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  1. that looks insanely cool! Very well done by the artist!
  2. Oh, that's a very intriguing idea. Basically "sacrificing" something to get the constant stream of investiture. Only, Allomancy would be a bad candidate methinks, since Allomancers already have access to investiture wherever they are as long as they have metals. But say, for example, AonDor (and I'm not just shilling this because of my own pet Compounding theories) or another Selish Magic like Bloodsealing or Soulstamping. Something that needs Investiture to work, but doesn't have access to that. Or Surgebinding outside of the reach of the Highstorm. Anything that's limited in this way would be interested in an alternate source of Investiture-fuelling. "Storing" weight or speed or sense or whatever but instead of storing those attributes, using that Investiture to power your end-positive magic sounds cool. Though, If i understand Feruchemy correctly, you would really permanently sacrifice that, as you said. Even Scadrians have very little innate investiture, I believe. We don't have a unit yet, don't know the amount of breaths that is worth, but like, you usually get that back with Feruchemy later. No doing that with Surgebinding of Bloodsealing, so that weight/speed/whatever is just gone.
  3. Koravelliumium? Avastium? Koravelliumium? Koravellium Avastium? We know the naming conventions, but adding -ium to someone named Koravellium feels funny. Anyway, I can see skills. Age - Ruin is a pretty obvious connection. It's natural decay of your body. So what would be natural cultivation? Hm. Growing, honing. The large part of skill aquisition happens in young age, like language learning, and later in life skills have to be trained much more actively (and by you rather than your parents and teachers). I could still see something like Growth, whatever that would be. It might mean that you lose proficency at skills while storing, to later basically cheat years of training. If it's not just physical, you might behave like an emotionally unstable teenager for while while storing. But I like the idea of storing skills, like, Kaladin storing Growth would not know how to properly use a spear to block attacks, only stabbing randomly. While a less trained Soldier tapping Growth might be able to fight a Shardbearer, knowing how to strike in certain angles with their weapon even if they've only had it for a few weeks.
  4. Hell yeah! Exactly, right? Endowment is already the Shard that most freely gives away her power. As in, you can just leave Nalthis with a breath, there's no condition there. You were endowed with it. It's not a huge leap to imagine more being possible. For example, connection. Say there's a Ghostblood or 17th shard agent who was born on Nalthis. They want to go out into the Cosmere, someone else from the Organisation has to take their place. They manage to store their Connection to Nalthis in a breath, and give it away to the newcomer, so they'll be able to speak all the languages and correctly interpret Gestures and stuff.
  5. agreed. Wakefulness as a Feruchemical power is similarly not that interesting combat- or epic-fantasy-wise, but sooo useful for everyday people. Though the flowers of edgli might be easier to cultivate or farm than for example Atium. Nalthis being basically the source and inventor of Antibabypillen would be such a funny bit of lore. Minor Nitpick here @bmcclure7 what is Terizastium supposed to be? We can speculate on a few of the other metals being called Koravelliumium or Avastium, Edglium, Bavadinium, and we know Sazedium is called Ettmetal on scadrial. But who is Terizastium? Honor? My speculations for some: Tanavastium: I wonder if you can "store" something like Conviction/Faith/Oaths. Feruchemy already has Determination, but I wonder if you could store an oath, break it, and then tap again without losing your bond. Otherwise, I speculate Tanavastium to be something like self control too. Mercy's Godmetal storing Empathy sounds crazy, and plausible. Having Inquisitor-like warriors who store their empathy is freaky. If they're unkeyed metalminds, it could even be a torture method to force someone to feel all that. Bavadinium: either something like independence, where you're very in need of help and guidance while storing and don't feel constrained at all while tapping it, but that's quite boring. I would love if it was similar to Aviars and A-Copper, like storing Connections to shards and higher powers, basically becoming invisible, independent in a way. And later you can tap it, to increase attention on yourself.
  6. There's also Rall Elorim. Did we know about it already by WoR? We still don't know much, we just know it's the City of Shadows, which sure sounds like it could have created a secret society. Especially if the theory about Ba-Ado-Mishram being located in Rall Elorim is correct, it would make sense that the old Knights Radiant created some kind of secret group to keep that secret, similar to the Sleepless protecting the Dawnshard.
  7. We're thinking in the same direction! While yeah, imbuing your boots is suboptimal compared to just tapping steel, you could give someone else your boots. Or Armguards. Or wakefulness. etc. I imagine giving away your strength or other physical attributes to someone would be similar to how you feel while you're storing. You get those attributes back when your breath returns. I agree that Nalthis has a lot of potential, and we've already seen that seemingly, more Nalthians are cosmere-aware than others. Traders roaming around in Shadesmar, the Five Scholars being worldhoppers... I think if a few Worldbringers visited Nalthis, there would be a lot of potential for cooperative discovery there. Unless it is specifically groups that consider this kind of thing heresy. While Dadradah ( ) didn't originate on Nalthis, we know it has some influence. Ancient connections. Maybe Nalthis will become an Ally of Scadrial in the Space Age. I for one would love that. Nicrosil compounding could be so powerful for Awakening, or for wielding weapons like Nightblood that eat Investiture like noone's business.
  8. Yeah, something like that definitely sounds plausible, right? Something between unkeyed Metalminds, Breath, and even Kandra Blessings. Where the breath doesn't just give life, but additional attributes if you know how to do it. Maybe even up to things like sentience (which Divine Breaths can give), or, since Feruchemists can store and tap Connection and Connection has some funky applications, as we've seen with Ishar and Dalinar, you could even give away stuff like Nahel Bonds? Would be freaky. Give Identity to something. Endow your breath with speed, and then awaken your boots. Etc.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted already and I didn't find it, or if this is so obvious it doesn't warrant its own post. I was talking to a friend who recently read Warbreaker, and I had this thought when we talked about the potential that Awakening had that is still underused. And while the obvious one is Type Four (Five) Invested Entities, I think RoW showed us a glimpse of another potential application of Breath: Storing Attributes What we saw at the end of RoW in the Meeting between Hoid and TOdium was Hoid losing memories that he had stored in Breaths. In Breaths, or As Breaths. So, who's to say that that's only possible with Memories? You probably see where I'm going with this. (And why I think it might have been posted already) Feruchemy and Awakening are both End-Neutral systems. And while their applications are different, they both are End-neutral because of the closed loops they utilize. In Awakening, you give your breath to something or someone, which endows them with the powers associated with it. They can utilize your breath, no more than what you've given. In Feruchemy, you store attributes in your metalminds. Specific Metals allow for the storage of specific attributes. You can later get these attributes back, no more than what you've given. Now, Feruchemy uses the kinds of metals as keys. Depending on what metal you (can) use, you store different attributes. From how I understand it, Feruchemists use their innate investiture, which is somehow imprinted with the attributes. Attributes in form of Investiture, to be used later. Now, we've seen Hoid do this with Breath. Storing Memories in a different form of Investiture. Of course, Hoid had a lot of time to practice and figure things out, but I think this is an angle of BioChromatic Breath that we might see more of in the future. Storing Attributes and giving these to others. We've seen something similar with Unkeyed Metalminds, where I could store wakefulness, strength, speed etc. and give it to you to tap. For Breath, the difficulty is just figuring out how to store attributes in Breath. I don't know if you need to be a Feruchemist too for that, if you need a specific command or whatever. But once you figure that out, it could be as simple as My life to yours, my Strength become yours. My life to yours, my Memories to yours. My life to yours, my Health to yours. etc. etc. What do you think? Is this possible? How difficult would it be? Does it make sense to expect more of this in the future or will just Worldhoppers like Hoid be able to figure it out?
  10. How'd you guess thanks! I really liked that in SA with Damnation corresponding to Braize, but the Tranquiline Halls don't really have an equivalent. I like playing with that idea, especially since Valor's version of it has a lot of "you guys better put in the hours to get there, otherwise..." although that got lost in translation a bit. An extra interesting aspect is also based on that Mengiland is a physical place. Yes, Unkaar is a planet, larger and far away from the sun, being prepared by Valor and Brilliances to host humanity. On one hand though, it's not like there's Urithiru level cities there already. They'll still have to make the planet their own. And on the other, while Unkaar has been part of Valor's plans for hundreds, thousands of years, this story would take place at the beginning of the space age. So who knows whether the Ones Above, IRE, or others haven't also already found Unkaar. Imagine reaching Valhallah and there's some other people there that noone's ever seen.
  11. Aww thank you to both of you! I'm happy you find it cool Trust me, that would be soooo cool It's still fun to play around with Cosmere ideas ^^ but man, would that be insane. Aww hell yeah, thanks. Happy to hear you've enjoyed it any particularly favourite bits, or anything that intrigued you the most? Would be interesting to know. There are a few existing characters already that I have in mind that didn't fit into this post yet, hopefully you'll meet those in future Chapters once I get around to those. Those characters may or may not include a certain hawk faced someone...
  12. Welcome to Benkinsky decides he wants to post his ideas somewhere before he gets sidetracked again. What is this? On a meta sense, it's what I thought of when we learned the names of shards that we haven't seen yet in RoW. I thought about how I imagined a world with Valor in presence, or in this case, Valor and Mercy. I know there's probably not another dishardic planet, and technically, Ilsaad isn't dishardic in that sense. Obviously, I don't think this is how we'll see Valor, but I just love the Cosmere framework so much and had a ton of fun inventing a planet shaped by the Shards Valor and Mercy. I will split this first post in three, and leave it up to you in what order you want to look at it. If you want to just jump into the story, start with the second part, Chapter 1. If you want the worldbuilding laid out for you, start with those. And if you want to go for the Arcanum Unbounded feel, start with the essay. Alright, that's the preface, enjoy. I look forward to questions and feedback and whatnot Essay on the Ilsaadi System: Blurb: Chapter 1 Ars Arcanum Worldbuilding/behind the scenes/Ilsaad as the Cosmere at large meets it. Actual spoiler/plot-relevant revelations. I think this is the longest post I've ever made anywhere. Hope you enjoyed it!
  13. (Emphasis mine.) Okay, hear me out: What if it's the Nightwatcher? Or something connected to it or Cultivation? From this deathrattle alone, we know a few things, and a few are unclear. Definitive things that point towards the Nightwatcher: I mean, you see the emphasis. "He holds us in his palm... playing a tune that no man can hear" The gender/race thing has already been mentioned here, so I'll just say that although the Nightwatcher is refered to as "she", there's some wiggle room here, for the Black Piper to be either a spawn of the Nightwatcher, the Nightwatcher itself, or some other cultivation-related entity. "Playing a tune that no man can hear" Probably relates to rythms. There's a bunch of pointers towards Honor's Rythm being inherent to humans of Roshar, through the heartbeat and whatnot. But do we know whether Cultivation's rythm is? "holds us in his palm" sounds like an entity that has a lot of power and control over the whole of "us" (Humanity or Rosharan population as a whole). That fits Cultivation. the tune is Cultivation's influence on everything, barely visible and especially to humans, but still very present. In another note, I'm sceptical of Cultivation. I bet there's a lot of things that she's done that we don't know about. We know Odium and Honor's actions, but so little of what Cultivation has been up to for thousands of years apart from occasionally blessing people that are very important. Baseline theory: This deathrattle is about the Nightwatcher, misunderstood or seen as male. Crackpot version: The Black Piper as a seperate Entity, connected to Cultivation, that we haven't yet seen or don't know that we have. If Sja-Anat can enhance Spren, i think Cultivation could absolutely grow/cultivate another being. Maybe the Black Piper is a new Godspren, or maybe the Black Piper is the end goal of the Nightwatcher, to mature into it. Source: I think "he watches" and "playing a tune no man can hear" could point towards the Black Piper being a seperate entity that already exists or will exist in the future, that watches humans and learns from that to one day hold a great deal of influence. Maybe the Black Piper is the failsafe for if Odium wins and leads humanity off of Roshar, that the Black Piper's influence can help them resists or he will lure a part of them to stay, having studied them for milennia to prepare for his Job once the big Honor/Odium conflict is resolved, one way or another.
  14. We know that the survival shard isn't the Shard "Survival" though. The Survival shard is a shard that wanted to survive and has since realized that just hiding and surviving is not the best course of action. *you're. Care to explain further? Which planet do you mean, and why? i didn't consider Ruin and Preservation since I think it'll be a while until we get to see either of them alone again, if ever. And if you mean the Sunlit planet, then it wouldn't be very in character for ruin (or Preservation, for that sense) to have the destructive sunlight also help plants grow
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a post like this already. I didn't find any, but if there are, mods feel free to move or delete this! So, i recently got around to reading the chapters we have so far of SP 1 2 and 4. And while one of them namedropped a Shard, the other two are still out, so I wanted to spark the conversation about which Shard's influences we're seeing here. Tess and the emerald sea: The different seas, the sorceress... Many people expect Aethers here, from what I've gathered. I haven't read Aether of Night, but it seems that the Aethers on this planet, if there are any, relate to the 12 moons somehow and are seperate from the OG Aethers? Which aren't from any shard as far as we know? Or are they? The sorceress sounds like she could fit Dominion, but tbh almost any Fantasy Villain could fit Dominion. If there's knowledge here that I missed and can be discussed openly, I'd be happy to hear it! Someone mentioned Pragmatism sounding like a shard name, and i wouldn't be surprised if Pragmatism would be a shard that coopts anothers system. Yumi and the Nightmare Painter: Virtuosity. Interesting! Both manifestations of the investiture seem fun, and I already love spirits. Can't wait to think about whether you could Bond them somhow else. It seems that the gift that Yumi has is not genetic, but it is rare. Similar to the Shaod, just randomly chosen? I wonder if it's something super weird, like, your genes have to be an interesting pattern. It seems that basically anyone can become a Nightmare Painter if they have the artistic talent for it, so that makes me wonder whether Yumi's gift could be learned too, I guess we'll see. And we'll see if the planet has these two sides or if there's more distinct versions of Virtuosity Magic. And whether you can take Spirits offworld! The Sunlit Man: The big one. Already multiple worlds being namedropped and appearing, Roshar, Scadrial, Taldain, Threnody... The people here are descendants of Threnodians/they are Threnodians. But is the magic? Nomad compares the sun giving power with Taldain, but we know this is a seperate system. @Miltank_drink wondered if the sun is the grave of a highly invested person or the site of a splintering. That would be super interesting! I don't think we've had the first part yet, but someone like a Godking giving up their life or being killed to set free their Investiture in a form like this would be insanely cool and also a great mythos for the world. The people on this world are certainly brave and ambitious, so Valor or Ambition being involved wouldn't surprise me either. I assume not all of Ambitions Investiture is near/on Threnody, but it's probably mostly in the same system. Makes you wonder which way round things happened. Did Ambitions power settle here too, investing the sun, and that lead Threnodians to come here/discover this planet? Or did they leave the Homeland, and ended up on a planet invested by another power, be that a Shard, Avatar or the grave of someone from another world? If a giant elder spren bonded with a Shard's cognitive shadow can dispense investiture, who's to say there's not a giant elder invested being (Spirit, Spren, Splinter, whatever) bonded to/making up the sun and perpetually burning and imbuing this planet. To funnel my thoughts and open discussion, here's a few shards I thought of here: Cultivation: Plants blooming within a day, then burning up again. Would have to be in a future where Cultivation is not fully busy on Roshar. Then again, we don't know she is during SA anyway. Valor: The pit fights, and Invested People being those that proved themselves in trial and get rewarded for it with power, that could be Valor. Living here certainly needs some bravery. I wonder if some Threnodians were searching for other powers to combat or reign in Ambitions volatile power, and found this planet. We (the readers) know that Odium wants Roshar as a training ground, i would not be surprised if Valor had a planet or multiple planets like these that they see as a proving ground. Maybe the Threnodians hoped to prove themselves, become chosen by Valor, and then return to the Threnodian system with it, Anchoring it there somehow? Maybe I'm speculating too much. Ambition: They're from Threnody. Ambitions is dead and chunks of it are in different places. Who's to say this small planets burning hot sun isn't from Ambitions power or invested with it? It could be a system fairly close to Threnody, but not the same system. Dominion? I don't know how that would work, but the Cinder King certainly seems dominant. If the IRE can exist outside Sel somehow, who's to say this planet doesn't have some influence from Dominion (and Devotion?). The Ember Knights with their red glowing embers, obedience to the Cinder King, winning in a trial, those all have themes of Dominion and Devotion too. Makes you wonder if the Ember Knights are Svrakiss, taking over bodies... Autonomy: She likes to put Avatars in places. Her main planet is locked between daytime and nighttime, and for sure the people on this planet have to live autonomously if you want to put it like that. Cities made up of individual parts that can break out of them, never resting, never settling to grow farms. So, what do others think, what shards could be involved in the worlds and magics we've been exposed to here?