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  1. yeah, maybe that. Then again, as far as I understood it so far, if you want to move a spren off-world you'd have to figure out a way for that anyway, so... maybe it has something to do with connection. Maybe if you could compound Duralumin? Wait a damn minute If Envoyform can "create" connection, which is how I understood it so far, I wonder if that would mean that an Envoyform Singer that bonded a spren (damn if only that was a thing ) that left Roshar could bring the spren with them??
  2. yeah, you'd have to spike both the Surgebinder and the Spren. Otherwise the spren could just break the bond. Though, interestingly, you know, maybe if you killed a Skybreaker in accordance with the law and spiked them and explained your situation you the highspren, they might even say "yeah, sure, I'm coming with you"
  3. WoB tells us that it would be possible to Replicate Singer Forms with Hemalurgy. As far as I know, we don't knwo details for how exactly that would work, but it would still be fun to speculate, wouldn't it? So, to maybe spark some fun debate and conversation: Let's say our Hemalurgist (as in, someone with the knowledge of Hemalurgy, wherever they originate from) is aware that it might be advisable to spike just one Singer rather than going around becoming a living embodiment of the song of forms. Question 1: What forms would be attractive? Especially, what particular forms would be attractive to particular worldhoppers? Warform sounds like the simple attractive one, in my opinion, especially for someone who is already a Pewterarm. But maybe an Elantrian would prefer Scholarform? Do you think a Seeker (Bronze) who spikes a Singer with a Form of Power could hear Odium's Rythms too, or would they need a Voidspren for that too? Could any other kind of Cosmere Magic make stormform's lightning abilities more reliable? Maybe a Coinshot would be able to shoot a piece of conductive metal behind you, then use that to direct the Lightning in that direction? This is the wildest and most destructive use I've come up with so far. Certainly, Envoyform is very useful if you plan to travel the Cosmere a lot. Question 2: Or even if you decide to spike not the form, but the ability to grow a Gemheart - what Spren would be nice to take with you, if you managed to attract one? Anyway, that's just my thoughts. I'd love to hear thoughts from other people on this! (Note: I haven't quite finished RoW yet, so spoiler tags would still be appreciated)
  4. With the RoW chapters hinting at the capabilities of Logicspren Fabrials, and the knowledge that Hoid wants Instant Noodles to be a thing, I wanted to ask your opinions about the following: By the time of larger crossovers, whether that will happen in the Space Age or earlier, what do you think will be the planets main strengths and weaknesses? Not purely magical, but also technological. Scientific. What do you think might different planets have developed earlier than others, and why? What would say Sel bring to the table that Roshar doesn't have? A few thoughts from me, correct me on whatever I'm wrong with. What are the most technologically advanced societies we know of so far? - Scadrial, especially Southern Scadrial. They've already got flying vehicles, and Feruchemical devices can open up a lot of possibilities, and guns are a thing too. However, one of the real gamebreakers that Scadrian society has, is Canned Food. A huge gamechanger for feeding people. It probably won't be long until they have refrigeration, whether by conventional means or using feruchemical heat saving. - Taldain, or rather, Darkside. They also have guns, and as far as I know White Sand is one of the earliest stories, so by the time of Era 3 and 4 who knows what they have developed? Seeing how Magic is not a thing on Darkside during White Sand, I think they might get the closest to technological development how we know it on Earth. And even if we take Sand Mastery into account, I can't imagine nearly as many applications for it as with Feruchemy or Fabrials. - The Ones Above. Who are they? Nalthis, Scadrial, Taldain? They're definitely advanced. Was that a Fabrial they were using? And what about the others? - What might Nalthis come up with? Nightblood is 99% going to be a major component of the crossover stories, so there might be more coming from where he is from. Shardblade 3.0 might be the first of more... somethings. If you can create a sentient sword that is that destructive, lets pick up Dalinars thought of "why are there no Shardhammers? or tools? why just swords?" Or will Endowments Endgame focus more on certain Returned giving up their Divine Breath in key moments to do specific things? Also possible. Or maybe the existance of Breath will push Nalthian society somewhere totally else that I'm not thinking of. - Roshar. Fabrials. Computers? Flying ships? Long range communication. Easiest access to Shadesmar we've seen so far. Soulcasters (see what I said about Canned Food.). - Sel. Cosmere aware people will probably be interested in developing spacetravel, much more so than people from Roshar with their easy access to the cognitive realm. We already saw the Ire, but afaik we have very little knowledge of any exceptional scientific progress there. - Threnody. The Ire considered it a possibility that "the forces of Threnody" would join the game. Were they thinking of the people there, the shades... or the Evil? Nazh used a Shadegun... weaponised shades maybe? Or maybe my wild theory that Kelsier will try (and succeed?) to reforge Ambition, and that's Threnodies largest contribution to the Cosmere Endgame? - First (and second and third and fourth) of the Sun, Ashyn, Braize? I'm very exited to hear thoughts from others on what you think all of these planets might come up with by the time crossovers happen more and more, and where you think scientific development might go on planets that arent Scadrial or Roshar.
  5. weaker doesn't necessarily mean worse. if you have a Nuke, a smaller blast radius means you can control its use better, its not just a downgrade. I think Nightblood would be similar. One of Nightblood's main "problems" is that the command is very unclear. The sword doesn't know what Evil is so it just destroys. I think you're confusing what I'm trying to get at. maybe I made it unclear. Those are two distinct parts 1. I think you could substitute the insane amount of Breaths needed for a creation like Nightblood with something else. This just makes it more possible to create something like it again. 2. Azure's blade was probably made with a different, and better command. You can give more complex commands if you use more Investiture, which is easier to get if it doesn't have to be breath. yes, that's why its a theory. yeah, probably. I just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere
  6. Prologue: How I got to this idea. Skip to Part 1 if you just want the speculations. Maybe you've read my post about Hacking Feruchemy and fueling it with the Investiture from other Key-based Magic Systems than Allomancy, namely AonDor. That got me thinking. Compounding, reduced to the Investitural workings, is: Powering End-Neutral Magic Release with another type of Investiture, an End-Positive one. Now, I've already speculated about the possibility of replacing Allomancy with AonDor as the End-Positive System, but what about the other half. And what other End-Neutral Magic do we know? Source: BioChromatic Breath Like Feruchemy, BioChromatic Breath is End-neutral. No power is gained or lost, and both use the users Innate Investiture to do something rather than getting their fuel from elsewhere. However, that means that they are limited to using only the Innate Investiture. I'm not sure if we can count Returned as End-neutral, a) since they're not a magic system and b ) since they're part of BioChromatic Breath as a system. However, they have to use up one Breath per Nalthian week to stay alive. That said, we have confirmation that this only requires the amount of Investiture that is One (1) Breath rather than specifically a breath, as seen with Vasher/Zahel. Source: Fueling Awakening with Stormlight Returned can be categorized as Type I BioChromatic Entities. Sadly, we don't know if Vasher uses some kind of Conversion method, or if he is just able to consume Investiture in any form in the physical world to fuel his Awakening (aka his life). I write "in any form in the physical world" to make a distinction between something like the Dor or Preservation's Investiture and Stormlight or Breath. The former only enter the physical realm by activation and instantly take the form of whatever their key directs, while the other two are Investiture that is present without performing magic, sometimes even able to be stored in non-human carriers (see the broams on Roshar). Where am I going with this? If one Type of Awakening can be fueled by other Investiture, maybe others can too. Stormlight is basically endless, or alteast its a refilling ressource. On something like Scadrial or Taldain, Vasher would have a very hard time getting Investiture to stay alive. (He'd have to become a Metalborn to access Preservation's Investiture, for example), so Roshar is a good choice. Now, finally, what I'm trying to get at: I speculate that, with some methods that we don't yet know of or without, an Awakener holding Stormlight could use one or more Breaths in conjunction with their Stormlight to Awaken with a lot more power than they have Breaths. Imagine sticking a Hose into a Water container. The water won't flow upwards by itself, but if you suck on the hose until water flows out of the top, you can stop sucking and it will flow by itself for a while because the stream is established. (Yes, that's a very basic breakdown of how physics work, shhh.) That's basically how I imagine Awakening with more Investiture could work. I assume you'd need atleast one Breath to perform this. The Breath would act as a kind of spearhead, enabling you to perform the Awakening / speak your command. Only afterwards would you pull Investiture from the Broams around you (/ The Stormlight inside you / your connection to Preservation that is open because you were burning a metal at the time of speaking your command / etc etc etc) to fuel enough Investiture into the object to perform the Awakening. First Question to the readers: Do you think I'm onto something? Do you think this could work? Actual Theory This one I'm throwing out there to present a theory of what this could enable. Lifeless are already super cheap breathwise, so Type III or IV Entities are what you might use this for. So here's my theory: I think Azure's blade might was made with not just Breath. It's similar to Nightblood, but "weaker" and probably with a different command. Azure hasn't made a name for herself on Roshar long before the siege of Kholinar so maybe it wasn't exactly Stormlight that was used to awaken her blade, but I assume we might see another (shard)world in the Nightblood novel. Whether it were the Scholars of Silverlight, experimenting to see what the least amount of Investiture needed to Awaken a Type IV BioChromatic Entity was, or users of a Magic System we haven't even seen yet - maybe Aether - I think Azure's Blade is more than just a Nightblood 2.0 with a better command and less Breath, but represents a new step in BioChromatic Scholarship: Entities that aren't only BioChromatic. And who knows... Maybe Vasher is stockpiling insane amounts of Stormlight somewhere to use them for a massive Awakening somewhere/sometime in the future. Maybe he wants to Return someone (Shashara?) with it, or something like that. Anyway, would love to hear others thoughts on this.
  7. how so? And why? Soulcasting the metals one needs?
  8. I had read Warbreaker, The Final Empire and the first half of Well of Ascension before. Finished Era 1, Read Stormlight, Elantris, Era 2 and everything Arcanum Unbounded plus a few unpublished things. thanks! Tricky question. I like thinking about what kind of Non-highspren I might attract comparatively often. I wonder if Creationspren would appear at Theatre Practice. Guess it depends on their/Roshars definition of Creation. If there is such a thing, I'd love Excitementspren, but Joy- or Laughterspren are probably close enough. I bet Joyspren would be around at Theatre Practice rather than Creationspren. But I'd probably go with Musicspren. I love Music, so I'm a fan of everything that confirms that there's something to it. What's yours?
  9. If that really works, would that mean that Elantrians could make Copperminds to relay secret messages? Ones that only they could access? I'm imagining the Ire depositing Copperminds with useful information at the borders of Subastrals, like Worldhoppers Guides to Roshar for Riino. If one of them changes planet, they could leave all that knowledge for another Ire. and unlike an unsealed Coppermind, they would be sure only other Elantrians could access it.
  10. Fair point, definitely. AonDor is already super versatile in what it can do. Allomancy has "only" 16+ specific abilities, AonDor is basically omnipotent in applications. However, the connection and Investiture are issues that need to be overcome (one of which Brandon hinted is possible with less complicated means). Having an Investiture Battery with you is still super useful for any Selish Mage, especially Elantrians. Even if they get none of the other Feruchemical abilities, as you said, AonDor can do almost everything already. The use I see is not really in gaining access to Feruchemical abilities like healing, speed for crossing distances, warmth) but those that enable AonDor outside of Sel (Connection, Investiture) or those that could support it (Copper for Remembering all those damnation Aons, Zinc for coming up with the perfect Aon really quickly when needed, stuff like that). This theory started when I thought about the question "is Compounding only possible with Allomancy" and AonDor came out the most plausible, less about how useful it would realy be.
  11. Steelheart, but that's it. I'm hyped for Malazan Books Of The Fallen 18 being released in Germany soon, and after I'm done with that I should have RoW to read. Only after that I might finish that, or read Skyward. After watching The Expanse recently, I'm in the mood for Space as a setting. Thanks! Happy to find more of those here! oooh that's a tricky one. damnation. Definitely love both the Kholin boys, Galladon was fun, and Hrathen was amazing too. Dilaf I loved as a villain. Sigzil If I had to choose... probably Azure? I already liked her development in WB, and then in OB seeing how she is now, it really makes me want to read more, and read about her "shard"blade. Her or Elend, who is very close to my heart.
  12. Ah, good to know. But yeah, the end result is still possible. Especially since this is definite proof that it could be picked up again, where it reforged
  13. Yup, I made a reddit post. Only recently decided that I should be part of 17th Shard too. Then again, these words aren't engraved in metal, so...
  14. First of, is this how to reply to your comment, or am I missing a button? Good question. As a reader, Vox or Obrodai because I want to see those That aside, I love Scadrial, especially Southern Scadrial and I think an Elantrian Scholar could enjoy working together with Southern Scadrians a lot, from the perspective of a scientific approach to Magic ( cough .cough) or Nalthis, cause BioChromatic Breath is cool and I would love to see what kind of shinanigans they could come up with by putting Aons on awakened things.