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  1. "I do not know how to ensure that," Vespyr said stiffly.
  2. ((He stabbed him severely in the lower belly, below the ribs, in the small and large intestine, a diagonal cut going upward. He *can* survive this.)) ”If you save him,” Vespry breathed, “he will kill you.”
  3. ((How many are there? We can just pull as many as we need to make intimidating threats towards endgame, but we should level our people up so they can reasonably face them.))
  4. ((What did you have planned for this encounter? What did you want to happen? What's the endgame for Cumulo? Does he live? Die? Spirit go all haunty and leave?)) Satisfied, Vespyr threw Cumulo to the ground, swinging the blade sharply to clean it. He walked slowly past Brother Sparrow, and didn't meet his eyes. Tentatively, he put a hand on the man's shoulder, but withdrew it quickly when he saw the blood rub off on Sparrow's clothing. "I... apologize. For the inconvenience," he said, then quickly strode past his friend.
  5. Vespyr twisted the blade, leaving it there to ensure Cumulo wouldn't be able to heal from it. He hadn't seen those he'd known from childhood in a long, long time; he couldn't be aware of their capabilities. With one hand, he held the hilt of the weapon, and with the other, he slammed his fist right under Cumulo's chin. This man had threatened the children. It was time to remove him from the equation.
  6. Vespyr took the advantage he saw, burning into the lightning bolt. In a sudden flash of speed, faster than an eyeblink, he was there, thrusting the sword at Cumulo's middle.
  7. ((You can read back. Sparrow's ability is to share his senses with another person. He made a link with the enemy, then had Vespyr attack him to establish shared pain.))
  8. ((Fadran, seems like your guy's gonna be wracked with pain with Sparrow's link?))
  9. @Fallapede @Channelknight Fadran ((We are waiting on your actions.))
  10. Vespyr nodded, then the air around Brother Sparrow solidified, a roar of invisible fists simultaneously striking him over the entire surface area of his body.
  11. ((Where do you see this going, then? What do you want to happen to Cumulo? How would you like this fight to end?))
  12. ((He's your character, though?))
  13. ((What was the point of planning and teamwork if nothing’s going to hit by default?))
  14. ((Vespyr’s in his personal space, absorbing it.))