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  1. @Frustration I understand but technically Connie had talked before me so by her own definition it's fine but I am sorry Star it's just quoting people is second nature to me oh well
  2. Ok that makes sense
  3. That's not what I'm saying I'm talking about in general you only get one notification but maybe it's different for email notifications
  4. I don't get two notifications might wanna get that checked
  5. Hey could you check out my elemental magic system? It's called Somebody your a Total!
  6. I find it funny I'm about to play social deduction game and I'm looking through SE threads eh
  7. *Backs away slowly and starts crying in the corner*
  8. Oh Merica got it we only use that jokingly
  9. I know what all of those but murica is Guns I'm pretty sure my town has the highest gun density in the entire country McDonalds is good we do eat it a lot but not too much my family barely even eats it once a month Trump what can I say he's the best We're the best we are only country that people break into Only some of us are racist
  10. I am at the very least I just didn't see enough problems to give a typo post also maybe post a new one every time like you were doing but hide the old ones this time so you can see how many views it gets
  11. halloween

    I have dark brown hair but every now and again some of it turns blond and it's so weird
  12. Hi Fluffy wait why are you strangl-- choking sounds WTWTTSW your stuffed animal that just came to life starts strangling you?