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  1. Yes so would I but I almost feel like it would have to be outside of the cosmere and just have another explanation for Mraizes "Aether" because the shards and the Aethers abilities would likely need a pretty large rework
  2. I like Raeth the most actually he's very interesting
  3. How much did you like aether because I'm loving it so far it's a very good book of course compared to Brandon's normal work its not that good but compared to most novels it's pretty good
  4. Yes but he has never broached the topic of bonding spren of the same order say honorspren there's like 30 so it works plus they don't just have to be sword/knife shape for a guantlet yes you would need a lot but for a shin guard you only really need one
  5. I know this is verging on spoiler territory but does X-6574 get a nickname this is going to be chapter 1/2 so it doesn't seem like to much of a spoiler I've been calling him X in short hand but what is a his nickname/a simple name I can use without memorising 4 numbers
  6. Ok wait a minute who's writing this you or @xinoehp512? Also I can completely understand why you can't draw the black liquid I could maybe do it by converting my normal drawing into gimp and overlaying a black texture thingy but it would be a LOT of work
  7. Hey I was wondering what those two things were? Maybe I could give them a try? Ok so here's some miscellaneous art for this series
  8. It's tWoK so the ketek works
  9. Same but I only learned about the cosmere on my third and even then few of my theories were cosmere related they were just simple theories about Roshar it was mostly just because I was older
  10. For those who have read SA (stormlight archives) multiple times on which read through did you have the most theories/observations?
  11. Brandon has said several times that I person can bond several spren so that point is rendered useless
  12. Thanks that was what I was assuming coming into it some of the points a raised above about the blades adapting to the paint have been some theorizing we've done but thanks for finding and quoting those WoB The reason I created this thread was because I have done a lot of sword drawings and shardblade drawings and different shades of blue isn't that interesting
  13. I was kidding but ok (I just realized you might be kidding to lol)
  14. I keep seeing you first paint now the new guy where aren't you?

    1. Lunamor


      I post quite a bit sometimes ^_^

    2. Somebody from Roshar
  15. @Oltux72 gemstone powdered paint???