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  1. Hello! That is some awesome ink!
  2. I got Stoneward, I am surprised at how few there are here.
  3. @The Traveller actually me and a couple of my friends went to comic con as brightlords. I also just remembered I made a full size Shardblade, not sure how I forgot that. But I have my eye on trying to make a soulcaster next. I really need to find and post pictures of all this stuff hahaha
  4. @I Used To Be A Fish my least favorite character in the whole Cosmere is Moash. Absolutely @Hentient my least favorite book is Elantris. It’s still good but if I had to chose that’s it.
  5. @The_Truthwatcher Yeah, it said I couldn't have to many links as a newbie and I think it is counting the @ as a links. Oh well, lol
  6. DramaQueen, I have this strange thing about picking a favorite character from book. Since you are kind of already supposed to like the main characters I always end up choosing a side character or one off character as my favorite. So one of my favorite characters from Mistborn is actually Alrianne. McWafy, I don't have a picture of my mistcloak and it is currently buried but i will definitely get a picture of it, it took sooooo long to make. I would be a Feruchemist, allomancy is cool but I would choose feruchemy. Mist, It is VERY difficult to chose a favorite book but honestly I really like The Emperor's Soul. I like the character of Shai and it was cool to further see how the use/method of accessing investure on Sel is tied to physical location and ones connection to their place of birth. Honorless, I will be posting some later It wouldn't let me directly tag people
  7. Hello everyone! I have been perusing these forums for awhile and thought it is the perfect time to join them. I have read just about all the Cosmere works and much of the non-cosmere stuff as well. The Stormlight Archive is my favorite but I have a great fondness for Mistborn since it was the first of Sandersons books I read, I cosplay and I may have made a mistcloak. When I took the knight radiant quiz I was a Stoneward