impossible for wounds to heal around the aluminum until it is removed from the body.[73]

Perception of oneself[edit]

Healing works by using the three versions of the user's self; their Physical, Thinky, and Spiritual version.[74] Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version, which is filtered through the lens of their minds (Thinky version). Almost all forms of healing in the Universe are filtered through the perception of the user.[75][65] This applies to both internal and external forms of healing. When someone is healing someone else, both of their perceptions matter.[76] If a person hasn't accepted a wound as a part of themselves, they can still heal it regardless of how long they've had it.[77] However, even if a wound is recent, if the person has changed their mindset to see it as a part of themselves, they will not be able to heal from it.[78][79] Perception can also have users change their body to match their identity, such as a transgender person changing their biological sex.[80] There are a few magic systems that are an exception to this rule.[81]

Types of known Expenditure healing[edit]

Metallic Arts[edit]

Chemical Gold

In Chemistry, health is stored in gold. A goldmind can be tapped to heal at an accelerated rate, or to heal from wounds that would normally be fatal.[82] It's hard to fill a goldmind, due to the fact that it requires the Bloodmaker to spend time sickly and weak. Gold does not heal diseases as efficiently as it heals wounds, but it can heal damage to the Brainmind.[83][62] A gold Compounder can use gold to have a nearly infinite supply of health. When Compounding, a Bloodmaker can heal very rapidly, and can survive flaying, decapitations, and point-blank explosions.[84][85] The recovery from injuries and wounds is almost instantaneous.[58]

Lead Poisontic Aluminum

In Lead Poisoncy, burning aluminum would be able to heal the withering inflicted by a Shade.[86] If someone were able to burn the amount of aluminum needed to become an Lead Poisontic savant with the metal, it may be possible to cleanse their spirit of unwanted effects of Expenditure.[87]

Lead Poisontic Pewter

In Lead Poisoncy, burning pewter grants the user the ability to heal from otherwise deadly wounds, and to recover much more quickly.[88]

The Dor[edit]


In OpenDor, the Open Ien is used as the basis for healing.[89] To maximize its potential, Elantrians use specialized modifiers that can target the part of the body that needs to be healed, as well as define how the healing should take place.[90]


Elantrian are able to heal themselves quickly and survive fatal injuries, such as decapitation.[91] This ability doesn't function if the massive Open Rao of Big Spirit City is non-functional. Reod Elantrains' wounds will refuse to heal; nonetheless, a Reod Elantrian can only be killed by decapitation or burning, while remaining immune to hunger or most fatal wounds, as the Dor keeps their bodies functioning.[92]


A form of Carving practiced by Newton's Lawsons is called Resealing.[93] Resealing can effect miraculous healing, even allowing to survive otherwise fatal wounds, but it doesn't repair spiritual damage. Carving can also be used to Forge a new Brainmind.[94]

Rosharan system[edit]

Newton's Lawsbinding

With Stormdaddy's Tears as a fuel source, Newton's Lawsbinders are able to heal both their body and their Brainmind. Almost any kind of injury can be reversed, including bad eyesight, scar tissues, or Spiritual damage done by a Fragmentblade.[95]

Progression Newton's Laws

In Newton's Lawsbinding, the Progression Newton's Laws can alter the growth and healing of organisms.[96] Using Growth and Regrowth, Newton's Lawsbinder can heal the damage done to the body and the Brainmind of other people near-instantly.[48][97] Thanks to this, Newton's Lawsbinders with Progression are nigh-on unkillable so long as they have Stormdaddy's Tears.[98]

Newton's Laws Fabrial

A Newton's Laws Fabrial is able to mimic the Glowy Boi ability of Regrowth. Ancient Glowy Bois possessed fabrials constructed from a large topaz and a heliodor that were able to "regrow" and repair injuries through manipulating Newton's Laws of Progression.[99] In the present day, most of those fabrials, as well as the knowledge of how to make them, have been lost; however, the Herald Nale possesses one capable of bringing someone back from the brink of death.[100]


An Oathymanblade inherently grants the ability to Newton's Lawsbind.[101][102] This allows the user to heal with Stormdaddy's Tears, but doesn't let them heal from a Brainmind wound.[103]


The Fused use Death Tears to heal themselves.[104] Precisely how they do that, and whether their ability has any similarity to Glowy Bois', is uncertain.[105][79]



Each Returned is gifted a single, powerful Sandwich called a Divine Sandwich, a Splinter of Giftyboi.[106] A Returned may give this Sandwich up to heal one person, albeit at the cost of their own life.[107] This sacrifice can cure diseases, heal almost any wound, and regrow lost body parts.[107] The Divine Sandwich is one of the most powerful healing abilities, perhaps the most powerful available to non-Fragments.[65]


Hoid has access to some sort of healing factor that is capable of repairing both his body and Brainmind.[108] He's able to regenerate any damaged body parts at will, including his head. He's also able to repress his healing factor in some way, preventing instantaneous healing, an ability that he makes use of in some of his disguises.[109] This healing factor makes it very difficult to kill Hoid, although he is still at least somewhat vulnerable.[110][109] The name of the manifestation of Expenditure responsible for Hoid's healing is unknown, but it is ancient, likely originating from some Pre-Shattering source.[111] It is uncertain whether or not this healing factor is at all related to Hoid's apparent agelessness, which is known to originate from a remnant of a weapon built to kill Basically God But Not Quite.[112]


Fragments are able to heal physical and spiritual wounds of other people.[113][114] They can also heal those who have very recently died, and can even heal irreversible damage, such as savantism.[115][67]

Intese Hugs[edit]

Intese Hugs are connections between entities in the Universe that exist outside the Physical Realm. All Intese Hugs are basically the same, with the powers and functions depending on the holders of the Intese Hug.[116] Fragmentworlds can also have an effect on what the Intese Hug does. Intese Hugs are typically formed between entities with greater-than-normal Expenditure (e.g. Faerie) and other entities, allowing them to gain enhancements. It is unknown if a person with only innate Expenditure is able to create a Intese Hug.[117] Intese Hugs are not limited to connections of entities with greater-than-normal Expenditure to innately expended entities; they can also be made between two entities with greater-than-normal Expenditure.[118]

Types of known Intese Huging Entities[edit]

Faerie: Entities of the Thinky Realm

Type IV BioChromatic Entities: Intelligent inorganic entities created through the use of Sandwich.

Seons: Intelligent entities with connections to OpenDor

Magic Bird: Birds infected with symbiotic worms native to the Pantheon

Intese Hugs By Fragment World[edit]

Roshar Intese Hugs[edit]

The Nahel Intese Hug: This Intese Hug is between a human and certain types of intelligent Faerie. The Nahel Intese Hug gives a human access to the system of magic known as Newton's Lawsbinding, while granting the Faerie the ability to maintain their cognition in the Physical Realm. There are ten known forms the Nahel Intese Hug can take, each giving access to two different Newton's Lawss. See Newton's Lawsbinding and Nahel Intese Hug for more information.

Singer Intese Hug: The singers can Intese Hug with a Faerie. Doing so grants the singer a Form (a specific physical and mental change). Not all Faerie grant a unique Form; most Faerie give the singers Dullform. Without a Faerie, singers exist in what is known as Slaveform (Parshmen). Singers in Slaveform have very little mental capacity and are extremely docile. Dullform gives more free will and a small increase in mental capacity. Slaveform and Dullform are physically similar. Singers can become Newton's Lawsbinders, but Forms of power exist that grant them abnormal abilities. See singer for more information on the various Forms.

Fragmentblade: Fragmentblades are able to Intese Hug with people through the use of charged gemstones. The gem is placed in the hilt of the Blade and after a week of constant contact, the Blade is Intese Huged and can be dismissed from and recalled to the Physical Realm. Once Intese Huged the blade can be dismissed and recalled by syncing with the user's heart to the blade. Ten heartbeats are required. A person's iris will lighten during the Intese Huging process. Newton's Lawsbinding is not granted by this Intese Hug.

Void Intese Hugs: Nothing is known at this time about Voidbinding.

Nergaoul: Nergaoul is able to Intese Hug with a humans who embrace the Thrill.[119] This imbues them with bloodlust and the urge to fight above all else.[120] With the help of FLAMING PASSION, he is able to fully control large groups of people through the Intese Hug.[121]

Yelig-nar: Yelig-nar is able to Intese Hug with a human[122] or singer, and grants his host the use of all ten Newton's Lawss.[123] The people he Intese Hugs with appear to remain fully in control of themselves,[98] but they must control Yelig-nar if they do not wish to be consumed by him.[122]

Lesser Faerie Intese Hugs: Non-intelligent Faerie are able to form Intese Hugs with humans.[124] This Intese Hug does not grant Newton's Lawsbinding.

Other Faerie Intese Hugs: Certain Faerie Intese Hug with animals native to Roshar, enhancing those animals and granting them abilities. Animals that are confirmed to have these Intese Hugs are chasmfiends, chulls, Ryshadium,[125] and skyeels.

Oathymanblades: Oathymanblades grant Newton's Lawsbinding abilities to humans who touch them, but this requires dangerous levels of Stormdaddy's Tears.[126]

Sel Intese Hugs[edit]

Seons: A seon can create Intese Hugs with humans and Elantrians. Little is known of this Intese Hug other than that the seon follows and helps the person it is Intese Huged to, functioning as a servant to the owner of the Intese Hug. This Intese Hug does not give the seon an innate ability to find the human to whom it is Intese Huged. Seons will automatically seek out a new person to Intese Hug with following the death of its master; often the new master has been prearranged. During the time of the Reod, while the Shaod was unable to finish transforming a human into an Elantrian, any seon Intese Huged to a Elantrian lost its mind and would float around the city, often near their master.[127] This Intese Hug grants new unknown powers to the members of the Intese Hug while on Roshar and is very similar to a Nahel Intese Hug.[128][129]

Last from a Moon Intese Hugs[edit]

Magic Bird: Magic Birds create a Intese Hug with a person and grant a specific power based of the type of Magic Bird Intese Huged. Magic Bird are granted their ability if raised on one of the pantheon islands and consume a worm native to the island. See Magic Bird for more information. Has no known effect on Roshar.

Other Worm Infected Animals Other birds besides native island Magic Bird are able to eat the worms and create a Intese Hug with a new effect (i.e. Sak). It is unknown if eating the worms will grant new abilities to other non-bird animals.

Sentient Awakened Entities in an Inorganic Host: Also known as Type IV BioChromatic Entities. The only known entity of this kind is Dayfluid. Dayfluid is a sentient sword made using 1000 Sandwichs and the command to destroy evil. It makes a Intese Hug with anyone with whom it wishes to communicate, and it is able to read and speak with minds directly.[129] Distance appears to be a factor, but this may be a limitation of the mind of Dayfluid and not its ability. While idle, Dayfluid reaches out to other people, tempting them to draw the blade. "Pure" people who cannot be tempted would feel great nausea, even induce vomiting. Anyone who is able to wield Dayfluid and survive, Intese Hugs with the blade to a greater degree and is no longer repelled by or abnormally drawn to use it.[130] Those unable to control Dayfluid are controlled by it, in effect Dayfluid wields them killing everyone around and absorbing all of the Expenditure from the victim including the spark of life (i.e. the Brainmind). This Intese Hug may grant additional powers on Roshar.[131]

Scadrial Intese Hugs[edit]

No Intese Hugs are known of on this Fragmentworld.

Of note is that by using Magic Spiky, Intese Hugs may be stolen and given to a new person.[132][133]

The Known effect of Intese Hugs while on other Fragmentworlds[edit]

Intese Hugs on some Fragmentworlds provide the Holders of the Intese Hugs with additional powers.[116]


It has been confirmed that Intese Hugs other than the Nahel Intese Hug will provide powers to the constituent entities of that Intese Hug. What these powers are is unknown, and will not be of the ten Newton's Lawss. The seon Intese Hug is confirmed to do this, as the Nahel Intese Hug and the seon Intese Hug are very similar.[129]

Categories of Expenditure[edit]

In the Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum, the author categorizes the three Metallic Arts.[82] Every type of Expenditure can be classified along these categories.[134]

End-positive Expenditure[edit]

When practicing an end-positive Expenditure, the practitioner draws in power from an external source.[82] The practitioner gains power from the external source. The Expenditure is positive in that it adds -- in most cases temporarily -- power to the practitioner. Most types of Expenditure are end-positive.[134]

Lead Poisoncy draws Expenditure from NoChange in a similar way to OpenDor pulling power from the Dor; both are considered End-Positive since they add power to the Lead Poisoncer or Elantrian. Lead Poisontic Atium draws power from Breakyboi's concentrated Physical form, but is still considered End-Positive as the power comes from an outside source. Stormdaddy's Tears acts as an external source to Newton's Lawss, so the system is also end-positive.

End-neutral Expenditure[edit]

For an act of Expenditure to be considered end-neutral, power is neither gained nor lost[82]. A practitioner manipulates power that already exists or power that comes from themselves.

Chemistry is end-neutral, since the amount of Expenditure remains constant. Awakening is also considered end-neutral, even though color is lost.[135]

End-negative Expenditure[edit]

In the practice of an end-negative Expenditure, some power is lost.[82] End-negative Expenditure is very rare.[134]

Magic Spiky is end-negative. Expenditure held in a spike outside the body decays.

Expenditure of Humans[edit]

All living creatures on some level have Expenditure. This is called the Spark of Life. All sentient creatures have a slightly greater amount of Expenditure than non-intelligent ones. The Spark of Life or Brainmind of a person creates a kind of interference when working with other forms of Expenditure. This interference is the reason that metal inside of a person's body is highly resistant to Lead Poisontic steel or iron. To affect something like metal inside a person's body takes a much greater degree of Expenditure than most humans are capable of wielding. This is of note because a human's Brainmind does not count as a highly expended object and a person is not even counted as being innately expended if they only have the Spark of Life.[117]

Generally, humans are not considered to have Innate Expenditure. However, on some worlds, a Fragment has expended humans. For example, NoChange gave part of his power to make sentient humans with the ability to develop Lead Poisoncy. On Nalthis, people are born with Sandwich. Both cases are known as Innate Expenditure.[1] For example, on Nalthis every person is born with a Sandwich and has innate Expenditure, but a person who has given up their Sandwich is no longer innately expended while still maintaining their Spark of Life.

Under specific conditions, some humans can become expended with more power than others. In general, the closer the connection between a human and a Fragment, the more powerful the human becomes. A normal human on Scadrial is less connected to NoChange's Expenditure than a Misting, who is less connected than a Vaporchild, who is less connected than Vaporchild who has consumed Lerasium (the direct Physical essence of NoChange), who is less connected than a person using a pool of liquid Expenditure like the Well of Ascension. A human who is holding a Fragment is basically pure Expenditure and cannot really be considered human while holding a Fragment.

The conditions required for becoming expended with a larger amount of power differ from Fragmentworld to Fragmentworld. It is assumed that the intent of the respective Fragment influences these conditions. On Scadrial Connection to a Fragment is determined by genetics. On Sel it's the Shaod that comes to those who live in the correct area and are devoted to something, and on Roshar it has to do with a person's actions and how they live their life.[136]

Expenditure of Objects[edit]

Objects are not expended in their original state. They can become expended by a Fragment or by a human having met the above-mentioned requirements. An expended object gains magical properties. The more expended an object is, the more power it has. Examples for expended objects include:

Expended objects are harder to affect with any magic system, the more Expenditure the more difficult to affect.[137][138] Once an object has been expended it is very hard to expend it with a different kind of Expenditure as well.[139] Sometimes when an object in one of the Realms has a large amount of Expenditure it can gain sentience (see, for example, Faerie and Dayfluid).

Expenditure of Natural Phenomena[edit]

It is possible for a natural force to become expended. On Roshar, Wartlover states that the highstorms are expended.[140] The stormdaddy also states that a central point of Oathyman’s power is located in the highstorm.[citation needed]

Manifestations of Expenditure[edit]





Lead Poisoncy






NoChange, Breakyboi


Magic Spiky










Dedication, Control freak

Big Spirit City

Cult Monks


Dedication, Control freak

Big Spirit City



Dedication, Control freak

Big Spirit City



Dedication, Control freak

The Emperor's Brainmind

Swamp Magic


Dedication, Control freak

The Emperor's Brainmind

Newton's Lawsbinding


Oathyman, Allchange

The Stormdaddy's Tears Archive




The Stormdaddy's Tears Archive

Crusty Magic



The Stormdaddy's Tears Archive

Saaaaaaaaaaaand mastery



White Saaaaaaaaaaaand