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  1. Gold is one of Odium's colors besides red and voilet. He's falling apart because the intent of the shard and vessel are clashing heavily and want out. The statue comparison is probably just a descriptor. That's because of Nightblood, not a Shard. No, it is not. not sure about that one. Interesting thing to point out. It's made clear that it's just that the vessel and shard were at extreme odds with each other
  2. happy birthday

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      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you!!! (Still not my birthday over here for another 3 hours, but hey.)

    2. Aspiring Writer

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      it's the thought that counts

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      Blessing of Potency

      It really is though. Seriously, thank you!

  3. @Chasmgoat
  4. @Mist
  5. Saw it after, sorry. @Hentient your turn
  6. Guys, just imagine that instead of a Coppermind, it's a phone, and that will be a fairly good comparison.
  7. I'll Coup @Mist Coins-3 Cards-2 Edit: also, Mist should have four coins. Edit: Um Mist, we need to know which card you will let die.
  8. When I said you were dead. i was quite serious.
  9. sibling

    Well, this is reminding me of when I found out all the possible twinborn combinations on a whole new level.
  10. WHat presicly are you curious about?
  11. Um, you read Skyward?
  12. Has this been enough time?
  13. I don't challenge. @Hentient your turn.
  14. I will admit I did not tear up when he died. My reaction was more, "Oh, you're going to kill him for real? Wow." and then the shock carried through as I read that Teft was gone and I literally said farewell Teft at the end of the chapter. Also @Honorless I cried for Eshoni's part, too. That was a beautiful moment. Very fitting.
  15. So you don't like him doing a reference that is indirect. If your god actually has and uses the title 'one who was born unto himself' or some other significance to your religion, then take what I say with a grain of salt. But referencing something indirectly should not immediately be considered offensive. It's a real-world comparison that he may have been inspired by and based on when writing the origin of his new God of the Cosmere. A lot of people take inspiration from concepts already established and built upon. And while I can see the name of God being sacred, the concept of God's origins less so. Otherwise, the concept of gods birthing other gods would be a sacred concept people can never use, or gods having multiple aspects or personalities. if that's how you believe a God is created, someone having that in their story would seem to more indicate agreement to this being the origin of God. As you said, the LORD's name is sacred, but if he isn't using the LORD's name, this should not be an issue.