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  1. Now I’m convinced. Do I have to officially join? ; )
  2. Bendalloy compounding would be useful in a everyday society since that stores nutrition and energy from food. I think I’m close to joining the tin cult
  3. A-pewter and F-bronze or A-steel and F-tin
  4. I think that the difference is that the blades are now regular spren, and can choose to leave the person that is abusing Surgebinding or not living the way they want. An honorblade can’t do that,
  5. So I found a WoB that explains how Allomancy is done unconsciously Moogle Compounding requires practice, according to The Hero of Age's annotations. And yet, it's apparently as easy as burning a metalmind. What was going on that meant the Inquisitors couldn't figure out how to do it (despite Ruin likely knowing how and undoubtedly wanting them to learn) for over a year? What skill did they need to practice doing, exactly? And what happened while they were practicing burning metalminds without successfully Compounding? Did they get an Allomantic effect? Brandon Sanderson What I think I was getting at in the annotations was a cosmere magic rule that, perhaps, I hadn't completely refined yet. This is the idea that INTENT is vitally important to the workings of most cosmere magics. You can learn to burn metals instinctively over time, but it does take time--time for your body to figure out what it's doing. If you have instruction and guidance, you can pick it up in an evening, like Vin did. Same goes for most of the magics. This ties into Awakening, with the idea that you have to form a command. During Warbreaker was where I really refined this aspect of the magic. Logically, since the beginning of the cosmere, I've wanted all three Realms to be important to the way the magics worked. The "Practice" therefore for compounding is mental practice--a barrier to overcome in understanding what is happening, and what it will do to you. If you already know all of these things by having it explained to you, that barrier is far less high. I think that was what I was talking about in the Annotations, without really having the idea specified yet--though I'd have to look back at the annotation and re-read it to say for certain. Worldbuilders AMA (Dec. 3, 2015)
  6. The reason that the Elantris magic is tied to the land is that after Odium killed Devotion and Domination, he pulled all of their investiture into the Cognitive realm. The reason this made a big change is that the Spiritual realm has no locations and is everywhere at the same time. The Cognitive realm has specific locations, so the investiture also has specific locations. (Did this make sense? Because the coppermind explains it better.)
  7. With Vasher, I’m pretty sure that Endowment investiture has no Connection with Nalthis, because it is a gift that is Endowed with no strings attached.
  8. Maybe normal fabrials are actually hacking the magic system because they use metal that isn’t spren. Ancient fabrials have something to do with rhythms and willing spren. Ancient fabrials are the one following a base ten system with ten types, while newer fabrials are combined with a base sixteen system that can be combined to make thousands of types. It’s like if they discovered compounding and Hemalurgy before Feruchemy and Alomancy.
  9. Where was it confirmed that Kelsier was Thaidakar?
  10. I think that Kriss calls Urithiru the mountains of Ur is because she learned about it from a book at Silverlight, not from the natives, who would have called it Urithiru. Also, Kriss is way old. Probably around 1150 years based on the scale of the timeline I found. Her book was about 100-200 years after the LR came into power. SA is only a few years before Wax and Wayne, so around 1150 years.
  11. I don’t have it right now. That’s just what I’ll do when I get it.
  12. Am I the only person who gets the new Sanderson book and immediately flips to the ars arcanum to find out what new fabrials and magic is in the book?
  13. I didn’t notice the rainbow effect from his blade or make the connection that he had a shard blade in Shadesmar. Good catch.
  14. Could someone burning Lerasium prime a primer cube and grant everybody in the vicinity the Connection to make them a mistborn, even temporarily. If steel pushes on nearby metals, wouldn’t Lerasium grant allowmancy to nearby people? This is assuming that we have both Lerasium and Harmonium.
  15. Besides, if he could burn his spikes, why didn’t he burn the ones hidden in his body when he was being executed. Because if he could, he would compound a lot really quickly while they were waiting to shoot him. Instead, he tapped the last of his healing and survived 20-30 bullet wounds from the firing squad but then died.