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  1. I didn’t see the latest episode live, so now I have to wait four more days. This makes me excited, though. I dread what will happen.
  2. I got into the shard after reading Oathbringer for the first time. I had just finished it and I was looking at the Stormlight wiki (separate from the Coppermind, which I did not know existed) to look up a few things about the series which I didn’t understand. Boy was I opening a can of worms. I remember looking up Zahel and wondering who this “Vasher” guy was, and why I was being redirected to him. Then I found out about Hoid, the shards, and Cosmere in quick succession. At that point I immediately started reading Mistborn, and, eventually, the whole Cosmere. Anyway, during that whole time, Instarted listening to Shardcast and reading the shard. I don’t remember how exactly I found it, but I’m glad I did. Without Shardcast to pretty much explain how the Cosmere works to me, I definitely would not be as much of a fan as I am now. I’ve been listening to Shardcast for over two years, now, and lurking on the shard for probably more than half that time. The reason I finally made an account was actually a few things. I wanted to discuss the RoW spoiler chapters, I wanted to get the Aether of Night manuscript, I wanted to play some Sanderson elimination, and I wanted to comment on the Iconar Collective chapters by @Channelknight Fadran. I’ve only ended up doing half those things, but I’m still loving being here. Fun memories? I once had such a bad giggle fit over some of the posts on Google Translate: Cosmere Edition that I tried to tell my family about the thread but couldn’t get through a single sentence without breaking down in laughter.
  3. This looks awesome!
  4. 642202810904021051192723127756087723120464125612045112?
  5. Jes’s hands shook as she drew with a nervous fervor, hands dusted in blue dust from her chalk. She had not expected to make it this far. Had it really only been 14 minutes? It seemed like days had passed. 58770290126890190478882251122756
  6. 641256120464190464190478882251122756. 09?
  7. Jes worked nervously as the sun became red on the horizon. So many holes had appeared in her defenses, ten, if she counted right. The lines she drew to repair them were haphazard, but it would have to do.
  8. So, I can’t watch episodes live, but I finished 109: Frigid Propositions, and
  9. 0919047888080919047812647810120408909008680978101204? Jes was still in it. That was good, Very good based on what she had expected. Now was A time to Plan. most of the Others were dead or Retreating. Taking out her yellow chalk, she started to draw up her next move. The one she had used all those five years ago.
  10. Jes drew frantically, her hands red from gripping the chalk so tightly. Half the competition Was eliminated already! It’s been so long since I’ve done this. Ten months, is it? No wonder I’m nervous.
  11. Bosco!? (Does anyone get this reference?) Edit: wrong thing again. In reply to Ark’s comment: Guys, the Crystal Gems are here! WTWTTSW you find out your fanfic is actually canon?
  12. Wait, since when do I have a dog? How did this thing get in here?! WTWTTSW you turn on your home-made particle collider for the first time?
  13. @TJ Shade, can you PM me?
  14. Got it, thanks! @TJ Shade
  15. Jes continued drawing, back to the wall. Frantically, she looked up at the rhymatists around her, yelling out “@TJ Shade , can you make a PM with me and Vicki(Vapor)?”