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  1. "Do you know of anyone who could tell you what you're missing? How about you, Rose? Have you met someone or heard of someone that could potentially help Kieran? If not then I'm sure a solution will pop up sooner or later." He said optimistically.
  2. I like onions, but too much raw onion is weird. I’m not a huge fan of pickled cucumbers. I like picked vegetables that haven’t fermented properly. Pickled cabbage is always fun.
  3. “We need to find a way to deal with your mind reading. Do you know much about your magic, or do you just know what you’ve learnt yourself? Have you trained it at all, or just fluffed around with it on the streets?”
  4. Jahora smiled up at Rose and stood up lazily. He was tired, like all of his emotions had been sapped from him like maple from a tree. "I guess we should get going then. Oh, hey Kieran."
  5. Twig fell loudly from the ceiling and crashed in front of EmLee. I have alot to say about pickles too, especially dill pickles.
  6. "What will we do, you ask?" A shadow fell over his face turning his vibrant blue eyes into murky navy pools swirling with unanswered vengeance. "We find Selene." His hands curled into a tight fist making the cold metal rings, that were buzzing with power, dig deep into his palms "We find Selene, and we kill her."
  7. "We set out to do this job together, I don't want to do it alone. Our journey isn't over yet! I'll wait for you. Even if you never stand up, I'll be here waiting. No matter what you throw at me, or how the weather turns, I'll stay here and wait."
  8. In April (about 20 pages ago) I believe we were somewhere between 600-700 pages. Except it's highly likely that my memory is wrong oop. Eeeeee Thanks
  9. "Hey, I know you've been through some messed up stuff, and I know we haven't been getting along, but that doesn't mean I think your a bad person. You are not the villain in this story, Rose. You must never think that." He looked at the pathetic, wet heap of tear-stained flesh in front of him. "You've suffered long enough. Don't you think it's time to stand up? I'll wait as long as it takes for you to calm down, I'll wait for you. But when your ready, we've got work to do."
  10. Assuming the Shard isn't messing with me, happy birthday!

    1. Lecky Twig

      Lecky Twig

      Thank you!!! the shard is not messing with you.

  11. I REMEMBERRRRRRRRRRRRR it was when I was last alive eheheheheheehehe......seems like yesterday
  12. Woohoo I'm alive and will probably be posting again yay.

    I missed you guys


    do I remember how to navigate this site?.....no...I honestly don't

    1. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      That's a big mood and happy late birthday!

  13. Everything=hoid’ya know?
  14. I watched half an episode of Wandavision last night