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  1. I'm queer and I completely agree. Jasnah knows herself really well. If she was attracted to women she'd know. Especially since, based off the reaction to Drehy coming out, Alethi know that lgbt (or at least lgb) people exist
  2. If anyone is looking for a beta reader, feel free to message me. I'd be happy to help
  3. I say Re-lain-a-rin. It's not that hard. Maybe you misunderstood how the character's names are said so maybe try seeing a Branderson livestream where he says their names
  4. Fun fact, there is an orientation known as bi in which people are attracted to multiple genders. Some men are mostly attracted to women (aka have a preference for women) but also attracted to men. This means that they are bi. I don't really ship him and Renarin, but I wanted to correct some misinformation. If he did end up with Renarin, it wouldn't mean he's gay or not attracted to women. People can be attracted to multiple genders
  5. Why is everyone suggesting caucasian actors? Brando Sando said that none of the Rosharian races are caucasian. Here's a guide to what all the races are supposed to look like. Some of them are described as part white (like Shallan, who's half Irish and half Japanese), but none of them are completely white. I know you're used to most fantasy races people white, but that doesn't mean you can just ignore the canon races and pretend everyone's white. Don't whitewash them.
  6. I take off my "I am a Stick" sweatshirt to reveal my "I am a Stick" t-shirt
  7. David CastaƱeda from season two of TUA is just like how I imagine Kaladin
  8. That would be awesome! If anyone's working on it, please message me. I'd love to help
  10. Ooooh Tom Hiddleston as Hoid would be great
  11. Hello! Welcome to the shard. A lot of people have different opinions on this, but what order do you think people should read cosmere books? I think Mistborn era one is a good first read
  12. Dude. I have a pocket knife with the word dude on it and it seems like a good name for a weapon
  13. Idk about Brett as Zane but now that you mention is Chloe as Vin would be pretty cool. Ofc she's too old to play 16 year old Vin but other than that I think she'd do a great job
  14. I'd love Brett Dalton as the Lord Ruler! He played a character whose kinda similar to him in Agents of SHIELD. Here's a picture of him wearing a coat that makes my think of the Lord Ruler
  15. Thanks for the tip! I'll try to remember that next time