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  1. If there are Wobs with conflicting answers, check which one is most recent. BS could've changed his mind, after all. Also, good on you for noticing that.
  2. I would like to remind everyone that the spren have been holding a grudge against the parshendi for a really long time, including the Stormfather. Rlain mentions this in RoW. There is no way Melishi was a singer.
  3. Melishi was a bondsmith, so yes, probably human. Are you trying to suggest they could've been parshendi? Because that wouldn't make any sense.
  4. Again, look at the coppermind. I'd hate for everyone who works on that wiki to not have people use it. Becoming Returned without being born on Nalthis is very hard,[15] but is possible, even without having collected any Breath. So, no, you don't need to have been born on Nathlis to be a returned or have any Breath. Pretty sure you do need to die on Nathlis, though, otherwise Endowment can't really do much.
  5. I am now a waffle cook. Fitting, considering I normally have waffles for breakfast. 

  6. *facepalm* Okay, word of advice, go to the coppermind for answers before trying here, because, and I don't mean to be offensive, but half of these questions are dumb, and you'll see why I say that. 1) Yes 2) No, Nathlins are born with Breaths, not everyone in the Cosmere. 3) Yes, not sure about whether the person they give it to can use it, however. 4) Number two answers this. 5) Yes. To learn more about Breaths, go here.
  7. ... Rashek did sort of kinda do a lot, with the storage caverns and trying to save humanity and ruin driving him insane as he hid the atium.
  8. Because I want to horrify you all. 


    1. Chinkoln


      Please stop 

  9. First, could you kindly put the b in being in the title please, it's bothering me Secondly, Jasnah is trying to take advantage of the fact everyone, lower and higher classes, are going to be open to change due to all the major events, so she may be aware of the possible resistance which is why she is doing it now rather than later, especially with something like slaves, which the removal of will affect both classes in negative ways. So she may be able to succeed, however, it wouldn't be too surprising to see her getting some backlash. She is Jasnah, after all, a human personification of a lightning rod of hate by possibly a quarter of the population of Roshar. They will make reasons to be pissed.
  10. I am a simp for the Lord Ruler, but I am well aware of how easily his inquisitors would kill me. Wouldn't mind joining their ranks, tho.
  11. The vessel's interpretation of a Shard can affect it, but that doesn't mean it will be affected. Also, let me have fun and correct you.
  12. Ok, my friend and I decided to goof around with this A.I. that takes what you type and tries to continue it, and it was legit funny what it gave us, but at the same time impressive. I tried seeing of it could do dialogue and it was able to make an actually acceptable scene with one of my prompts, it was great. Here's the link, have fun trying it out (Warning, there's a weekly limit if you don't use a VPN).

    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      Stupid me, forgot to send the actual link XD

    2. 2EmLee2


      This is awesome!




    3. AonEne


      Heh, more people discovered ttt. May you one day learn the ancient lore of the Solar Power, pools of blood, and cauliflower. Also what is under my bed. 

  13. Well... there isn't anything really 'to be said' about it, it's been confirmed the Shard is harmony, though it could turn into discord. Survival is another shard entirely (We have been told there is one Shard that is hiding and just wants to survive, so the Shardbase as deemed it the survival shard.)
  14. Yay, more Siri!
  15. So, this is an altered person with the intent of being immune to headshots. All they need to do is make their skulls really thick.