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  1. This is making some pretty enormous assumptions about what it takes to Enlighten a spren...
  2. I think this is strongly correct. Emphasis on what Thaidakar said (paraphrasing): "we didn't really do much. This was probably going to happen without our efforts." True for his efforts, but also for Chanarach breaking the Oathpact, and maybe even true of the Everstorm. We've seen Shards - specifically, Ruin - line events up extremely precisely, exactly along these lines. No one should be surprised when an event that seems like it was a happy accident (for Odium) turns out to be him lining things up to coincide with his best opportunity at freedom. Ultimately we don't know what killed Honor. And that is going to be much, much more consequential for any of this than these random contingencies.
  3. I haven't read far enough down the thread to see if anyone has suggested this, so apologies if I'm not the first: I think the Stormfather has been Enlightened (or whatever the word is) by Sja-Anat. Either that, or this is Sja-Anat pretending to the be the Stormfather or something like that. Reasons are the things you mentioned, plus the Stormfather looking like Sja-Anat does when the Herald dies. I'll dig up quotes if someone presses, but otherwise the similarities should be clear enough. I also think that what the Stormfather doesn't want the Heralds to know/see is this Enlightenment. But that's more speculative obviously.
  4. I think this theory might actually be right
  5. This is correct. “He’ll notice - and then he’ll kill me” = he’ll notice me, not he’ll notice that I violated our agreement.
  6. That’s a very interesting angle. It implies that if Hoid knew about TOdium’s strategy, he could take steps to prevent him from pulling it off. I think you’re overemphasizing “doesn’t know”. TOdium might know who he wants his champion to be; he just doesn’t want Hoid to think it’s something he actually thought about. There’s some obvious champion that Rayse had in mind, and TOdium diverting from that choice is what he wants to hide. This also fits the theme of Hoid’s monologue perfectly - this is the sleight of hand. Tangentially it also supports the Gavinor theory. The Gavinor theory has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the fact that Hoid’s knowledge of the champion could derail TOdium’s plan is supports the possibility that it’s Gavinor.
  7. Oh great point, this is definitely the right answer.
  8. theory

    To be honest this seems a lot more like trying to fit the evidence to the theory (really to the proposed Cosmeric phenomenon of Cultivation+Odium) than it does a theory emerging from text. I could offer more specific criticism but a) I need to go to sleep and b)) it would all just elaboration on that one point.
  9. Well, like, also her father trusted her not to kill him in cold blood. So there’s that.
  10. I think you’re just underestimating the size of Roshar. Bridge 4 is like 30 people. The Recreance itself consisted of <400 Radiants. Ok, now Roshar is a planet that easily has 10’s of millions of people. Is it really that different if a Radiant is one-in-a-million versus one-in-a-hundred-thousand?
  11. Odium is bound by agreements made by past holders of the shard. Rayse agreed with Taravangian to preserve Kharbranth no matter what. But now Taravangian holds the shard. Is he bound by that agreement? The simplest, and most likely, answer is that Taravangian can represent himself to himself and abrogate the agreement. But this still might not be so clear-cut. If that is the case, though, the tragic irony is that all that work and treachery and evil that T put into protecting Kharbranth was a complete waste of time.
  12. What sparked my thinking was the following: Hmm... sounds familiar, but not something we’ve heard about Rayse... Contrast that with what we see Rayse doing constantly: sacrificing the optimal strategy - and his stability with the Shardic power - for victories that, as Wit says, “mean something”. If Taravangian saw in the Diagram that Odium was always going to win because of his craftiness and ruthlessness, he wasn’t seeing Rayse as holding Odium! One last point on this subject: we’re constantly confronted with the Diagram being wrong. Every time Rayse tried to make an important move, he - and the Diagram predictions - fail. As Dalinar points out: this is not a source of truth that I would put much stock in! If I were Taravangian I would have ditched the Diagram if I thought that that’s the big bad villain it was warning me about. I would only keep relying on the Diagram if there was a much deeper understanding embedded within it - one which presented Odium held by Taravangian the ruthless, cunning, brilliant manipulator, rather than the (frankly) quite hapless wannabe-show off Rayse. The interesting implication here is that the fatalism that drove Taravangian was actually not his understanding of Rayse, but his understanding of his future self - a self that existed after Cultivation’s plans to have him hold the Odium shard were already complete. In other words the Diagram is really about TOdium’s destructiveness, which Cultivation clearly did not foresee (or she wouldn’t have arranged events this way in the first place.) This leads me to the whacky speculation that TOdium, not Cultivation, was the instigator of Taravangian’s Connection to the Spiritual Realm which brought about the Diagram. Even whackier and/or more speculative: Dalinar the Fused Connected him.
  13. This is a good WoB re: our discussion. Clearly I’m in the “misunderstanding Kelsier” group.
  14. I am saying that in order for this perspective to make sense, we need more information. Either El is wrong/lying and he was stripped of rhythms and title for other reasons, OR suggesting that humans be conquered rather than exterminated has more significance than we think. Everyone’s focused on a draw, as of yesterday I think the real answer is that TOdium wants to force the humans to tear up the contract. Given the foreshadowing of “the health of the planet” or whatever that’s been going on through Rhythm of War; and given El’s unique relationship with the rhythms; I’m pretty confident that if El is T’s champion, it’s because he can threaten the planet even if he loses. This