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  1. No need! It’s a good name!
  2. Welcome! I actually have an cryptic in an RP I’m sort of playing in who’s names sequence. Did you prefer mistborn era 1 or 2? I think I’m in the minority of liking era 2 better overall.
  3. row

    “Do not ask meee. Perhaps we can find some of my brethren and ask them? Yessss. That is a good plan.”
  4. Ara quirked an eyebrow. “I didn’t know you could actually go into the Notion realm.” She glanced behind her. Memory had become just a normal shadow, cast in the opposite direction. “What will happen to Memory?”
  5. row

    Sequence hummed at the lie. Humans were so interesting.
  6. Ara sat up, waving to Arik as she left.
  7. Ara pulled off a piece. “This looks really good, Exodus!” She awkwardly took a bite, not sure whether to use a fork or not. “Mmm. It is good.”
  8. Ara looked at Minuet, smiling encouragingly. “What would you wish for?” @Condensation
  9. “I guess, I don’t need much?” Ara winced. “That kind of sounds narcissistic. But it’s true. I just don’t…” Ara’s expression went blank for a moment. Blood. The smell of burning. Memory’s panicked screams. Ara smiled. “I’m fine. My problems are trivial, in comparison.”
  10. “Well, Memory… They say they aren’t human, that they can’t feel emotion. But… I think it hurts them, even if they don’t say so. And I wish I could help them.”
  11. Ara shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess… I just want to help people be happy. Some of my family, Memory, they have so much they have to go through, deal with. I wish I could just help them somehow.”
  12. Ara laughed nervously. “That last one, probably. Though I doubt the Aerduaran government has much power this far away.” I hope I’m not putting you in danger.
  13. “Yes. Thank you very much.”
  14. Ara pulled out some coins and payed them down. She had figured out the proper conversions for Aerduaran currency to the local. That first interaction at that inn had been embarrassing. Gold was so much more valuable here. “I’ll just have some of what he’s having.” She nodded to Exodus, smiling at him. “It sounds interesting. Plus, a bit of whatever fruits are in season right now.”
  15. Ara smiled at Minuet, though inside she was still a little afraid of the girl. That was Ara’s fault, of course. Selfish of her to hold onto her fears just because— Ara nodded to Exodus, then started to make her way out of the doorway and down the stairs.