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  1. News was an important subject. It always had been for Kuno. So, when a stranger stumbled into town, bleeding out and delirious, he was among the first to know. In a manner that was very un-Kuno, he rushed out of the Tavern when the messenger whispered the news in his ear, leaving Arminio behind to run to the Mayor's Manor, where they had taken the stranger. With how suspicious the townsfolk had grown, there was no other place that they would have taken him. By the time that Kuno got to the courtyard that was before the Manor, a small crowd had gathered to see what had been dragged into their town. Already whispers could be heard about spies or plants by those who wanted nothing more than to feed on the flesh of their young. One could drink in the hostility that was in the air. By the time that Kuno could make out details, Catorphia had caught up with him, her entire face covered with a scowl. Kuno waved her away. "Oh hush, you know I mean well." The woman looked at his superior as a mother would when reprimanding a child. To that Kuno waved her forward. "Come on, this is important." Just as the duo made their way through the crowd, a call went up as guardsmen forced through, seizing the stranger and carrying him into the Mayor's house. All Kuno could do was curse. "This is why I practice patience; you know." Cat scoffed, which earned an indignant glare from Kuno. "Oh? At least flying by my instincts this once didn't get us lost." She looked away, monitoring the crowd around them. "Yeah," Kuno said, "we'll finish this later." He then shifted with the crowd as it dispersed, following its flow until he could break away to swing around to the back of the Manor. He tapped on the door, determined to get an answer this curious puzzle. When it creaked open, Kuno -despite his short stature- swept aside the serving boy who stood in his path as he stalked through the halls, eventually finding the room where the guardsmen had dumped the strange man. The mayor had not arrived yet, but Kuno could work with that. With a single gesture, Kuno spoke to the guards. "Wake him." "Uhhh, what?" A guardsman asked as he looked at the man inquisitively. "Who are you?" His stance changed to a defensive posture when he saw Kuno's companion appear in the door. The grey eyed man, however, didn't budge. "I said wake him, soldier. Are you hard of hearing?" "His command is mine." A voice rang out as the new Mayor, Ewald strode into the room. The man glared at Kuno for a moment, obviously puzzling the man's appearance before turning back to the guards. "Wake this man, and let's be done with it." With a curt nod, the three guardsmen who were in the room positioned themselves so that if there was violence, they could protect their new mayor before one slapped the stranger across the face, hoping to bring him to consciousness.
  2. He nodded, and turned to leave. However, as he reached the door, he paused for a moment. "My l- Ivian. Thank you."
  3. He nodded. "I will watch over her carefully."
  4. "And I'll bu-" Caden stopped, not expecting Ivian to back down so easily. Gaping for just a moment, he straightened his back and nodded. "Her name was changed at the marriage ceremony, and she no longer practices her torture at all."
  5. "I don't blazing know, Ivian. But she's someone I need, and I will be damned if I let myself go through losing someone so close to me again." He growled softly. "Do not try to take her from me. For both our sakes."
  6. Without flinching, Caden continued to glare at the king. "I have already nearly lost her once. I will kill to stop it from happening again. Understand?"
  7. "I have been toyed with by many, king. I know what it feels to have one's emotions played with as if they were nothing. She will stay with me at my estate, and if you try to take her by force, then try it." He offered a smile, though no joy was behind it. "Would you like to learn as the Anadlas did?"
  8. Caden pressed his fists against the table, leaning his weight onto it. "It sounds as if the king himself has bought into the myth that surrounds this woman."
  9. "But the Ravenness already does not live. There is no Ravenness in this kingdom after you removed Riva from the position." He tilted his head, much like a dog. "That is what you did, yes?"
  10. "How is she a threat? All she can do at my estate is interact with me and brew potions. You have made sure of that."
  11. "I must beg your pardon again. she and I have tried to make the most of this marriage."
  12. Caden's face reddened at the suggestion, leading to the large man to glare at the king. "Do not speak ill of my wife, Ivian."
  13. "Bu-" He cleared his throat, trying to compose himself. "She's proven to be irreplaceable to my estate."
  14. "You mean to get rid of this marriage?"
  15. "Impri-" Caden gasped at the thought of Riva in a dark and dingy cell. "My lord, you can't be serious."