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  1. This is what I'm wondering. Can you do some form of compounding with fabrials, using metalminds and/or spikes?
  2. God I hope not. I don’t think they would work together well at all. Plus, I did read a fic where she had a the for MeLaan and now she’s very much gay in my mind, which could also technically explain her annoyance on the train but I don’t think that’s what Sanderson meant
  3. I’m guessing nightblood has divine breath in him, somehow
  4. He was a conqueror and an abusive prick. Whether or not he was trying to work for the greater good, he was still an absolute cremstain of a human being
  5. yesss.... YESSSSS
  6. You know that very common trope where two people who hate eachother are stuck together? Like literally handcuffed or whatever? This is just the magical version of that and I support it. This sounds like a hilarious fanfic if nothing else Edit: actually using feruchemic and/or hemalurgic duralumin scadrians might be able to do the same thing which would allow you to explore established relationships. Hmmm
  7. I could definitely see harmony becoming a big bad if I’m being honest
  8. I think it’s Khriss, who is tired of having bad food in Scadrial Personally I’m inclined to think it’s harmony; sazed is trying to push along their technical progress
  9. As far as I know we have no idea. If I had to guess, that was a detail thrown in to make the world feel a bit more lived in by showing that there’s multiple names and interpretations of things. although I do know he’s said that “fabrial” will become a catch all term for magitech, so that could possibly be what’s meant there
  10. Roshar would be genuinely perfect for a fantasy RPG. The magic system by its very nature encourages roleplay- what quests and dialogue you choose affects what spren you attract, which affects what powers you can get. There are literally level ups baked into the system. There are cool beasties to fight, and cool artifacts to find
  11. That could be cool, though we don't know of anything on Roshar that seems like an Avatar of Autonomy do we?
  12. Huh. Interesting theory. This would also make sense considering we haven't seen a mistborn born in years, though the Set breeding program could of course change that
  13. Interesting theory. Not sure I've heard this before
  14. I'm pretty sure some metals, duralumin specifically, could do exactly that
  15. It could be cool to read a book about people searching for this.... Lost Metal