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  1. The thing with Jedi and sith is an actual lore technique but it’s not done very often because it’s very very dangerous and take a a lot of skill, when it’s done it’s basically the same as what we saw Ishar do.
  2. I suppose that makes sense but the whole deal with the glowing bones just seemed so weird and almsot like soemthing that shouldn’t happen especially since it enabled him to easily overpower a full body dakhor monk while nearly dead.
  3. Why was hrathens arm glowing like it was draining dilaf or powering up or something. additionally how was he still standing at that point. Also why did dilaf not know about his arm when he was in charge of the monestary. did hrathen have a special arm from somewhere other than the monestary? At the very least his arm is definitely different from the others in how it is described and he was able to despite being vastly weakened overpower a full dakhor monk with only the arm, seems kinda weird without something else with the arm or other intervention.
  4. I just thought of an addition I believe the 5th ideal will come very very easily to kaladin, the 4th was very hard for him but I think the 5th will not be.
  5. Ah yeah that’s true, but it’s the same colorbas the herald images, which seeing as shallan at the point of telling the illusion hadn’t met ash and shallan was involved subconsciously in the hair change on some level I think it makes sense that it was white, we also don’t know what powers the heralds possess without an honor blade and stuff so it’s possible she is light waving on some level. Plus Brandon has rafo’d a lot about the story and it being about humans leaving shinovar/ashyn seems a bit too easy to figure out to be worth and Rafo alone, the story is a pretty clear match to the idea of humans the original boidbringers eother leaving shinovar or ashyn so I think there has to be a deeper mystery here
  6. It changes to white without shallan consciously doing anything during her illusion of the story in urithiru if I remember right
  7. Because the storm striders fit the story of fleet perfectly. stormstridera seem to be spren though, I think if they were great shells it would be really hard to miss them Well the stormfather existed in some capacity before the shattering so I doubt it, that would make a lot less sense then fleet being a or the storm strider a spren that walks the storms forervet it just doesn’t fit in my opinion for fleet to be the stormfather that’s too important of a role and it doesn’t fit time wise, however fleet being the giant spren seen walking through the storms pretty much fits what we knew of his fate, provides and nice cameo and isn’t too important probably also the stormfather is the one who said he could ride the storm so that doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  8. Yeah but it’s almsot certainly fleet, at least based on the story he supposedly rides the winds and these things exist considering how much Brandon likes to have random characters pop up again to make the word feel more real like adolin tailor I think it’s safe to say that’s fleet or at least he is a stormstrider thats true I hadn’t considered that distinction but i think that’s debatable like it just seems a trivial distinction though I suppose considering it’s hoid he would almsot certainly exploit such a trivial distinction so I supposed that’s fair
  9. I agree that it is almost certainly referencing humans leaving shinovar but to me the fact that shallans illusions hair turns inexplicably white, the possibility ash was born there and a lot of other little details make it seem like it very well could specifically refer to ash.
  10. that’s my original post about basically everyone. Another one is jasnah she mentions having a childhood illness nobody remembers, which sounds like cultivation.
  11. Lol I feel like we are the only two people who think cultivation is responsible for basically everything. He does say that kaladin is not more naturally gifted then a normal person but I think that’s misleading probably on purpose, maybe it was changed or maybe it’s to hide future points but the fact that he killed a shardbearer and displays more natural skill then every other character we see in stormlight despite them all being talented fighters with years sometimes decades more training is way more then just normally talented. Also the near physical need to act when holding a spear isn’t displayed by anyone else. like adolin is a talented swordsmen training since he was a young child kaladin picked up a spear 5 years ago and he is about as good as adolin. Additionally once again he doesn’t seem to have a near physical dependency or urge tied to the use of his powers/ skill like vin and kaladin.
  12. does anyone think cultivation was just abess glass from book of the ancestor but a dragon before becoming cultivation. (If you don’t know who that is it’s one of the most fun characters ever and a good example of characters whose plans always work out not stealing any narrative tension) Ok so i’m a believer that cultivation has been manipulating everyone and has some massive master plan and I think there are some interesting things about kaladin that make me suspicious of her having a hand in some of the events surrounding him. 1. Kaladin spends a good amount of book one believing he is cursed with bad luck and speculates it was the night watcher. What if he is right, considering what we now know about cultivation It seems legitimately possible she had some hand in it. 2. Why did nobody know about kaladin, heleran at the command of the sky breakers came to kill amaram, it seems that the sky breakers knew Tien was a proto radiant nobody ever knew about kaladin or came after hmm despite him killing their shardbearer. On top of this the sky breakers seem to take some level of orders from cultivation since she must have given nightblood to nale who then was to give it to szeth. 3. when syl describes her early time coming after kaladin she describes a pure sound that called her there, this has been assumed to be mean Tien by pretty much everyone but what if it wasn’t what if cultivation woke syl up and led her to kaladin? 4. Kaladins spear feedback loop- basically the feedback loop through the spiritual realm is really really strong. We see plenty of others who are natural and gifted warriors and none of them ever display a similar degree of it affecting them. Neither adolin nor Dalinar or anyone else ever describe the degree of affect on them outside the influence of the thrill or odium but kaladin despite significantly less training or experience compared to either is at least as good as if not better then them. It’s specifically odd because these are two incredibly talented people he degree his natural skill enhances his abilities is abnormal. but we do see someone who displays similar natural aptitude, vin, no I don’t know if this whole idea was thought out previously as in when mistborn was written but I think in hind sight it seems very likely that vin had a similar spiritual feedback loop(in fact it’s likely that the idea of “talent” in general in the cosmere is related to this). Now it’s possible that they just are more talented since they are main characters but that doesn’t explain other similar symptoms like the relationship they both have to their respective talent. Both vin and kaladin seem to have an almost physical need to exercise this talent, kaladin picks up a spear and it takes over completely changing him, vin after being stuck inside for long time becomes restless and feels a need to use her powers it’s very similar to the way kaladin picks up a spear and needs to fight. Now other characters have similar things like Dalinar has an addiction to the thrill and adolin loves dueling, but adolin while he loves it never displays a similar bordering on physical need to fight. Dalinar does display this and that is related to the thrill and direct shardic influence. Dalinar also has a similar but slightly different relationship to the thrill, I think his is related to much more active shardic influence. He never displays this as a passive thing the way vin and kaladin do, for them it’s part of them for Dalinar it’s an effect being put on him. So basically we have 3 cases of this strange talent/addiction/ physical draw to a power/ fighting/ whatever else, one of them is different from the other two and is clearly due to direct shardic influence, one of them being vin seems very likely to be due to either direct shardic influence since she was groomed by cultivation I think either the spiritual feedback loop that grants skill, or the loop was naturally stronger because she took up a shard. Kaladin I think in this instance is unlikely to be dealing with direct shardic influence because his thing is more similar to vins then Dalinars, it is possible that it is due to him taking up a shard depending on how vin got her feedback loop enhanced. but it cannot be that honor enhanced the loop so there are two possibilities I think. 1. Kaladin will take up a shard(or become some other powerful entity)- which I do think is very possible considering the strange other abilities he has shown and the fact he is called son of tanavast. or, and this is the one relevant for my crazy speculation 2. Cultivation must have enhanced the spiritual feedback loop, it cannot have been honor since he is dead and idk why odium would do it.
  13. They are the same surge that’s the nature of the power it’s just different parts of it. elsecallers don’t get all of transformation like they don’t get spiritual transformation for example and renarin doesn’t have whatever type of illumination normal Lightweavers do he has something else.
  14. Renarin creates weird floating lamp light things. I don’t know about shallans illusions magic light because I don’t think she has ever tried that.