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  1. I'm looking for a Discord server that serves as a kind of writing group, as I have all these ideas for what I would like to write and someday publish but have no one IRL to talk with them about and get constructive feedback. I really don't where on reddit to put this, or even if that's a good idea, and I've previous gotten some great book recommendations from 17th Shard, so I came here with my request. Or, if this is forum is a good place to put my work for review by fellow enthusiasts, that would be good to know too. I'm of the Brandon Sanderson writing persuasion, where I'll come up with an idea for a short story that in my head is just a page or two on Word but will balloon out into twelve by the time I get everything I wanted into it, so I'm not sure.
  2. I'm sure it's a rare thing to happen in original fantasy novels, but the revelation that Spensa jumping through the nowhere portal leads to not just the formless void of the delvers, but a whole other reality full of varied terrain, exotic creatures, and warring factions just seems straight out of a good DnD campaign. Is anyone else getting the same?
  3. I had the same thought, as in all my reading, it seems the most common characteristic of hard magic is that it has a discernible power source (Investiture in the cosmere, the One Power in Wheel of Time, light in Shadow of the Conqueror, the Force in Star Wars, etc). This as opposed to magicks like those in Harry Potter or the Magician trilogy, the former of which seems to be separate from physics completely and the latter of which is described more as taking advantage of “glitches” in reality.
  4. I'm looking for inspiration for designing a magic system with philosophical underpinnings, a la Sanderson's cosmere, and I've come to the conclusion that the best way to find it is to read books (shocker, I know). I've read all of Brandon's cosmere books, which I collectively consider one magic system with many interpretations, as they all share the same philosophical foundation, namely Plato's Theory of Forms. I also stumbled upon the Prince of Nothing series and the subsequent Aspect-Emperor series by R. Scott Bakker, which has a magic system focused on leveraging logic and/or creativity to overwrite reality. Now I'm reading Dune while I wait for the third book of the Aspect-Emperor, which didn't arrive with the other three, to be delivered so I can read that. But beyond that, I'm starting to run dry on fantasy series with interesting magic systems. I've read all the cosmere books (of which I am now an avid fan), the Wheel of Time, R. Scott Bakker's series, and Harry Potter, though the last one is a bit of an interesting case in regards to magic systems. If anyone has any recommendations for fantasy series with interesting, unique systems of magic, I'd love to hear about it. P.S. I'm not sure if this is where a post like should go, this just seemed like the "miscellaneous" forum, so if any mods know of a better place for it, I would not object at all for it to be moved there.
  5. "NO MATING!" *contented buzz*
  6. I feel like Feruchemist is just all around the best for everyday life. Being able to store your memories, store up calories so you'd never overeat, and go without eating if you need to, storing up heat in the summer and releasing it in the winter, storing up wakefulness and speed of thought, manipulating physical weight and physical speed, and storing up health for any future injuries. Of course, someone who doesn't believe a whole lot in preparedness wouldn't get nearly the same benefit, but imagine what a Cub Scout could accomplish with Feruchemy!
  7. This is unbelievable! All those little teeny tiny smidgens of clues, and you assembled them into not just a possible theory, but one with real merit! If this actually turns out to be what really happened, Brandon will ascend to plot twist godhood in my book.
  8. I personally always thought that Nightblood was created from a normal steel sword with the command to "destroy evil". Now, for some grounding facts about the cosmere: We know that at the Shattering, all Investiture in the cosmere became evenly divided amongst the sixteen Shards. This holds true irrespective of location in the physical or cognitive realms. We know that each Shard has a specific color typically associated with it (blue-white for Honor, white for Preservation, and most importantly here black for Ruin). We know the Vessel of a Shard does not have the ability to control all of a Shard's Investiture at one time, or perceive everything that gets done with said Investiture at one time. We know that each of the original sixteen Shards has a single intent or driving motive for its existence. I operated under the assumption that, while Nightblood was created from a normal steel sword with the command to "destroy evil", one of two things happened. Because the concept of destruction was so central to the command, it acquired a little of Ruin's Investiture to incorporate into itself because the rules laid out above would've simply required it to be the case, much like how when cosmologists calculate the curvature and expansion of the universe, dark matter and dark energy simply must be included in the equations for the math to make any sense, or how when Mendeleev reorganized the chemical elements chart into the periodic table, he had to put in gaps to correctly categorize the properties of the known elements, and those gaps were later filled in with previously unknown elements. Those original 1000 Breaths animated Nightblood upon its creation, but as it drew in Investiture, its central command of "destroy", perfectly aligned with Ruin as it is, imprinted the Investiture it gained, and the bit that leaks back out is colored black because whatever intent the Investiture had originally has been overwritten by Ruin's. At first glance it would seem to violate the rule that all Investiture is shared equally between the Shards, but the Coppermind specifically phrases that in the past tense, i.e. that even split of Investiture was only the case immediately after the Shattering, after which Investiture could be moved and shifted between Shards, possibly through application of Intent, powerful enough to overwrite what was already present. In both cases, while it is Investiture tied to Ruin that is leaking back out of the sword, it is really more incidental than anything deliberate, and its likely too little Investiture for Ruin to do anything with, or even be aware of without specifically going looking for it, like how most of the time you don't really notice the presence of any one particular hair on your arm amid the thousands of other hairs.
  9. Like, "You know, I did pretty well with the whole Survivor thing in the Final Empire. What could I do here? Oh, I wonder if I could get them to call me a different title every time they speak to me! How funny would that be?" Sort of Marvel logic, i.e. "How many obscure, insane MCU movies can we make that will still end up being summer blockbusters just by brand recognition alone?"
  10. Soother, which actually fits me surprisingly well, as I'm the one who usually keeps the peace in my friends group!
  11. So I'm rereading Bands of Mourning, and I got to the part where Allik explains to Wax that, according to his religion that worships Metalborn, he has to use a different title to refer to Wax every time. I always found this a little excessive, but this time I had a thought. What if Kelsier made that a feature of his new religion in Southern Scadrial just to see if he could? It seems like a suitably Kelsier thing to do with a new religion.
  12. I feel like I should point out that no one actually said the Ire fortress was between Scadrial and Sel, just that the fortress is on the edge of Scadrial's subastral. It would sort of be like starting in Portugal and going east across Europe, arriving in Moscow and finding the Brazilian Embassy. It's not that you're walking toward Brazil, just that a small population of Brazilians is on the eastern side of Europe, and you just happened to find them.
  13. Marasi and Wayne talking about their powers, and I noticed Marasi saying chromium instead of cadmium. That would maker a Leecher rather than a Pulser.
  14. You know it's bad when you're doing a conceptually simple equation and even the higher end calculators have to resort to scientific notation to display the answer. It's even worse when the exponent for the TEN in the scientific notation may as well display in scientific notation.
  15. I'm aware, but I just saw that on Spensa's page on the Coppermind under Trivia and felt I should probably include it so I don't look like I'm just doing Mistborn characters.