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  1. No, Cuna is also referred to as “they”
  2. 15% now!
  3. Thank you for following me!

  4. I don’t know whether this makes me really happy or really sad.
  5. What do you guys think about Vicians ethnicity-? Morningtide has black hair, right? And in the fanart, her skin is somewhere in the middle of light and dark.
  6. I hope so. There was a decent amount of background info for them.
  7. Well, Dione lifespans could easily be very different from human ones. Maybe they grow up faster. xD
  8. Agreed, and 100% agreed xD
  9. That would be scudding AWESOME!!! I was actually thinking of writing a oneshot from her POV XD
  10. Brandon said that Skyward 3 will have two alternating POVs, but he didn’t say who would be joining Spin. I hope it’s Jorgen, but I think it’ll probably be Alanik or Brade.
  11. I’d heard it on Shardcast, I think.
  12. Interesting idea... However, I support the theory that Detritus is a delver corpse. It would make sense because of the caverns. These are like the tunnels that delver mazes have, except without the illusions because the delver/planet is dead. Also, the symbols Spensa saw in the Delver maze were apparently the same ones she saw in the caverns on Detritus.
  13. Stunning! You’ll be the next Da Vinci!
  14. I don’t think they got those acclivity rings, but the Krell probably left them alone for a little while, apwhich gave them time to expand lots as it was revealed they did in book 2.
  15. Cadet: silver Pilot: gold First citizen: Gold and blue Rodge: Silver and red