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  1. Over the last six months or so I've been working on a creating a physical 3D model of the continent of Roshar. It's still a work in progress, but I have some actual physical products to show for it as of recently. My end goal is to make the entire map out of wood and project animations like Highstorms onto it. So far, I've made a prototype map out of foam using a CNC router. And I have used a projector with it to project the map of Roshar onto the foam: The reason I post this is I would like some feedback. Eventually I want to do something with this similar to the interactive timeline of Roshar the staff put together, but in three dimensions. Like I mentioned, I would also like to add the Highstorms to the animation, so you can see how they interact with the geography and mountains of the map. Is there anything else I should add? Change? Improve? I have a time limit, but I'm curious to see what people think. Finally, here's the 3D digital model I used for this in case anyone wants it for a project of their own. Feel free to use it, though it is fairly rough, so the geography isn't exactly perfect and the topography is complete guesswork.
  2. I loved this movie. It’s one I’m actually glad to have music from in my head. I think Mirabel is my favorite character just for screen time alone, but Delores is definitely underutilized, and would be my favorite with just a few more lines. Her character as someone who hears everything is so interesting, and I will definitely write something with that concept eventually. Going back and picking up the subtle hints in the Bruno song she drops about being able to hear him now. And Isabella is also a great character. Luisa has a better song, but she is my favorite sister of the two, and What Else Can I Do is my second favorite song of the movie.
  3. Ara moved to grab the second canoe. “We need to be on the water to transition realms?”
  4. 17th shards christmas

    This was really nice last year we did it, so I’m definitely up for making it a tradition! Do we have one post with all the links to the individual threads for the activities somewhere? That could be useful.
  5. I haven’t watched the latest episode live, but I have been keeping up otherwise.
  6. Okay, I’m sure someone on the internet has already noticed this, but I was just looking through my copy of the Sentinel Comics RPG core rulebook, and the Mighty Nein are totally in this picture. Also, I’m not sure, but I think that may be Keilith and Grog in the bottom left corner?
  7. row

    Sequence hummed, crawling up Cess’ arm to her shoulder. “We are in the Tower. Do not worry, I’m sure the other Radiants know what they are doing.” They paused, then added more quietly, “Though, perhaps be ready to disguise yourself. Do you think you can do that?”


  9. Inktober! For those who don't know, I've decided to do three of the Cosmere Inktober prompts a week, so here are the arts for week one! (Also, side note: this is my first ever status update in my over a year on the shard, and I can't tell if that's sad or impressive). Non-RoW Cosmere spoilers for all.

    Prompt: Invested


    I've been wanting to do a stained glass version of all the shards for a while, and this was a good excuse. Here's Ruin:


    Prompt: Broken


    Shallan's kinda messed up, ya'll.


    Prompt: Visage


    Shalash scratching out her eyes. I'm not as proud of this one, but it's okay.


    I'll probably hopefully post my shardiversary update soon! It's only two months late.

    1. Flying


      The Ruin one looks really cool

    2. AonEne


      These are great! Did you share them on the Shard Discord? I can't remember seeing them. 

    3. JesterLavorre


      So far I’ve only posted them here.

  10. I generally group Magic and worldbuilding together. Also, I would put mystery on there, though I think a lot of the mystery in Sanderson books comes from the magic and worldbuilding. Anyway, my rating would be: Magic Characters Worldbuilding The other ones Not that I dislike any of these things, just my order of value.
  11. Yeah. There is a lot of random little things that you wouldn’t get from the books, that either Brandon has said or that people have just figured out. I wouldn’t stress it too much. People are understanding, and if you’ve read all the books you shouldn’t have a problem. One thing that helped me learn and catch up on a lot of the less obvious things were Shardcasts, but those do definitely take a time commitment to watch and are maybe not the most efficient way to go about things. Still, if you’re interested, or if there’s a topic they have a podcast in that you want to hear more about, definitely give it a try.
  12. No need! It’s a good name!
  13. Welcome! I actually have an cryptic in an RP I’m sort of playing in who’s names sequence. Did you prefer mistborn era 1 or 2? I think I’m in the minority of liking era 2 better overall.