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  1. Ara almost yelped, but clapped her hands over her mouth before it came out. “Yes. Going. Definitely.”
  2. Memory glided over to where the group stood, and a strange pearlescent-white veil of light fell around them. “It is done. I can not hold it for long. Move quickly.”
  3. “That doesn’t sound good. Shall we get out of here?” Kaesiel began walking through the dust into the tunnel in the wall.
  4. row

    Sequence hummed from his place on the ground, slowly making his way up the wall. “Liiiiikkeee you could force mmmme to do anything if you wanted to. Mmmmmmm.”
  5. Same! I was happily surprised by some of the really interesting discussion around this, which was something I had never really thought about before.
  6. “Almost... done!” Dust littered the floor around Kaesiel, as she pulled back and slammed her hands into the rock one last time. The cavern wall burst outward in an avalanche of rock and debris, the largest pieces maybe only some five centimeters in diameter. Kaesiel was left in the middle of the remnants of the avalanche, which had split around her in a V shape. Sunlight shone through the new, ten foot hole in the wall. “Finished”
  7. row

    Sequence hummed excitedly.
  8. It’s so great of you to do this, Tesh. I don’t have an diagnosed mental illnesses myself, but I have close family who do, and it’s always great to see it recognized. You are all amazing people, and I wish all the strength in the world to you. I don’t know some of you enough to give the sort of specific support I would like to, but I’ll do my best with those I do. @Shard of Thought, I hate seeing you hurting, too. That letter to yourself is maybe one of the most sad, but also wholesome and uplifting things, I’ve ever read. And it’s because you’re so genuine and real. And because I care about you. We’re a fantasy community here, and we read a lot of sad things that happen in fiction. Characters who go through horrible things. But you may be living through that in real life, and I hate that that has to happen to anyone. But I know that, just like the characters we all love, you will persevere and come out better for it, and that’s because of the kind of person you are. You’re fierce in all the best ways, and both you and your friends are lucky for it. You won’t let this get the better of you, and neither will we. @Tesh, you are a genuinely amazing person. I am constantly happily surprised every time I learn something new about you. I’m not generally into musicals, but your unbridled love of them makes me happy every time I see you talk about it. And the same goes for all your other passions. I’m so glad you’re coming to learn more about yourself. It’s always great when we can discover something new about who we are, or have what we’ve always know validated, and I hope it helps you deal with all the challenges you will have to face. Now and in the future. @Vapor, you don’t have to say anything, if you can’t put it into words. I understand that. But I do want to say that you are a sweet, kind, and strong friend. I say that as, I hope, a friend of yours, and also I’m sure for all of the other people who care so much for you. We are lucky to have met you. I want to give you a hug so much, if only to show you how much you really do matter. Every interaction with you, I have come out happier for it.
  9. “Hmmm. It depends on what it is. I could probably kill a couple of those hostile creatures before my Notion ran out and I needed to replenish. I could make you invisible for a few minutes. Why are you not asking Auriel? She can do far more than me.” Ara’s gut reaction was to rebuff Mamory’s assertion. She couldn’t do anything. She was useless in a fight. But maybe I can learn. ”I’m really not that powerful, but... maybe I can think of something?”
  10. “Oh, have you not met? Sorry! Uh, Mem, where are you?” With a static pop of electricity, Memory’s blue-white form appeared beside Ara. “I am always here, but now I am more here. Why did you call?” ”I just wanted you to meet Exodus, here! I don’t think I’ve properly introduced you two.” ”Hello, Exodus. I am a Memory.” They turned to Ara. “Auriel, were you aware there are several dozen humanoid creatures near you at the moment? They do seem hostile.”
  11. Ara scratched the back of her head nervously. “Uh. Well, Memory has been able to make me invisible before. They only did it once, and it only lasted a few minutes. And that was just me. More people could be more difficult.”
  12. Ara gulped. “Can we avoid them?”
  13. Kaesiel walked to the far end of the cavern. “All right, what I’m doing is Manifesting a microscopic lattice of carbon tubes between the atoms of stone, thus creating nanoscale fissures that destabilize the rock and make it vulnerable to further forces applied. This can get explosive, and may take a few minutes, so it would be best if you all stand back and try to delay for me.” Kaesiel laid her hands on the wall, Manifesting outward the Notion she had taken from the Necromancer earlier. A large section of the wall began to shake as dust and chunks of rock broke free.
  14. I recently started watching Campaign 2 of Critical Role, so now I can fully appreciate your username/profile pic :P