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  1. Four spikes is a lot, but this guy seemed relatively normal and not warped like a lot of people full of spikes, and having that many makes you very easy to control via emotional allomancy and what not. So I'm guessing three were bestowing powers of some kind (though we still don't know what the third of those powers those might be) and the trellium was likely there providing a shield against the warping and the emotional control. Something like the linchpin spike steel inquisitors have. Who's to say about the fourth. (Also there was no mention of finding metalminds on the Cycle, interestingly. You do use gold spikes to steal gold feruchemy and pewter spikes to steal pewter feruchemy, so it's possible at least for those two he was using his spikes as metalminds themselves, and the other spikes may not have been granting feruchemy. It may have been allomancy or just a general attribute. An alternative is that these spikes weren't actually granting feruchemy- but instead granting "Health" directly. The strength was pretty clearly ferchemic though, with the way he visibly grew.)
  2. What does a world purely of Preservation look like, a world in which Leras never joined with Ati to create something? This is Apparos, the Haunted Planet.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's said in WoBs somewhere. And that generally is what that means, it's just that the kind of light produced is Corrupted Investiture when it's red. Odium's light is more of a violet
  4. What I'm most excited for is to see the interactions between different magics and different people. That'll be cool to see. Beyond that, I think public access metalminds and medallions would be extremely cool to see. Especially if there's a way to do long distance feruchemy where you don't need a giant metalmind for everyone to be touching. (I have some theories about how this could be done, but I digress). Public copperminds used as databases, public goldmines as part of a hospital, colleges with bronzeminds that everyone uses during finals week AI/artificial spren seem entirely possible and likely with the way we know inestiture work. (In fact, this is what nightblood is but I'm thinking more sci-fi-esque). You could have a "rogue AI" story about an AI made to experiment with hemalurgy, since I bet they'd be good at that. Maybe some kind of giant Spike Archive, where a bunch of harvested hemalurgic spikes are stored. I bet you could make some kind of projector to display memories stored in copperminds (or in breath)
  5. Red magic isn't indicative of odium necessarily, it means "corrupted investiture" investiture aligned with one shard that's been influenced by the intent/investiture of another.
  6. You are right that a zany scheme to kill a god and steal its powers is up Kelsiers' alley though, i mean he's tried it before after all
  7. When burning atium or electrum, you only see one branch of the future unless your opponent is also burning atium or electrum, because since you're both operating on future knowledge, that makes the future unclear. Anything could happen. The same is true for Renarin's future sight. It's why he's a dark spot to odium (and even taravangian if i remember correctly?). This seems to be a pretty consistent mechanism across the cosmere. Even when Vin defeated zane without using atium, she did so operating off future knowledge that he (involuntarily) gave her, similar to how not only is Renarin himself a dark spot but so is everyone around him, since he can influence their decisions. So why, then, were some of Renarin's visions wrong in oathbringer? Was there someone operating off or influenced by future knowledge? The two specifically I'm thinking of are his vision that Jasnah would kill him and that Dalinar would succumb to odium. The Dalinar one is simple enough- he was influenced by Cultivation. I'm a bit surprised that Renarin's vision didn't take this into account but, especially if he had the vision of Dalinar falling before Dalinar's memories returned to him, it's not a ridiculous assumption. But why did Jasnah not kill him? Where's the futuresight influence here? Is it from Renarin himself? Was her mind changed by the fact that Renarin was expecting this to happen?
  8. Those are all interesting points that may point toward this being possible. Cool! Thanks!
  9. I thought it was more of "he was naturally good with a spear" and then his bond enhanced those abilities when it began
  10. I'm a moash girlie at heart. Brandon tends to really overmoralize working within the system, and I'm a fan of characters willing to work outside of the oppressive systems society wants them to work through. And as a certified Elhokar Hater, I've gotta be a fan. Plus, I think the relationship between moash and kaladin is really great. (Mostly unchained, yeah okay buddy).
  11. i very much disagree with this comparison, I know a bunch of people that are happy in nonmonogamous relationships it's really not a particularly extreme thing, but the overall point you're making is still true.
  12. Even if it is, it probably isn't all that difficult to distill it down to get pure atium. In fact, the hemalurgy chart mentions that atium (referring to the atium alloy, nalatium) "takes some refinement" to be used to hemalurgically steal any power. So it seems reasonable to assume that such a distillation process is not only possible, but has already been done
  13. WAIT. I'VE GOT IT. Voodoo hemalurgy. You somehow create a Connection between a doll and a person, presumably through having them using a metalmind. And then you can perform hemalurgy on the doll but have them get the effects without having to physically have the spikes on them. This would, among other things, allow multiple people to use the same spikes at different times more easily, just by using a metalmind to connect to the doll. (Or maybe even at the same time, but that probably is significantly harder, and may weaken the effects of a spike on an individual.). You might even be able to use this method to spike stuff out of people without killing them.
  14. Oh that's a very cool idea
  15. So, many magics in the cosmere, feruchemy among them, require touch to use them. Feruchemists have to be in physical contact with their metalminds in order to store or tap. Or so we've seen. Contact is required, yes, but why does it need to be physical contact? This is the cosmere, we have three realms to work on. I think that the reason touch is required is cause it forms a basic Connection needed to access the magic. But if you could Connect in other ways, maybe touch isn't even required. I think that if you could increase your Connection to a metalmind, say through the use of tapping feruchemical duralumin, you could access that metalmind without touching it. With a weak Connection, you might have to see that metal but with a strong Connection you might be able to access it from anywhere (as long as you stored enough connection to it beforehand) And I don't think it stops with Feruchemy either. I think you could find a way to make this work with allomancy as well, though that may be trickier since allomancy involves not just touch but the metal being inside you. If Connection isn't enough here, you might have to do some tricky stuff with aluminum and Identity as well. I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but I'm sure there's a way. Now, why is this significant? Well there's obvious boons of having easier access to your magic, and not having to carry as much metal on your person when facing a coinshot/lurcher. But there are a few things I want to highlight - 1) A!Aluminum. Now, I don't really see any particular advantage to being able to burn aluminum from afar. No, what I'm interested in here is Aluminum's effect. See, aluminum seems to work on a similar principal to burning metals; if you burn aluminum, all allomantically viable metals in you disappear, even ones you aren't burning. So if there's some piece of metal you want gone, maybe you could tap Connection to it, burn aluminum, and make it disappear. - 2) Ettmetal. Ettmetal is a godmetal, which tend to have powerful effects, but sadly it's a lot like caesium so you're gonna have a bad time touching it, and don't even think about swallowing it unless you like exploding. But with this trick, you wouldn't have to. So what do you think? Does this seem feasible? What are some other applications of this trick?