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  1. Okay, erstmal kurz zu dem Rest: warum sind die alle so komisch? / Why are they all so weird? So many of those would be easy to keep consistent! Ehre, Kultivierung, Bewahrung, Erfindung... Man könnte dann sogar versuchen alles mit so Wörtern zu machen, also Zerstörung, Hingebung, etc. Wäre schwierig. However, this one really gets me. It really, really shouldn't be. The reason english is such a good language for fantasy and translating from english to other languages is sometimes difficult is that english uses compound words, aka Windrunner, and not "runner of the wind" or something like that. I think roman languages do it like that. That enables english readers to see words like "steelpush" and "lightweaver" and such and get a grasp of what that entails quickly. Now to the part that frustrates me: know what kind of languages do compounding? Germanic languages. English is one. You know what else is one? GERMAN. "Die Tänzerin am Abgrund" is an insult to the art of translation tbh. Seriously, what the storm? Give me 5 Minutes and I'll have the orders as compound words. I'm deliberately not putting the translations here to show how close the translations lie. See if you can figure out all ten. Windläufer (literally: Windrenner) Himmelbrecher Staubbringer aka Freisetzer Randtänzer (literally: Kantentänzer). See how much better that looks? Wahrheitsseher. (Ich hätte fast "Wahrschauer" geschrieben aber das klingt nach Ghetto) Lichtweber Fremdrufer (literally: Andersrufer) Willen(s)former Steinwache(r) Bundschmied now, many of those don't sound as smooth or nice to me as the english ones do, but still. Compounding exists in German and is easy. Seriously, whenever there's a tool or machine that does something and there isn't a specific name for it, German will call it (whatever it does)-Zeug (meaning "stuff"). Planes are Flystuffs. Tools are Workstuffs. You could call a Soulcaster "Alchemiezeug" or "Seelzeug" and it would almost work. Okay, Rant over. Phew.
  2. That's interesting! I think I interpreted that as fodder for the theory, that the Nightwatcher helped make Nightblood rather than currently having it. Not my theory, but the biggest hints are: - we know the Returned were worldhoppers, and had visited Roshar, Shardblades being a bit inspiration for Nightblood. - Something weird is up with the creation of Nightblood. We know Endowment was involved unusually much, but also just doing something like that with "just" 1000 Breaths is odd. Taravangian asked for Capacity, and got some hefty future sight. Though that was Cultivation, I wouldn't put it past the Nightwatcher to be able to give Shashara the knowledge on how to create Nightblood. (Speculation on my part, there was some knowledge on how to connect/tie it to shards somehow, or to "tap into" them. We know Endowment was unusually involved, and we know there's some of Ruin's Investiture involved in Nightblood apart from it having eaten some). - Shashara's story then fits the Old Magic scheme we know. Her boon was the knowledge to create Nightblood, her curse was ultimately dying to it. She created a sword that could destroy immortals and it destroyed her.
  3. ouch. Now that's unsure. Wonder if she was hunting whoever got Nightblood to Nale. Doubt that was Vasher tbh, he seems pretty aware how dangerous immortality can be
  4. oh, that sounds like it would be very very interesting to see!
  5. There's a Trans Radiant who "healed" to match their body to what their spiritual identity has always been. Lopen regrew his arm because he never considered the wound as part of himself. Stands to reason that you'd lose body parts that you don't see as part of yourself
  6. hahaha, I love it. "Take your pick" Some NB Alethi teen doing a world trip, and they see Cusicesh and see one of the faces and think "oh rust that's what I feel like"
  7. yeah, I'm wondering that now too. We've basicaly only seen how healing affects humans. There's so many factors at play with the Fused. As you said, the body and the mind have two different perceptions of the body. If Objects have a corresponding sphere in Shadesmar, then surely a mindless body still has some perceptionof itself. Then again/in addition, physical identity / affirmation of identity is already much more complex with regular Listeners, let alone Fused. Gender is more complicated, with Male/Female gender only really coming into effect when in Mateform specifically, and changing your body is a common part of Listener life. Whether that makes disphoria worse or easier to deal with is not for me to know. (on a goofier note, I wonder if Genderspren are a thing :D)
  8. Yeah, she seems pretty sure that once she leaves this body it's back to Braize, so she wouldn't get to hang around. And yeah, it would be the moral thing to do to keep the body and work with it, rather than try to get a femalen body next time. However, then there's disphoria to deal with. I just hope we don't lose Leshwi soon, she's cool
  9. "Lewshi didn't care about mortal feelings of propriety. She didn't so much as human a note of Embarrassment, though in this incarnation, the body that had been offered to her was malen. Indeed, after drinking and being wrapped in her robes of luxury, she sat down to be seen by the barber, who shaved her face after the manner of humans. She hated whiskers, even if the ones she grew when inhabiting a malen body were soft and faint." interesting. I didn't remember that detail. Sounds like this isn't the first time Lewshi has a malen host. Wonder if that's a thing all Fused have to deal with, if the Fused with the Surge of Progression get to do the healing that Stormlight gives you but Progression doesn't for Radiants. so yeah, I think you're right, I'd say that technically makes her trans. We see her take care of her body to represent something. Plus, the narrator refers to her as "she" despite her body being malen, which is cool, cause Leshwi the person is a woman. I wonder if the "good" Fused, Lewshi and co, adress the "we're stealing bodies" thing. Maybe they can give up bodies and just become Spren like or something. Or cultivation could grant them bodies that aren't stolen. Leshwi x Riah Spren Ship?
  10. wait, I think I missed that. I know of the Trans Radiant that healed their body to match their spiritual identity, which I think is a super beautiful representation, but I missed the Lewshi part. Not disputing it, but if you have passages and stuff to show me where i was blind, I'd be happy to look at those again! Is she in a malen body as in when she was reborn this time she took over a malen body, and hasn't gotten to "heal" it yet? or do we know Odium would put her into a malen body to torture her because he knows she dislikes that.
  11. nowwww let's get interesting! Someone else might've made this observation before, if yes please point me in their direction, if no then here's a thought: let's connect a few dots here: Re-Shephir is a really twisted creationspren and was understood by a Lightweaver before. This tracks, seeing how Shallan keeps attracting creationspren (iirc). Now, hold up. We learned something very interesting in RoW, or rather it was confirmed in Row: Shardplate is made of lesser spren that are tangentially related to the Order of Radiant. Storm Surges, maybe this is what the Unmade - Radiant pairing is about. Probably aligns anyway. Sadly, we only know a few Orders' lesser spren, but still. I bet a lot of people have been guessing Creationspren are going to make up Lightweaver Plate. So... The Yelig-Nar - Blightwind - Windrunner pairing has been proposed before. This line of thinking works well for that, doesn't it? a "really twisted windspren"? Windspren play pranks by making rudimentary use of adhesion. Yelig-Nar eats your soul and takes over your body. Get pranked. Sadly, we don't know many more. Lightweaver - (probably Creationspren) - Re-Shephir Windrunner - Windspren - (probably Yelig-Nar) Elsecaller - Logicspren - (no idea. Probably one of the smarter Unmade. Sja-Anat, maybe) do we have more to speculate with? did we see Renarin attract any kind of spren more often, or Lift, or anyone else?
  12. storms I didn't even think about that much. I'm on here thinking about 5d chess moves and haven't even hyped myself up yet about that. Why would only Windrunners and Enlightened Truthwatchers have those? Surely not everyone, but... man, how would Division and Gravity interact, for example? could you make something implode on itself/make like a "miniature black hole"? Holy rust. Transportation is probably the one with the least resonance with others. Info: This comment has a lot of answers to Inquisitor #5s post, and I'll post another one afterwards with some more thoughts and implications to the original topic of the post rather than just back and forth telling each other our theories and rants are cool thanks Love reading your thoughts on that, the whole "taken to the extreme" is exactly what the Unmade would be in a context like that, I think. I wonder if this is in part or in fact another trope, the "powerful being with the mind of a child, still learning". Aka "Re-Shephir doesn't understand what "killing" really does. As in, all the time she's been surrounded by Spren and Fused, both of which are functionally immortal, the idea that what she's doing isn't just an activity but has long and deep implications might be beyond her. lmao, accurate always happy to help, and yeah I feel much like you. I would hate to see that for our heroes, but as a reader it intrigues me greatly. "Odium doesn't lose" is better put, and would be so much more interesting than Hero of Ages 2: Stormlight Boogaloo gotta say, that makes a lot of sense with my/the "voids are passions are (natural) mental driving forces" thought. Very up Cultivations alley, in of itself. always happy. I had a similar thought but hadn't devoted time to it, enjoyed reading that. that is a very good point. I always kind of forget that and just think she's opposite-Ruin. She's not. Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell. Cultivation is a garden, with carefully selected plants.
  13. I also wanted to circle back to that, in addition to what I've already said. In the spirit of constructive discussion (which I'm delighted to have!) I think "just another surge" isn't quite accurate. The two orders who get access to Adhesion are 1. Windrunners, who are bound to Honorspren, and Bondsmiths, who are bound to Godspren. The former tracks for it being Honor's surge, the second only somewhat. However, we've only seen one Bondsmith use Adhesion, and that Bondsmith is bound to Honors Godspren. Leaving out the possibility that the Surges that Navani or a Nightwatcher-Bondsmith get are others than Dalinar does, I assume that if Adhesion manifests differently for a Bondsmith and Windrunners, they might as well manifest differently for other Bondsmiths too. Nightwatcher!Adhesion might manifest quite differently, some sort of Cultivation Version of Honor's truest surge, gifted to her. Maybe Tanavasts's death removed that, which is why Cultivation is training the Nightwatcher some more.
  14. hehe oooh that's super interesting. I'd kind of forgotten about the Illumination he does "to" Moash. But yeah, Windrunners have more lashings than surges, so I could see the Glass Window Thing as resonance/hybrid manifestation! that's interesting! We were introduced to Lashings before we learnt what Surgebinding was too, so that could be what happens here too. I love this line of thinking, it sounds very plausible to me! With Honor's and Cultivation's surges as "natural" (read: natural physical) forces, Odium's (Passion!) surges could be the "natural mental" driving forces, aka Passions. That actually makes a lot of sense. And Sja-anat as transforming the cognitive also tracks! Green Lantern Style? I'm imagining the "empty" body of the Voidbinder sitting/slumping somewhere while they direct the Mindnight Body, kind of like an Avatar in Avatar (the blue long people one). Or, for the Naruto Watchers, like Shikamaru's Shadow Control. Whether that's transportation or HardLightweaving, you'd have a construct that you control. The big question is whether damage to your Midnight Body would hurt you, but I'd assume not. same here! I'm enjoying this thread a lot! I'll toss another one into the ring: Ashertmarn - Abrasion. If the Surge is the physical manifestation (stuff can slide aka is not inhibited), I can imagine the cognitive manifestation of that being similar to soothing/rioting, which Ashertmarn is very similar to. Not only are Cultivationspren the spren closest to Cultivation, and The Heart of the Revel feels like a big opposite of that, regressing to animalistic/hedonistic impulses, but that also tracks for the surge. Ashertmarn makes it so you give in to those impulses, your inhibition is gone, you "slide" into it. I hope I'm getting across what I mean. Definitely feels Cognitive to me, Cognitive Abrasion. Yeah, fair point. Then again, there's a big theory that Shalash, the Lightweaver is going to be very much not a Lightweaver in her book (Dustbringer, i think, is the common theory), so I feel like if any order gets to do the red herring for Unmade, it's Lightweaver. Your argument makes a lot of sense though. Plus, a Lightweaver is also our current example of somone with two spren. Who knows if she or some other Lightweaver won't end up bonding both an enlightened and a "normal" radiant spren. oh and there's two tidbits of thought that I have anyway, and you've given me two things to quote that let me drop them here : such a cool name. And lowkey something I think we might get in the future. I can't help but feel like we'll end up in the Odium "wins" timeline, aka War/Conquest/whatever you wanna call it. Like the Heralds for their orders, the Unmade as the pinnacle of nine orders of Knights Enlightened, as humans and singers embrace Voidbinding. Maybe not like all of humanity and singerdom, but a big chunk. I'm 100% here for Knights Enlightened. The Knights are dead, long live the Knights. I really really like your argument that Rayse didn't make bondsmiths not because he couldn't, but because he chose not to. That's my headcanon since i read that argument for the first time. However, I also wanna use this opportunity to ping another thought: (and if you've read my Ba-Ado-Mishram theory you might suspect what it is) Why can Odium grant powers that are of Honor and Cultivation, but not ones that are of Honor alone? Because Cultivation either can't or won't stop him. Let's rephrase it: Odium can grant powers that are of Cultivation. I think it's wrong to assume Cultivation is in opposition to Odium, atleast not as much as Honor was. Rayse was scared of her, and we always hear of her by Honor's side, but the one doing big plays even beyond his death is Honor. Cultivation is... there. Ever since SH, I've been sceptical of shards. All shards. Ruin was so obviously evil, yeah. But two things should be kept in mind post HoA. 1. the well known "Ati was once a kind and generous man" and 2. Preservation loved the Lord Ruler. Seriously, if Preservation could've chosen, TLR would've just ruled forever. Because the Shard's intent overpowers anyone after such a long time. Whether you follow the theory that Koravellium Avast is setting up Dalinar and Lift to succeed Tanavast and her like she did with Taravangian and Odium or not, the point I'm trying to make is that Cultivation is dangerous too. She wants growth, change, evolution. I think she's not inhibiting Odium's use of the surges because she either can't or doesn't want to, both of which are because she's Cultivation. Especially since Tanavast's death. If Stormlight Archive 5 or 10 ends with a giant Alliance getting ready to go on Space Exploration, with Knights Radiant and/or Knights Enlightened and/or Knights Revived (Adolin/Maya) together, I don't think Cultivation would be in opposition to that, she'd be part of it. Rant over.
  15. so I had a thought, not sure if this was brought up here yet, but maybe we can use this thread/the pairing of Unmade to Radiant Orders in a different way. The Unmade don't align to the Orders 1 to 1. But we know a few other things: Voidbinding is said to be, in some form, of the Unmade. There's ten Orders with ten surges, minus one because Adhesion is of Honor. Maybe the Unmade can give us fodder to speculate on other Enlightened Orders though! We have Enlightened Truthwatchers with what I'll call Enlightened Lightweaving, which gives Renarin Future Sight. Which is Moelach's thing. Maybe we shouldn't be assigning Unmade to Orders and their surges, but just to one surge. (going off of Truthwatchers, this would be the secondary surge of some order, if we want to look for orders) Could go two ways, of course. Mapping the Unmade not to the known Surges but to "Voids", maybe some of you guys are interested in thinking this one through. Alternatively, basing it on the surges. Let's take Enlightened Transportation, which might be similar to what we've seen the Defeated One do. If Enlightened Lightweaving becomes Futuresight because that's one of nine "Void-surges", then one of the other 8 Unmade could give us a hint of how that looks. I assume that might be Re-Shephir, and an Enlightened Elsecaller might be able to create Midnight Essence, only not for them to control for a distance but to "bodyhop" into, or control pretty directly. What do you guys think? Is there some speculation to be had here?