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  1. Hello
  2. Hello
  3. Very cool!
  4. Okay, so my brother(experience) and I had this great idea. Were going to film the way of kings! But it is taking forever to write the script. Anyone want to help?

    Just remember, no deleting any one else's work unless they say that it is okay to do so

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    2. The Windrunner Supreme

      The Windrunner Supreme

      Okay, thanks @Spock. Will probably start filming/recording stuff when we finish the script for part 1.

    3. Toothless of Shinover

      Toothless of Shinover

      Is there anything I can provide? I would love to help as well with anything else.

      I have already contributed to the scripts and I will continue to do that.

    4. The Windrunner Supreme

      The Windrunner Supreme

      Just the scripts for now. Thanks for all the help

  5. 1) Wit 2) Dalinar 3) Kaliden 4) Wayne 5) Wayne/Wit 6) Amaram 7) Wax - I like mysteries and solving stuff like that 8) Kaliden 9) Shallen? I dont know 10) Wit, my brother experiance
  6. This is really cool
  7. I moved stuff and I got willshaper
  8. Thanks! Can you remind me how to do this? I tried, and I can not figure it out
  9. elsecaller for me and experience
  10. I can Condensation = Amazing person on the shard
  11. Hello and welcome to the shard!
  12. I just took it and this is what I got: Mistings able to burn Nicrosil. This allows them to enhance usage of taget allomancer. Must be touching target. Uses include enhanced pushes/pulls for fellow coinshots/lurchers, sensory overload for enemy tineyes and using up enemies reserves of metal. Target was spelled wrong