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  1. Okay, different question then. What Shard do you think a spren of hugs would be of?
  2. But... I liked your original PFP. I confess... okay, there's a few 1. My Sources of the Universe is the third book I've started writing. I wrote another one heavily based on SAO when I thought it was good (I was starved for content at the time, and hadn't been enlightened about the great Sanderson.) It was crap, but during it, I ended up getting ideas for (Checks mental list) over ten series of at least three books, most being five. After seeing how crap that first one was, I started writing it AGAIN, this time trying to merge it with a far better idea (One of the ten I mentioned) before deciding 'screw it, I'll go back to it when I have had more time to ponder it over,' (Which I have and boy, I have a far better plan for it) and then I started writing my Sources of the Universe, which in my head I see as my 'second' series. 2. All the Sources of the Universe chapters you've seen had been written by the time I posted the prologue. I decided to post them individually or in pairs to see if people were interested and then to give people like @Experience and fadran time to post reviews and comments. And now I'm too afraid to post them too quickly and accidentally scare everyone away. 3. When I first read the WoK, I skipped all the Dalinar and Adolin chapters... and the Kaladin chapters in the section where Sadeas betrays Dalinar. (Don't worry I reread it.) 4. I am always afraid of people like Fadran, @Condensation, @DramaQueen, @Frustration, @Truthless of Shinovar, and just about everyone I become friends with deciding that I'm an annoying a-hole and doesn't want anything to do with me, partly because I am somewhat of an a-hole ( I think? Might be thinking of the wrong word. Maybe moron?) and I always feel that I might be too annoying to people by accident. Like, I'm afraid fadran thinks I'm too pestering, that Queen thinks I'm really mopey, that I look desperate to Frust, and so on. It's especially hard online, where I can't really read expressions or if you're joking or being sarcastic about something. And then I'm afraid of seeming worried because then people might think I'm thin-skinned when in reality, I'm pretty good at not taking things too seriously and accepting criticism and all that; I'm just always paranoid that I am missing something and even more paranoid that attempts to fix something will break something that was never broken and just- gah. It's all so confusing and stupid. 5. No idea if I confessed more than should have. Did not consider that until I typed it all. And for a bonus half confession to match my post count, I think bagpipes sound wonderful, and no, I'm not Scottish. I don't know why I like them, I'm aware they are considered horrible sounding instruments, but I just like them.
  3. Of course, you both like him as well. You two have excellent taste. By the way, Can I be your shard buddy?
  4. That... was perfect. XD Have a rep and I'm following u now.
  5. @Spren of Kindness Who is the first and last person you'd hug?
  6. Have m upvotes. have all the upvotes. Kelsier legit killed me.
  7. Okay, your thing auto corrected your title which is why i couldn't find it. here's the link for Akira and anyone else wanting to look at your system. I'll give you a response soon. Lightning would be plasma, not fire. Fire is just really REALLY hot air is the thing. Like, this is part of why elemental magics are always a bit annoying to me because people do not understand what the hell a lot of things would be categorized, evident from the four elements being fire, liquid, air, and earth rather than solids, liquids, gases, and plasma. Granted, it's not supposed to be scientific and it technically doesn't break any rules, but it shows a lack of understanding or they do understand and just don't want to get that complicated, which I can understand, this is not simple stuff. And actually... there is a great video for this. I introduce to you... SHADIVERSITY. Enjoy his video on elemental magics, it's good. (He helped Brandon Sanderson on one of his books, specifically an SA one.)
  8. No problem. Feel free to say or ask anything.
  9. I'm doing all the chapters on one thread now, but I'll put that link in all of them. Excited to hear your thoughts!
  10. That was... strangely dark yet funny. But have you seen this one?
  11. No, I haven't. Why?
  12. That Connie one was brilliant.
  13. Even bigger big brain... you can't get dumped if you dump them first.
  14. Korodin grabbed Chasq and his friend and made them weightless. Then he shot himself up into the air. "This will take a while. Brace yourself." He then shot them towards Everest.
  15. "I'll just turn you two weightless and carry you all. Won't be difficult."