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  1. @Wyndlerunner Ahhh the epaulettes one of the design choices that I initially regretted due to sheer amount of time I repainted them. But they were a good learning experience and I ended up kinda liking them ;P @I Used To Be A Fish As @Emi pointed out, when I drew the underlying anatomy his right leg was pointed towards the camera a little more prominently after repainting a bunch of times I kinda see how the silhouette of the left leg was lost. I actually agree that it is hard to see and edited in a hint of the leg on the original file 1 day after I submitted it hahah! This is why I asked for the community's feedback - I can get tunnel visioned during the process and miss these things! Also after mulling over it I think the sky's blue color is too saturated/vibrant and I am thinking of toning it down to a slate gray (with a tinge of azure) to better represent the highstorm. If you guys have anymore suggestions post away and hopefully we get a more robust final piece at the end
  2. Spoilt for choice really while waiting for November. I am still trying to wrap my head around the Cosmere but without spoiling myself too much. I remember thoroughly enjoying the original mistborn series do you reckon I can pick up from the wax and wayne series or will I have to revisit the first trilogy. I have to be economical with my approach, I have artistic projects planned for SA and I'm afraid of being creatively distracted ;P
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome and I'm giddy that you are all liking the picture. I'm glad I made the decision to share it and this place was a perfect fit. The first Mistborn trilogy from like 10 years ago. I'm surprised to see there are more - I think it's time for a reread!
  4. Thank you all for the kind words! First, @Scout_Fox, thank you for the review! It made me scrolling up to reexamine my own painting haha. It is so surreal to have someone describe the subconscious artistic directions I made. To your questions: This was one of my favorite imagery of Kaladin across the books - When he surfs the highstorms. Close enough to sustain stormlight and see the light ahead but barely racing ahead of the void and violent winds. At the knifes' edge - a good metaphor for Kal. A tied favorite is the epic aerial fight between him and Szeth which I will attempt to render once I gain more confidence with the tools I am using. Why I did it? The current state of country had me spending more time at home. I was rereading some books and after The Way of Kings I promptly purchased and consumed the rest. Overdosed with inspiration, I wanted to illustrate the various scenes from my mind's eye. The whole technical aspect had me stumped but I was determined to distill the mental imagery into something tangible. The most challenging part was capturing Kaladins' likeness. I also wanted to add more detail like embroidery, jewelry and various other graphical designs but I currently lack the rendering skills to do them. I settled for the excuse that Kaladins' spartan nature would have him forego the embellishments anyway. I am glad you enjoyed it and hopefully there are more to come.
  5. I can't seem to link or upload images. The original file is a .png (3840 x 2160). Sorry guys, it should be on the gallery section of the site. If you want the original file let me know!
  6. Hello! I hope you are well in these trying times. Due to the lockdown I found myself with a lot of free time which, of course, was spent reacquainting myself to a dusty reading list. The Stormlight Archive series had. Me. Hooked. In my heady pursuit to find the next fix I found this forum and you wonderful people! To say the least I am beyond excited for The Rhythm of War. Given that I wasn't aware of the sites existence during the last month I had no outlet for the pent-up energy I got from each read. Anxious to do something I started to doodle my favorite scenes. Eventually I found myself digging for an old drawing tablet gifted to me years and years ago and, with no job, had a lot of free time to learn how to paint digitally :)It was very challenging but after a bunch of youtube tutorials I'm glad to share the first fruit of my labor. In my Gallery is a painting I did of Kaladin after reading Oathbringer. I wanted to illustrate him flying ahead of a highstorm. Alas, there are a lot of things I wanted to do but currently lack the skills to execute. This is the first time I am sharing an artwork online and I hope you enjoy it!
  7. WIPs (jastzui | Artstation) if you are learning like me or just curious of the process - tips and feedback welcome.