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  1. Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday!!!!

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      Happy Birthday!

  2. Spensa: "You're a fire, Spin." -Jorgen Weight See, Spensa is stubborn but more cooperative than le Stick™
  3. Kimmalyn is the most similar to me (Got 98% in a character quiz) and my favourite character so her but Arturo is a legend too so....... grrrr I can’t decideeee
  4. I don’t see the mispronunciation here...
  5. I can absolutely see the parental confrontation coming with a Jorgen POV novella however I doubt we will get much of Skyward flight in Cytonic as the novellas are supposed to compensate for the lack of it.
  6. What should I do for 100th post? ^_^

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    2. Starborn42


      I haven’t tried roleplay before. I should probably stop stalling haha

    3. TheOnlyEdgedancer


      You could do a fan fiction maybe?

    4. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      take note that roleplay's take time and commitment that you may simply not have


  7. This is a Skyward artwork I made based on my theory of delivers being deceased cytonics. It started out as a depiction my interpretation of Detritus’s surface. The three bright “stars” (actually delvers) represent Chaser, Gran Gran, and Spensa’s great grandmother. Yes, this is supposed to take place after Gran Gran dies :unsure:


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    2. Maddie The Survivor

      Maddie The Survivor

      Wow! That is really good! You did and amazing job!

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      ooh amazing

    4. Starborn42


      Aww thanks :D


    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      damn, got a lot of followers too.

    2. Chinkoln
  9. That is logical, however I do wish we could get some Kimmalyn or Arturo POV
  10. Hiya - got locked outta old Discord account. Here's my new one: Starborn42#5443 

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      okay, I friended you 

  11. Happy belated birthday @Channelknight Fadran! I’m so sorry I didn’t check the Shard yesterday. Hope you had an awesome day! :D

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      Channelknight Fadran

      Don't worry about it. Thanks, Starbie!