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  1. "A perfect couple?" Caden kissed her again, smiling. "I think I'll agree with you on that."
  2. "Now why," Caden wrapped both of his arms around her waist, "would you say that?"
  3. The general kissed her back, but his lasting just a moment longer. "I still think you're positively terrifying."
  4. Caden lifted his hand onto her shoulder, "My dear Riva, if you were anything near docile, then I would have never let you in the same room that I sleep in, let alone the same bed."
  5. "Wife?" Caden raised his eyebrow, unaffected by the punch. "The last thing I want is a 'picture perfect little' wife. Don't tell me you want the 'picture perfect' husband."
  6. "You're the Raveness," Caden said, unable to think of anything else. "Don't tell me you forced me to love you just before you got soft."
  7. Caden furrowed his brow, "what exactly does that mean?" ----- Fischer thought he might have heard Nico calling after him, but that only caused him to run. He trembled at the thought of what he say to him in anger, feeling bad enough as it was.
  8. "What will you do now?"
  9. "I know you can handle yourself," Caden corrected himself quickly. "It's that he had a way with people." --------- Fischer threw open the door to the eating house, gritting his teeth as he tried to fight the Star's cursed tears. Everything was meant to be be alright now, why the blazes did it all have to go wrong?! He wanted to run and hide, but he only knew one place he could go to find protection, even if he would likely receive scorn for the tears that dripped off of his chin. But there was nowhere else to go.
  10. Caden chuckled softly deep within his chest, "I don't think I'd wish that fate on even him." ----- Fischer stopped, trembling as a tear attempted to escape his eye. He tried to blink it away, "just- just stop. I can't . . ." He wiped his face and tried to continue out the door.
  11. Caden only nodded, uncomfortable with the subject. ----- "No!" Fischer shouted, "I need- I can't do that." He turned to leave, stomping away from Nico.
  12. "I inherited it from my father," Caden said in a matter of fact tone. ----- "What about me?! I promised you that I would rather die than let anything happen to the two of us!" His breathing became shallow, "was I the only one who felt that way?"
  13. Caden nodded, leaning back. "I can stop any number of them; live live in a castle, after all." -------- "I've faced death, and for years I wanted nothing but to curse the King for sending me there!" Fischer had flung up his hands, turning away from Nico as his rage caused his heart to pound in his head.
  14. Caden rubbed her back slowly, trying to think of something comforting to speak, but ultimately failing. ----- "I thought-," He slammed his hands on the table, "do you know what I went through!"