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  1. That’s kind of what I was getting at though not in those words and maybe not that strong. But yeah I think Kaladin may have absorbed tanavast a cognitive shadow and that explains a lot of weirdness.
  2. This theory is essentially predicated on three main premises 1. that tanavasts cognitive shadow was while a part of the storm father in some measure distinct from his main consciousness. 2. That tanavast’s cognitive shadow was what spoke to facials and is responsible for the stormfathers weird behavior. 3. That the stormfather is no longer combined with tanavasts cognitive shadow for these premises the second is a solid enough theory on its own, though Ishar is perhaps a more likely candidate, i personally find that given the supposed recency of his reclaiming an honor blade that he is unlikely to have been able to co-opt the stormfather. the third essentially comes from if the second premise is true then there must be a reason for why we have not seen tanavasts cognitive shadow again, and I will provide an explanation of where it went in a moment. So accepting what I’ve said is true, where did the cognitive shadow go. I think that kaladin absorbed the cognitive shadow of tanavast during the first book. This is a theory I’ve seen elsewhere though I couldn’t find the post, but in way of kings when kaladin is tied up in the storm he claims to feel as it something is forcing it’s way inside him. Shortly after kaladin begins to be referred to as “son of tanavast” which we know is important. This would also explain the change in the stormfathers behavior we see. this is definitely not one of my better put together theories but I just wanted to write it down for now.
  3. I believe that the storm faker is actually the cognitive shadow of tanavast, the seemingly much stronger definition of personality and the form made of air are very reminiscent of the shadow of leras in mistborn and explains the weird way he is behaving.
  4. That’s fair, my point isn’t that he can win but that we need to be aware that future develops with kaladin specifically could change the outcome of this fight.
  5. But my point is kaladin is not a normal person, I agree normally he cannot but we don’t know the extent of whatever being the “son of tanavast” does and he also has power armor on top of superhuman combat feats, it is entirely possible that the full extent of his weird powers could allow him to win is my point.
  6. He actively displayed this ability in the fight in WoR where he is surrounded by the wind and claims to be able to have dodged as well with his eyes closed. Ishar later displays a similar ability, it appears to be functionally similar to atium.
  7. The thing with kaladin is he has managed to defeat a lot of enemies he really should not be able to and has a lot of abilities that we do not understand, including an ability that appears to be quite comparable to atium he displays most prominently in the due in WoR.
  8. Pretty much no 4th ideal radiant besides a bondsmith and probably kaladin, but kaladin and whatever is going on with him is comparable to vin in terms of bypassing the normal scaling
  9. I maintain and have maintained since I read the book that they are fused, they have glowing red eyes are mistaken for kandra and have no regard for their own lives
  10. That is quite probably what I mean yeah, it’s been a long time since I read oathbringer
  11. Yeah I remember that but I remember it being in the context of her mimicry of people, I don’t have a physical book on me or I’d try and find it, I could be wrong but I though there was something that implied she may have been human before.
  12. I could be wrong but I remember you hat shallan got the impression of like recapturing or reclaiming something or like re-shaphir wanted something back.
  13. Re-shaphir seemed to be heavily implied to be a former human who was attempting to recreate what she once was in her conflict with shallan.
  14. Because they are physically entering through a perpendicularity however the question then is what does a soulcasting person look like?
  15. So this is a post where I tried to puzzle out the different ones based on what we know making as we assumptions as possible and I don’t really wanna type all my arguments out again