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      Thank Goodness. I've been waiting for someone to do this for years. :P 

    2. The Windrunner Supreme
  2. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    A bad rotation animation of Canned Smith Farm Refined Grain Nuggets (Copyright Omi Industries)
  3. I also read pretty fast, though I find music to be a bit distracting. I'm pretty sure some of my reading speed comes from the fact that over time, my brain has learned to skip details that aren't neccesary. Now this doesn't really work with things like Wheel of Time, where the details matter more (Or at least, I think they do). Also, not playing it out in real-time. Now, I do imagine the things happening, that's how I read, but also, my mind just kinda processes the information and makes it feel like it's in real time. Like, in a book, a conversation might have taken, in-world, five minutes, but happened in the real world in 30 seconds or so. Now that's not exactly advice, but I've thought about this a lot and I need to get it all out. Basically, if you get in to a book, this'll probably start happening, so... I guess my advice is to read a lot? (I could have just said, 'Practice' and been done, but whatever...)
  4. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    With, of course, the obligatory flower growing at the end. Where would anything like this be without it? (Don't question me. These things just happen.)
  5. "Huh. I guess I'm not quite as crazy as I thought." What did I expect? Of course they have a talking sphere of light. Good I wasn't hallucinating though.
  6. "Oh, now don't degrade yourself that way. I'll make fun of you no matter how far away your wit is. In fact, that might make it a good deal easier..." He said with his ever-present grin.
  7. "Well that's certainly not much of a standard. Still, I appreciate the wit," Said Twice.
  8. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    Dunno. I was bored, so Ta-da.
  9. "Sure, so long as the food's half decent," Said Twice, "Is it?"
  10. "Yep and quite possibly yep."
  11. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    Requested by Daycrow
  12. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    Requested by Condensation
  13. From the album My Random Pixel Stuff

    Requested by shard of reading. Don't you love how the spren tell his emotions better than his face?