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  1. That’s true, though it is at least a cultural thing for the singers that surges are associated with two shards each. I’m not super set on this idea. It’s just an interesting thematic connection I noticed and wanted to talk about a bit. I’m definitely open to different interpretations.
  2. Raboniel tells Venli all the nine surges other than Adhesion are of both Honor and Cultivation:
  3. I don’t even know if he would need a gemstone. Once he got them to the cognitive realm, it’s possible the power just had no way to get back out into the spiritual. The mention with pressure and the Dor is a really good catch, though. I’m not sure what it could mean, but it’s very interesting.
  4. row

    Sequence slipped into the crack under the locked door and listened to the voices on the other side, humming softly in interest.
  5. I posted about this in the comments for the Surgebinding Shardcast episode, but I wanted to elaborate on it more. So, Adhesion, according to the Ars Arcanum, is the surge of pressure and vacuum. While it is more broadly the surge of connection, this is at least its physical embodiment. Now, we have Odium being described by Syl: Odium is described as a Void, a vacuum, drawing in emotion. Through pressure. It seems like this description of Odium is very reminiscent of Adhesion, supposedly Honor’s truest surge. We know all the other nine surges are a combination of two shards. Honor and Cultivation. What if Adhesion is also a combination of two shards. But not Honor and Cultivation. Honor and Odium. Additionally, this effect is reflected in Raysium. According to Navani talking about Raysium in fused weapon stealing Stormlight: Again, a pressure differential being a key factor in Odium magics. Raysium is an investiture pressure vacuum. Anyway, this could be pure coincidence, but it does open up some interesting questions, particularly about Voidbinding. Specifically because some of the abilities of Voidbinders seem linked to Connection, an ability of Adhesion.
  6. row

    “You are not a Stoneward, able to shape stone with a touch. Mmmmm, you are a Lightweaver. You must Transform the stone, make it air. I do not know but... try to think of each brick as individual, not as one whole, but as itself. Convince it to be air, not stone.”
  7. row

    “Hmmmm... I still do not see why you don’t just tell them what you are... they are very interesting. You humans and your lies. I do ‘t understand... But, the wall, yes. You could scale it. Perhaps this is a chance to test your Transformation. Yes. Craft yourself handholds for your strange human appendages. Yes!”
  8. “Triangulation... yes. That makes sense.”
  9. row

  10. row

    “Mmmmm... you are the one with the illusions, yes? I have never bonded a human before. I did not know.”
  11. row

    Sequence crawled up the side of a building to get a better look. “It. Makes no sense. Why would he come knowing he would lose? Mmmmm... Perhaps we should follow. See what comes of these lies... yes.”
  12. row

    “Mmmmmmm.” Sequence hummed frantically. “Mmm. We are not ready yet. Not good. Illumination, we have practiced, yes? Hide yourself. Escape. We cannot fight thisssss...”
  13. Episode 127 spoilers: