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  1. I was writing an essay for school, when I realized I had accidentally capitalized Identity. Anyone else have any funny stories like that?
  2. 9 Unmade. The Sibling. What's 9+1? 10? Now, above, some people have theorized about how each Unmade corresponds to one order of Fused, and how Honor's Surge is unavailable to the Fused. Therefore, by corrupting the Sibling, they could get access to Adhesion. Which makes me think that each of those spren (the Unmade, the Sibling) corresponds to one Surge. However, the hole in my reasoning is that the Nightwatcher and Stormfather exist too. How valid do you think this is, however? On a side note, the reason the Radiants have two Surges and the Fused have one is because the Fused are of one Shard and the Radiants of two.
  3. Um, what? Where are you getting this info?
  4. My favorite part was when Spensa accidentally called Kaladin "Jerkface".
  5. I'm not sure if I'm misremembering and I doubt it would relate to Nightblood, but I'm pretty sure black "light" belongs to Ruin (I'm recalling the black smoke when he escaped from the Well)
  6. Yeah, that too. I'll edit my original post with all of the hints people find.
  7. So, how certain are we now that Thaidakar is Kelsier? Thaidakar is called the Lord of Scars by Hoid (Lord of the Mists reference, and the scars on his arms most likely), he is described as having a situation similar to the Heralds (again, Kelsier). There are probably other hints that I missed, but I think it's a pretty safe assumption. This post will be edited as more evidence is posted. EVIDENCE: The Lord of Scars Situation similar to that of the Heralds Wit threatened to "slap him around again"
  8. Only two Radiant Orders have access to each Surge. However, three have access to Stoneshaping: Bondsmiths, Stonewards, and Willshapers. Stonewards and Willshapers each use the Stoneshaping Surge in Book 4 (Won't go into detail, as I don't want to put it on the spoiler boards), but Dalinar "healing" the temple in Thaylenah, in Book 3, was described by the Stormfather (I think) as an application of the Stoneshaping Surge, and, in addition, the Stormfather told Dalinar that Stoneshaping is the other of his two Surges.
  9. If people in the cosmere were to find a planet with, say, just molecular life, do you think they'd put a giant speed bubble over the whole planet (knowing Brandon, that's probably possible) and watch how life evolves? That could be amazing for science.
  10. Sazed wasn't actually God, he's...god. BIG difference comes from capitalization. He made Elend's body physically whole again but lower-g gods can't get the spirit back after it goes away is basically what happened. I understand your viewpoint having just read the first three mistborn books, but once you learn more about what's happening behind the scenes and read his other books, you'll start to realise what can and can't happen.
  11. I think he means, "when was that established?"
  12. Although I certainly see possibilities for this type of thing. Also, can Allomancers burn Iron consumed in food?
  13. Look. I have absolutely no idea how feasible this idea is but I just had the idea that the Rhythms the Parsh hear is somehow related to the pulses Bronze mistings hear. Please, prove me one way or another, but it is certainly interesting.
  14. Dalinar keeps hearing the words "Unite them". The Stormfather says it isn't him, and I don't believe it's any vestige of Honor, Odium, or Cultivation, because they all use different formatting and are described differently. So what could it be? My theory is that it's some...I'm not sure what the term would be, but let's call it a Splinter of Adonalsium (Probably not a shard, though maybe). That Splinter is telling Dalinar to Unite the Shards of Adonalsium. It's foreshadowed left and right. "I am Unity," Dalinar says. What does that sound like? The name of a Shard, possibly two, joined together, like with Sazed. Odium says that Dalinar Ascended. Dalinar keeps hearing the words after he's united not only the highprinces but also the whole world (excepting Iriali and Shinovar). I simply can't think of anything else it could be.
  15. One thing I'd like to know: How could they tell if a random planet, say, Scadrial is their 5th land or 7th land? Is it just the next planet they get to?