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  1. That's a good point, but that isn't really taking into account the wording of what Hoid said, where he seemed to say that the Everstorm before and after Shinovar were different, which is what I'm trying to draw attention to.
  2. he forged a connection between Kaladin and Tien.
  3. Well, a lot of feruchemical effects actually do affect more than the user, for superspeed, it clearly helps your clothes not rip off, and that can be explained that the soul of the object sees itself inside of your field, similar to the time bubble effect.
  4. I've been re-reading WoR (Cuz that just how it be sometimes) and something caught my eye. When Hoid talks to Jasnah, he mentions how the Everstorm will first hit shinovar and then start giving the singers their forms. Considering how shinovar has been said to have several unmade, this piqued my interest. The Everstorm was normal until it hit shinovar, and then it must've picked up an unmade? or something. Seeing as we're going to shinovar in the next book, I was wondering what everyone thought of this, especially since it seems like something people would forget.
  5. Dalinar didn't need physical contact for kaladin.
  6. we don't see anytjing that would inicate this.
  7. Just a detail I want to point out, when Szeth and Kaladin meet, Szeth is under the impression that Kaladin has an honorblade with regrowth, however, when Kaladin shows himself to be using lashings, he says honorblades plural, because the surge of gravitation and regrowth isn't in any on order. Szeth has the Windrunner blade, leaving the skybreaker one as the only one that could provide him this power, and that one was stolen, so Szeth actually had a reason to disbelieve his notion until he says Syl change into a spear, confirming he wasn't using an Honorblade for lashings.
  8. No, he didn't shape the church of the survivor before his death, this could only happen after. He wanted them to rebel, he couldn't have controlled how the religion shaped until after his death.
  9. Sorry, wrong WoB.
  10. I don't know, this wob says otherwise
  11. I would like to remind people that Marsh has his own religion and is called Iron eyes and is basically Scadrials grim reaper.
  12. Uh, I would imagine on the face, like the cheek. (Also, feel free to DM these questions on discord.)
  13. Maybe one or two.
  14. I understand that, but that doesn't mean you can't imagine something in your head, and the voice I hear when they speak leans more feminine. The Canonitcal gender is not the question, just what you see in your head you think of the Sibling, because conversations where they come up, people sometimes slip up and show that they imagine them as a he or she because of... something. I doubt they even know why they imagine them as that, I don't even know why. And seeing as many do imagine them male or female, there is validity o asking the question, because remember, the tower has a spren in shadesmar and we aren't really given a description, and plenty of people seem to imagine them being humanoid, like most spren.