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  1. Happy Birthday mate!

  2. You guys are awesome!! I just picked a bunch of these up from the library! Thanks for all your help!
  3. Nope! But I have gone to the Hollywood one. TPBM knows who Lyle Mays is.
  4. Thank you everyone!! This is so helpful!! I'll be sure to check all of them out! Well I sure don't need to worry about too many more books now
  5. So I've been in this reading challenge (one friend dared me to read 250 books this year) and I'm about halfway through. The problem is, I'm running out of books to read! Does anyone have any recommendations? I like to read pretty much everything (I'm not particularly picky), though I prefer Fantasy and other fiction genres.
  6. I have a Nintendo Switch The person below me likes improvising in any area (music, planning, dance...ect).
  7. Hola! It's been a while. Bet you guys hardly remember me, but I'm back and I'm going to be checking in every once in a while. Hope you guys have been doing well!

    1. revelryintheart



    2. MusicalReader
  8. INTP!
  9. "I hope so too. It was nice talking with you. I just might take your advice and speak to this new mayor. Until next time!" Borodin turned away from his new friend and started towards town hall. He needed to find more information about what had happened the previous night.
  10. After about five months without speaking, we've reconciled! Thank you for your great advice!
  11. Me: wishing I got more than 4 and a half hours of sleep last night
  12. You can submit them through the Youtube chat. Sometimes, he gets questions from certain groups (such as the writing group from the live stream a few weeks ago), but usually you can ask a question, and they will pick out the best or most interesting questions for Brandon to answer.
  13. Borodin raised a competing eyebrow. "But I do travel a lot."
  14. Yes, I highly recommend them! I think that they are really interesting to watch, if you're into Brandon talking about random topics for a few hours. I know!!!