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  1. GAZELLE PEOPLE!? Were I a Dihvrel, I would be offended.
  2. "Oooouuuch". Ben had landed on a rockbud, though he didn't know it. He jumped slightly as he realized he was now in a field, but landed again, on a rockbud. As he stood up, rubbing his injured back, he noticed two things. The grass around him seemed... far to interesting to be grass. The colors just sort of popped. The second, he was not alone in the field.
  3. There's nothing to say for me except "I haven't read them".
  4. T'kalr creates a species of jackalope-people, called Dihvrel. They live on top of the Guda Shrooms making up the forest. They are slightly more civilized than the Pengmen, but communicate less. He also creates a ring, putting 1p in it. This will likely bring the wearer to around the 7th or 8th T'kalak, though it's a little unclear. He spins and spins and spins on top of Mt. Shroom, until he stops and throws the ring in a random direction with his godly strength.
  5. "Capture the flag?"
  6. "Those sound suspiciously like the words of a tyrant. A tyrant with subjects that don't know better than to follow him." This god might pose a problem. Good to the world? T'kalr wasn't convinced.
  7. that's the challenge in it. I blame Mr. Goat.
  8. "I agree with these laws. However, we must also all agree to refuse any attempt at bribery or the like. Corruption must be prevented."
  9. "I will obviously assist in the creation of the law."
  10. "The 4th T'kalak allows it's holder to see injustice. To hold insight, and see through deception. To hold authority over those they judge. And to call upon my power to form a blade. If I wish, I may speak in their minds. If this offends you, I will not speak to them."
  11. "I... I would like to bestow a gift upon some people of your people, bringing them to the 4th T'kalak, and allowing them to see injustice in greater detail. This entails a few other gifts. Shall I go into the greater detail of these gifts?"
  12. T'kalr shows himself, having been shamelessly listening to the conversation. "If you would allow it, I should care to join this alliance. I should like to... enforce justice, on a larger scale... should you allow it."