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  1. I'm always winning.
  2. Hehe I win.
  3. Nooooo don't summon @Condensation Heh.
  4. Shhhhhh . Im not going to edit it.
  5. Hehe. Your lying, ancient one.
  6. Yes. Im on the lair.
  7. IMO you are.
  8. No. You are beautiful and ancient.
  9. You are beautifully ancient.
  10. Ye ancient being
  11. Hehe, I know. But she's one of the only ones that was around when this thread was really spammy. Also I win.
  12. Jahora's drifting thoughts were brought back to the present as Rose stirred in his arms, reminding him of the present task. Henry returned and placed a steaming tray of pies on the coffee table near the centre of the room, He then repelled the steel door handle from his ring to shut the door when Henry padded out the room. He lay Rose down on his long, plush red couch then grabbed a pie and crouched down beside her. He took a bite out his pie and moaned involuntarily "Mmm, these are good. You know, you can have one if you wake up. Hope the smell isn't nostalgic; I don't know about you, but I tend to avoid nostalgia. Makes me feel woozy inside." He twisted his lips and spun Tydel's top hat casually around his index finger as memories of home swept through his mind. He sighed deeply and lay down on the floor next to Rose's couch. He lay there for a few moments, enjoying the relaxing feeling of fatigue washing over his muscles and enjoying the silence. He whispered into the still air "What are you so afraid of?"
  13. Feeling old yet Vapor?
  14. Posts on this thread don’t count. I think it’s because there’s a lot of spam. Have you posted much outside this thread? /wins/
  15. I ate a crepe.