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  1. Hey thanks for following me!

  2. Thanks for following me!

  3. I believe minds are basically an airgapped computer network. Our actions are the "internet connection" that we use to interface with the rest of the world. Think of the spike like someone sneaking a bug into a SCIF. It should be secure, and it would be, if not for outside actors. All of the beings in Brandon Sanderson's worlds are bound by their own internally consistent rules. Just like the real world, where each organization is a discrete entity. They have their workflows and actions. If they perform good value stream analysis, and properly apply constraint theory, then those actions and workflows will be harmonious. If they don't, they will have problems (often either Beurocratic/Pathological management models). But ultimately, they are still limited by their corporate charter, government laws, shareholder feedback, market forces, etc. Some organizations adapt better to those systems, and are viewed as more harmonious. Others refuse to adapt and become toxic. Some organizations are more skilled, or more effective, or more toxic, or more vindictive. But they are all systems we have to interact with on a daily basis, and the only thing we can choose is how we respond to the world we are currently in. So while I think your question is rooted in the right place, I think it's begging the larger question. In Brandon's world (much like our own), the answer is always "yes you can, the question is how to do it?" So to answer your question, I think Harmony can read minds IF a tap has been established, just like the aforementioned SCIF. I can tap a SCIF if I can figure out how to elude the protection measures in place. If I can do so undetected, I can get data I wouldn't have had otherwise. If I am detected doing so, there are two options: The detectors can decide to act immediately, or they can use the tap to "play the game of houses" and try to either find out more about me or feed me bad info. I may or may not detect the detection. If I do, I decide how to act on that info, if I don't then I can't make that decision. And all this is what I think we're seeing in Brandon Sanderson's books. I think the right way to look at it is each world is a giant corporation. Some are "better" than others, but all have their costs and benefits. Some of the worlds are working "with" each other because of the various actors, some are working against. Just like in the corporate world. We have peaceful mergers brokered on the golf course (the spren). We have hostile takeovers (Ruin). We have a group trying desperately to save the larger picture (the resistance/17th shard). For myself, the more effectively I can map the cosmere to the real world, the better I understand the real world. And the reverse is true. The more I understand about the cosmere, the more I can map to the real world. I've seen improvements in my life in both directions, and that's why I'm here. Sorry, this is longer than intended, I can sometimes get extra ranty, and I still need my coffee this AM.
  4. I suspect time is at the root of everything. Light has two states that seemingly conflict (particle and wave) and who is to say that time is not the same (vector and discrete point). If that is true, then a real world analogue might be how the traffic on the internet works (stream vs burst). There's a whole bunch of tech speak behind it all, but I see echoes of the math that runs the internet in the writing that we all love. All of the healing I have seen in Brandon Sanderson's books reminds me of how we handle software merges in the IT world. We use tools to keep track of software in a point in time, and have the ability to revert back to that point to continue our work. The underlying magic I see in much of the books, especially with regards to healing stems from truing up those two times. I wouldn't be surprised if I could flow chart it out to demonstrate that healing from stormlight damage is basically like a git cherry pick Radiants understand the intricacies of the system (git in this case) so they just know how to do some of the more esoteric commands. Feruchemy is more of a merge. Take what you did in one place, merge it into what you are currently working on now. That allows teams to work asynchronously on the same problem. Much like the 17th shard here, we can all talk about a HUGE swath of time in all of Brandon Sanderson's books, in a common time and place, even though we are referencing events in entirely disparate timelines. It constantly amazes me how much I use the principles underlying both L.E. Modesitt's books and Brandon Sanderson's work in my day to day professional life. The more I learn about his world, the more I have been able to directly apply it to my own. And I have made real world advances in some of the tech I work with specifically because many of Brandon Sanderson's concepts map out directly to the real world, in an allegorical form.
  5. I've always been a bit different, and books helped me through some very difficult periods in my life. I've been divorced twice, and am staring down the barrel of a third failed marriage. And with everything going on in the world, I know everyone's hurting a bit, as am I. But one of the things I've learned is that pain is just a sensation. It is your body telling you that there is friction, but how you choose to address that friction is a choice you have to own. It's the same with our emotions, and our lives in general. We all have to make the best choices we can, own our actions, and continue to decide between love and fear. You can't love and fear at the same time. I am oathed to side with love. So I'm out here trying to make my way in the world, help other old people with a twitch stream I make a lot of mistakes on, and overall just get through each day with a smile. I've also learned the hard way that I can say what I want, but it's up to others to decide if I provide value or not. I know my own worth, and will defend it if attacked. But other than that, I just want to help people in whatever way I can. Is there anything I can say or do to make your life better today?
  6. My vote is "Everyone deserves protection" An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
  7. Oh! I took the test a while back and I was an elsecaller. That actually made sense to me, I'm sad to see so few of us. Is there a place where we hang out? Maybe in the theater department or under the stairs? I don't think I've seen any at the dojo.
  8. Oh, whoops. I sometimes struggle with new concepts, sorry if I have erred socially in any way. I was trying to reply to the questions in line, but think I borked it all up. I do that sometimes and the wrong order words come out. Someone offered to pass on the interrogation, which is amusing because my general strategy to life is that knowledge cannot be pushed, only pulled. There are exceptions, but those are a bit of a sensitive subject. So I generally welcome all well meaning questions, and if I miss something, assume it's related to my struggle bus pass. I used to be a devops engineer, but have always been an avid reader. Because of covid I lost my job, but that let me get back to my roots and catch up with myself. Now I'm trying to figure out what the new normal is. I suspect that has more to do with being online these days. So I am trying to get more out there, and meet people. I'm old enough to struggle with some of the cyber grass you young punks keep walking on, but still young enough to be offended at the idea of turning my music down. Since books have made me who I am, I figured I'd be in good company. I apologize in advance if my conversational patterns are a bit erratic, I sometimes need my wife to translate things for me. I've introduced her to Brandon Sanderson and she likes him too, but is incredibly busy these days since she works in public health.
  9. That's a world I feel like I know unfortunately well.
  10. I've lost track. I have some neurological issues, and sometimes my brain no think so good. I originally showed up here because I had reached out to Brandon Sanderson specifically to talk about some of his core work. But I'm pretty comfortable with his general approach, and actually find a lot of analogies I have used to help me professionally. I think the thing that impresses me the most is the worldbuilding and flow of everything. It echoes of a clean mind, and those are very valuable these days.
  11. Saying hello, as requested. In the before time in the long-long ago, I was a devops engineer. Then came covid, and now I play video games and don't leave my house. I suppose some other stuff has changed, but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, I'm a nerd, I do stuff with computers, play with math even though I'm horrible at it, and overall take the stance that "knowledge cannot be pushed, only pulled" so I encourage questions where I can.