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  2. oooh, that's interesting!! You're saying that any bond would on Roshar produce surgebinding-like effects, even if its not with a Rosharan Spren? So we might see Shallan's new Seon have some effect too? ooooo
  3. what even would "tripling" mean in that sense. Efficiency of investiture-to-power or metal-to-power conversion? Extra abilities, like how ? I assume But apart from that, i don't think it works in the way that a Double coinshots pushes are twice as strong.
  4. I'm unsure about this, as "normal humans" isn't really a thing in the cosmere. Drabs have a lower level of investiture than normal Nalthian people do, but normal Nalthian people have a higher level of investiture than a Scadrian or Threnodian or non-invested radiant. I'm not sure if one breath would let you sense a Singer or a non-radant Rosharan or or or. From what we know, Copperclouds and "standard" Aviar do very similar things. Could probably hide you from lifesense. I always imagined Lifesense as somewhat akin to that feeling when someone is watching you and you just kind of know. a kind of radar of sorts, some non-physical sense that feels that there's someone in your vicinity. I don't know if it is as precise as A-Bronze, it feels like it wouldn't be. Maybe a higher hightening would do that.
  5. You mean whether the Investiture in the spike decays slower? Good question. On one hand, the Investiture of Endowment is pretty freely given. Then again, Hemalurgy is very much Ruin's magic, and Ruin's whole deal is destruction and decay. Plus, I think that property of Endowments investiture is based on/connected to it being freely given, whether by Endowment or a BioChroma user. And Hemalurgic charges are usually not freely given
  6. ah, hm. Seems to be keyed to Identity too then. What's the trick for unkeying Metalminds? wonder if you could spike someone storing identity and then burn that spike? Probably not
  7. Damn, you're really into the metallic arts. I love it, I love investiture-magic-theorizing. Which is why: I think your idea definitely has merit. There's not many magics where I think we can guess what Savantism does and some where it's kind of irrelevant (like, I assume every Elantrian technically becomes a Savant at some point, which might be hard to tell from just having lots of time to train your AonDor), but Duralumin is interesting. Being able to burn it slower and more controlled would be really useful for a Mistborn. Or a Duralumin Misting that gets access to another kind of power I guess
  8. and that happaned after the exodus, right? Pretty sure it did. I wonder if Honor had to make some kind of item/totem for the Heralds for the Oathpact or if giving Surgebinding to them in this special form was something he wanted to do, whether for the war or another reason.
  9. oh, taking it another step further, I love it! I also had the thought that depending on how spike-burning-temporary-abilities would work for your spiritweb what happened if you burned a few spikes and then healed using Gold or something, whether it would permanently "heal" your spiritweb to include those abilities. exaclty! Might be necessary once Hemalurgy becomes widely known. Do we know whether Copper can shield you from control? Probably can't, right? If there's an Aviar that hides you from shards that might be useful, but aside from that, yeah. You still need to do the messy part of Hemalurgy but you trade the vulnerability for temporarity.
  10. Man I hope this is crossed out to mean "i say this under my breath" and not because you already know this, but you're right:! A Duralumin Misting or Mistborn that bonded a spren could use Duralumin for Super!Adhesion or stuff like Super!Gravitation. Fly away at Mach speed, break your bones. Duralumin Regrowth sounds really good though. Not to mention a Duralumin Bondsmith...
  11. Interesting thought, I love it! Feruchemy and Allomancy compound because they're both keys, and if the metal is already keyed feruchemically when you burn it, that key tells the investiture what shape to take. It might very well be that that could work with a spike. Depending on how those works as keys. Does Hemalurgy work the way that when you put a charged spike into you, Ruin's investiture comes from the spiritual realm and changes your spiritweb according to what they key adds? If that is what happens, boosting/compounding it with Preservations Investiture through Allomancy might actually work. It might also be that what happens is that you can use the abilities the spike would grant, but only as long as you are burning it. Might make you safe from hemalurgy-emotional-allomancy-or-shardic-control, but you'd only have the ability for a bit. Other question: Raysium conducts Investiture, right? Wonder if Raysium-metal alloys could be used to steal feruchemical charges. Put your Raysium-Pewter-metalmind on someone and drain their strength as long as they wear it. Drain their breath as a form of torture. Drain their warmth, etc. And then tap it yourself? could be wild.
  12. i doubt Honor and Cultivation would make War. The Rythm of War is the combined Rythms of Honor and Odium, so I assume it's atleast one of the possible interpretations of their combination. War, maybe combined with Cultivation then for Conquest, but Honor and Cultivation already have some mixing in 8/10 Bondspren, and they're not necessarily Warlike. ngl that's a really cool theory. I'd be very excited if that happened!
  13. I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Using Zahel's System, Spren are Type I invested/Investiture-Entities, Cognitive Shadows are Type II. Seon are definitely Type I. Seon aren't cognitive shadows, they're essentially the same thing as Spren they just aren't Spren since they're from Sel and not Roshar. Both them, Spren and CS are pretty much made of Investiture so you could probably do similar things to them, but still, Seon aren't Cognitive Shadows.
  14. oh, interesting! I haven't even thought about Kal (or anyone really) getting an Honorblade that doesn't collide with their order. Moash had (has?) the Windrunner Honorblade at the moment, right? Wonder how strong the resonance from those is too. For Moash, that meant "you get to do the Windrunner thingy even without a spren"; so i hope it wouldn't mean "you don't need Syl anymore". Unless she ascends, though I'm afraid Syl!Honor would struggle matching Taravangian in wits. Big old Resonance from Kaladin to all the hearts of humans and singers would be amazing though. We saw some friendship to singers, we heard from Leswhi about friendship to honorspren, maybe some of the Honorspren that Adolin's trial swayed come to the physical realm and bond singers as Windrunner squires!
  15. yesss, exactly. And it's not even that they died and returned, they just kind of stopped being themselves, but you didn't get closure of a Funeral or anything. And they're mostly themselves, they might even exist that they are (Mercy is so "nice" to let their conciousness remain), but it's weird, and sometimes you forget, but they personality is somewhat different, and maybe at some point they feel a calling to go somewhere, do something, whatever, that is certainly not them but the godly being that moves their body. Yeah, same. Wish i wasn't busy with Exams and Term Papers at the moment, I might get to writing. I feel like there would be another magic that Valor would be powering aside from just the Imbued Artefacts, that's more like the Shardblades-cutting-everything to Surgebinding, not the main thing but also a thing. Something not too big, something you need a "snapping" for too - only it's not done to you, you "Snap" by doing something like Jumping off a cliff or something like that. Seriously, I'm already thinking what kind of Era could be fun for this. 1. Olden days? Not much technology, for sure Swords and bows for fighting, Valors Magic system isn't super common, and Shades are super rare too. Could be a story about the new god being fairly new, cults around it, maybe the story of the first Shadow or one of the first to come into existence. 2. Later times, but not super technologically progressed yet. Some kind of war going on and our protagonist goes on a quest to get the power to stop it/stop the destruction of her home/whatever, and either it's simple and she gets what she needs, or, what I would find even more cool, she gets an artefact blessed not (just by Valor, but either by both or Mercy, and it's a shield. Maybe both, tbh. The perfect blend of Bravery to get into the action and Forgiveness. 3. Modern days. Protagonist: a Journalist or Reporter. certainly a brave profession, wouldn't you agree? especially if you're the one trying to expose that one of the World leaders has been "touched" (a Mercy shade got them) and is no longer fully themselves. The artefact: a camera or something like that. Could be a fun duo with some old-timey warrior ghost that has to deal with the modern world and them having lots of fun conversations.