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  1. Aight, I'm in.
  2. "I'm... Norman. Yes. Norman," Gnorman said. "What's yours?" It felt wrong to say his name without the silent 'G'.
  3. "I've heard this place referenced as 'the town where nothing happens'. Where the town is... That's a good question," Said Gnorman. For some reason or another, the location of this town was very difficult to pinpoint. Before the Gnomon spike, the federation hadn't even realized it existed. "Honestly, I haven't been here for long myself."
  4. Gnorman turned, and saw the newcomer. With a last glance at his Gnomometer, he greeted... Him? Her? Gender was difficult. It was far better for all members of a species to be genetically altered clones of the original. Much simpler. "Nishde! I... mean... How do you do!" Gnorman mentally scolded himself. He'd have to be far more careful about speaking Gnomish.
  5. "I suppose so. It's really somewhat ironic, considering their disposition, isn't it?"
  6. Gnorman Gneablies walked into the town where nothing happened. Well, he thought, obviously not nothing. His Gnomometer readings were off the charts, and the International Gnome Federation For All Things Pertaining To Gnomoid Beings. He would have to find the source of all these Gnomons. Gnomons, of course, were a sort of particle that all gnomes can sense, and which the IGFFATPTGB was in charge of monitoring throughout the world. As Gnorman walked, he used some of the Gnomons that were so abundant here to conjure up a new outfit. Brown overalls, and a dirty blue shirt, along with a hat he had seen referred to as 'cowboy'. He did not, of course, know how in the world cows and boys had crossbred, but the hat customary to their culture was quite nice.
  7. Tangent stood, leaning on the walls of the small room the Set had provided for planning. He was the first to arrive, so he merely stood. and hurt. He could hear, distantly, a sort of rhythm. The rhythms of pain. They pulsed from his spikes, of which he had three, each granting a power. The first, the abilities of a leecher. The second, a nicroburst. And his third, giving him allomantic bendalloy. Among average men, he was far superior. Among the agents of the set, he was the average one. Tangent stood.
  8. Well, I hate to start a revolution, but... Klier thought as he exited the building. Well, okay, that's a lie.
  9. *Tongue clicks*. Anything is possible if you believe! (This has been inspiration with Omi
  10. I suppose we know one more thing not to put in the perfect RP, then.
  11. So this is exactly what it sounds like. Ideally, we will be able to logically decide, based on various factors, how to create a perfect RP. First, factors that determine a RP's success: Chronological length (How long it lives), Thread length (how long the thread gets [excluding any specifically meant to just be long]), and overall enjoyment of the RP. Factors I can think of that would affect a RP's success: Idea origination (Someone else's, or original) How and how well the idea was 'pitched' Control (basically Dm'd-/-Free action) Number of RP'ers What we'll do is suggest more factors that would affect an RP's success in the thread, and then, the long grind, assessing, if not every, many RP's, judging their success, and using that to see what causes a RP to be successful. Then, we test the theory and try to create the perfect RP.
  12. WoT:
  13. Here's the shade, @Honorless: Here it is, @The Unknown Order: (I don't know what it is about your requests, but they always seem to turn out funnier than others.)
  14. "The happy Sharder gets too sad and reads Avengers romantic-comedy comics" is not the doomed future of the crystal Radiant Sharders, it's bloodthirsty kittens.
  15. Here's my attempt, @Mage: