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  1. Everything=hoid’ya know?
  2. I watched half an episode of Wandavision last night
  3. 1. Pre-Brandon Wheel of Time (Especially books 1-3 5,6) 2. Fellowship of Ring 3. Return of King 4. two towers 5. All of The Belariad 6. Hobbit Honourable mentions: Poppy war, A clash of Kings, Thats more than 6 books, buuut I love them all
  4. Jahora sat cross legged infront of Rose “Can you tell me why you can’t?” He asked.
  5. I don't watch that much marvel. I prefer anime over regular tv shows.
  6. Jahora's arm tensed at Rose's touch, he was on edge. "Don't be scared, just be wary. We don't have far to go." His head whipped around as a pile of cardboard to his right started to shift and rustle. He stopped in his tracks and clenched his fists, ready for someone to spring out of the rubble at him and Rose. After a tense moments pause, he shook his head and continued forward; despite himself, he quickened his step "I don't like it here either."
  7. I agree with this conclusion Im so tempted to leave the post at that because the irony is somewhat fun. But I dont want to be hypocritic sooo . Also posts that are just “*wins*” or something along those lines are kind of bad.
  8. Fair enough, spams are not good But saying that got me thinking: How spammy does spam have to be to count spam, if spamming-seeming-posts sprouted from a joke and are funny, then they leads to a spammy, but still enjoyable conversation. What does it mean to be a spam?
  9. "I know, but I'm thinking it's safer to risk an encounter with a few starving thugs then have to trek through the main streets all the way back to Kess. Last time we tried that we made it about 20 steps before well..." he paused awkwardly "you know what I'm talking about." Still feeling the tension from their fight, he took a tiny step away from Rose. "We've both proven ourselves to be adept at fighting. We'll be fine if we bump into any trouble."
  10. yay now I'm debating whether or not it'd be awkward to start the funeral for the posts that were deleted sooo uuh May our posts rest in peace in the probably large cache of deleted TLPW posts. The deleted posts tried their hardest to help TLPW in our cause to surpass TLT, but their efforts were untimely squashed by the the delete button. May they never be forgotten. ^^^now I'm really curious about this^^^
  11. grumbles incoherent objections Welcome to TLPW @Gneorndin erm, should I call you Taniel or Reva?
  12. znovatoan
  13. insert multiple sad faces. We should hold a funeral for our fallen posts. sometimes spammy posts are deleted, sometimes people deleted their own posts because they realize that they said something dumb. I don't know which one happened because I haven't been online much lately :I
  14. TLPW stands for The Last Post Wins, it's a thread where people 'win' by being the last person to post on the thread. Except people sort of just chat, hang out there and spam post a lot. I think it's a little dead now compared to a few months ago, but it's still quite active. It's really easy to join if you wanted to check it out. hmmmmm but I had such a great winning streak :/ still, losing the game was totally worth getting a chance to plug tlpw hehehehehehe
  15. Jahora smiled weakly then walked in the general direction of Selene's old house, he steered out of the busy main street and into narrow, less crowded alleyways. He took off Tydel's fancy top hat and tucked it under his jacket so he would be less of a target for ruffians who usually prowled through alleyways around this end of town.
  16. Skadar grinned and teleported over to Selil "Yes! I can't believe you remembered my name after all these years. You must remember me fondly then, ay?"
  17. Skadar gazed around the Hall wondering who he could take the mickey out of the easiest. A smile creeped onto his face as his eyes landed on Selil, a narrator who had actually been successful in running a reasonably sadistic career. "Hey Selil! Long time no see! How goes it?" He called. @Channelknight Fadran
  18. Jahora glanced back over his shoulder and saw that Rose hadn't followed him through the passage he carved out of the crowd. He held out a hand towards her "come on, let's get out of here, we can go somewhere more quiet."
  19. mmmnmmm I had chicken for dinner.
  20. Jahora tightly clasped his mouth shut and bit down on his tongue, he had outspoken himself. Then, gesturing for Rose to follow, he slowly pushed his way through the crowd that was slowly thinning now that Rose's magic trick was over. His twisted the rings on his finger, he was determined to befriend Rose someway for another, There's got to be a way to get her to stop hating me. Joline chuckled as Kess stormed out. "Kids these day." she muttered to herself, then smiled and continued her knitting.
  21. "Come on Rose, let's go somewhere with less people." He felt a pang of sympathy for Rose, was this what her everyday life was like? No wonder she looked so tired.
  22. Jahora flinched as the crates turned towards him. "Calm down Rose, I know you can. These people weren't afraid of you, they were just curious. They weren't scared until you pointed those spiky things towards their faces."
  23. "I'm just trying to make sense of you. I tried being nice, and you still hated me, being a jerk didn't speak to you either. Have you ever liked anyone? Try taking deep breaths to calm down, it'll help you get a grip on your powers. Trust me Rose, you don't need that wood to protect you."
  24. Jahora dropped the pine and shoved his hand back into his pocket "Why are you scared of me?"