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  2. Fantasy sniped Reply to Illusion Image
  3. People have been theorizing some non-Rosharans, so I'll throw my favorite of those into the mix. We have a WoB stating that highly invested beings like returned can become radiants with some effort, and given the "radiants are different this time and new stuff is happening" I propose Zahel/Vasher. He has some purpose and we've seen cultivation and endowment meddling together with the whole Taravangian/Nightblood buisness. Plus, the swordmaster-scholar seems to fit in my mind with what the Nightwatcher and cultivation stand for. If the bond is with a non-Rosharan I would place my money on the Nalthian.
  4. Do we know if the appearance of the heralds remain consistent through their resurrection? And even if so do these resurrected heralds look the same as they did when they first lived? There could be some returned stuff going on with spiritual perception and stuff, in which case any of them could be comparatively any age. This would make sense for Ishar looking older and Chana younger too, just based on the orders they are associated with. There could be a connection with them that is more like a sibling relationship then, or even a parental relationship the other way. Though I do want to say, I'm getting a bit tired of everyone being related, so I do hope the only herald familial relations are Shalash and Jezrian. I'm not terribly read up on herald lore however, so the appearance ressurection thing might have been answered already and this is all just nonsense.
  5. I would propose that the crusade oath could behave similarly to the other "weird" oaths we've seen, the lightweavers, where they can regress on oaths and can generally bounce around a bit (or it is at least theorized to work this way for lightweavers). It would make sense if an undone crusade would cause the skybreaker to jump back down to the 3rd oath and need to recomplete the 4th. Also, most skybreakers stop at 3, so it could that they lose their 4th ideal and have to recomplete of satisfy their same crusade, and it just makes it impossible to progress. If the crusade turned out to be unlawful, they might just choose for the sake of their other oaths never to complete the crusade.
  6. For someone to swear the 4th ideal they must complete their crusade to the satisfaction of their spren, this why Sveth is still only a 3rd ideal radiant as he has said what his crusade is, but not yet completed it. Nale will have had some previous crusade that he must have completed some time ago, as he is a 5th ideal skybreaker, so his ideal couldn't have been to prevent the desolations.
  7. That is why Nicrocil for getting rid of the allomancy temporarily. Any way, it could be a possible benefit, though niche, if someone wanted to use it. It is useless almost always, but occasionally spending a lot of time without powers to gain a particular resonance might, maybe, be worth it... maybe. Probably not. But maybe.
  8. Well, I don't want to get into stormlight here, but if one was a twinborn and a radiant, having access to a particular order's resonance I personally would consider very worth it. Also, thanks.
  9. I read that on the coppermind after posting. Makes sense, but kind of disappointing. Might still be worth it for some of the more useful resonances, namely one of the ones from stormlight, plus we haven't seen that many yet, there could be more that are useful enough to jump through some hoops to get them.
  10. Exactly, so storing in nicrocil could be quite useful then. Again, don't know if that is exactly how it would work, but I personally am fond of thinking about it that way. You would gain a resonance when storing then lose it again after you stopped, effectively giving you more variety of powers even if you cant use them all at once.
  11. I could see nicrosil being very useful for a world hopper, there are many times where it would be easier to blend in without magic, also hiding from various detection abilities throughout the cosmere. Also, don't know if this is how it works exactly, but it has been said the more abilities you have the less resonance show up, so if you could get rid of abilities if you had multiple magic systems, you might be able to use some of the resonances you otherwise couldn't.
  12. It seems like both. These are highspren, so a rule of the order might as well be a rule of the spren, given to how much they like following rules. This is said at the same time it is said that one can only learn division after the 3rd ideal, which seems to be a rule of the spren/bond. All that said I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a rule of the order.
  13. I was trying to figure out a way for another spren besides the knight's radiant spren to have wrote the letter but couldn't think of a good one like this. It didn't feel right for Nightwatcher and the sibling isn't doing so well, plus if the sibling is Urithiru then it would be a bit weird for them to hate fabriels. Sja-anat does seem to have some influence in the world through her spren, she could also be more likely given with her spren she could gain information better across the world to know of Navani and potentially use her spren to sneak the spanread on board, which would be hard for some of non-sleepless characters, given the hoard of windrunners flying around. I like this theory, plus it could make a very interesting dynamic between Shallan, Navani and Sja-anat.
  14. Chapter 90 of oathbringer, it mentions the 4th ideal is when you become a master, and only masters can take on squires.