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  1. Year if it’s any non shard Or Hoid entities definitely a herald, the lord ruler is the only other comparable power level person but he has way less experience. between kaladin and adolin I think with no powers it’s too dependent on other factors to call. kelsier though while yes he is skilled and dangerous roshar is a whole other power level to Scadrial a random guy with shard plate could probably just ignore his pushes and pulls. But I think the most insane thing against them would be a reverse lashing beat way to counter that would be to just walk to a wall and suck everything he was manipulating to the wall. while kelsier is a beast I just don’t think he could really best anyone with powers on roshar. Roshar is the highest combative power level we have yet to see Yolen is probably the only world we will see that’s got more investiture. Now I feel like the world from Warbreaker has a comparable level of investiture when it comes to powerful users it’s just not as combative.
  2. According to a wob of dalinar in his old blackthorn mode had met kaladin on the battlefield kaladin would probably have won. It’s a little vague but that’s the essence of it.
  3. I mean comparable to the people like kaladin. Sure she may be a good fighter but kaladin is a force of nature with the spear, against most she is like amazing but when you are talking fighters like kaladin she is not in the same league when it comes to weapons handling.
  4. obviously not including insanely op characters like the lord ruler, vin burning mist, shards, heralds, etc... I was wondering this but I haven’t had time to read Elantris so I wanted to know why people who have read all of it think. personally I think it’s got to be between 5 characters with powers and 6 without. with powers Kaladin, vin, szeth, marsh and jasnah without powers kaladin, szeth, dalinar, adolin, Vasher, and denth with powers Kaladin and szeth I shouldn’t need to explain they are the most well rounded characters in terms of fighting prowess being both incredibly good fighters with their weapons and incredibly adept in the use of their powers. vin probably has the best control over her powers of anyone. With marsh almost as dangerous as her plus better with weapons. jasnah with her soul tasing is insane though I think she would be weaker the stronger the enemy she fights is because of the investiture. Without kaladin and dalinar are force of natures on the battlefield even without powers adolin is probably the beast duelists we see vasher trained adolin denth was a batter swords man then Vasher and szeth is assumedly quite good. am I missing anyone specifically from Elantris?
  5. With the characters I know I have a hard time believing anyone on this list with the current stipulations could beat kaladin. because 1. You have to one shot him, if you can’t one shot him you lose, and you can only one shot him with a shard blade and maybe not even then. 2. Almost all of the skilled characters are sword fighters, and a sword loses to a spear most of the time. Plus he can change the spear to any weapon he needs. 3. he can stay out of the range of most of these characters and even the ones that can reach him he can stay far away from. Plus gravitation would let him basically draw bullets and projectiles away from himself. 4. kaladin is a force of nature on the battlefield, even without stormlight he is taking on entire squads of men, to put that into perspective a master swordsman probably couldn’t win more then a 1v3 if they were all armed with standard one handed side swords. there are maybe 5 characters from my observations that can stack up to him with weapons being Vasher, Denth, adolin, szeth and dalinar. Vin is just as dangerous but that’s due to her skill with her powers not weapons. 5. none of the other people really to my knowledge have powers that pose a threat to him, this is just speculation but likely without duralumin emotional allowance from vin will not work, steel pushes and pulls are a cheap approximation of gravitation, stormlight is pewter on steroids, atium does not matter if you cannot do anything about the attack like say a 9 foot lance or sword cutting across where you are. though honestly the same things go for vin 1. Her skill with her powers is from the characters I know here matched only by Vasher, debut and kaladin. Two of those people have powers very poorly oriented for combat. 2. her powers are way better then most people on the list. so I think this battle will always without exception come down to vin and kaladin but kaladin will always win because 1. his powers are better 2. his weapons are better 3. vin isn’t a skilled fighter, she is a skilled mistborn, if you put her and kaladin into a fighting arena with only pewter and no lashings kaladins Will win very single time, I’d even say vin is better with her powers then kaladin but kaladins spear skills are on a whole other level.
  6. I agree but I am very curious as to how kaladin and leshwi’s relationship is going to work moving forward, when they fought we had an instant connection built between them and I’m interested to see how that will contribute.
  7. In relation to kal not noticing the malen body it’s likely that the Very slight sex differences between sex’s in parshmen plus the small changes made to the body make it indistinguishable, like for a example a transgender person who has been on hormone therapy is pretty only noticeable if you really look at least in my experience, since kaladin was looking for her patterns he didn’t notice or didn’t care.
  8. So now I want to know, what’s leshwi’s angle. We thought she could be manipulating kaladin but apparently it’s clear to those around her that she has some strange fascination with him and to. A lesser extent the other wind runners. Why? additionally what happened to change the war and why was leshwi worried she would not get to fight kaladin again. What’s happening, I suspect a similar thing that happens to kaladin will happen to leshwi in that she may be ordered to go to total war and give no quarter or something like that.
  9. So I gotta day I feel like dalinar is definitely doing what’s best for kaladin but he was way way way off base with how he started talking to kaladin about it. He should not have wild with the questioning about why kaladin is letting wounded fused go before removing him form combat since it feels accusatory to kal. On top of that kaladin is right in that situation it’s better to spare heavenly ones so they don’t have to train new radiants. one thing I don’t like about this or at the very least something I hope is addressed or at least referenced is leshwi. Because her and kaladins fights really stuck out to me. I really feel like they have a connection or at least in an understanding(I’m not saying that like shipping it, I just think there is definitely mutual respect and understanding there). I really am gonna miss their interactions and I’d like to see if that is ever addressed. Especially because it seems weird to create a connection between her and kaladin before pulling him out of a situation where he will interact with her.
  10. I feel like they woudl have social status if they interact with others besides their radiant, but I do believe Lirin isn’t a member of the house as of the start of rhythm of war.
  11. I don’t see why being a shard requires them to obey oaths, only honors intent seems to have anything to do with oaths and I haven’t seen oaths play a role in shard interactions in the other books.
  12. what is the equivalent Alethi social status for bonded spren, now obviously they are their own category but what’s their closest equivalent. A good example would be syl. So as of the start of rhythm of war kaladin is a high Marshall, leader of the wind runners and the founder/head of house stormblessed(best name ever). kaladin is presumably close in social standing to a weak high prince or really strong bright lord so sebarial or a amaram. However currently his house presumably consists of nobody besides himself and therefore no heir. I think it’s probable that bonded spren are socially the equivalent of spouses or siblings, obviously they aren’t Spouses or siblings and I don’t support that ship but that seems to be the most comparable social position. In the latest rhythm of war chapter we see syl helping facilitate kaladin leading not just the soldiers but the honorspren too. This comparison is not the best for some of the spren bonds like Pattern and shallan but kaladin and syl have a much more mutually respectful, close and supportive relationship then all the spren bonds we have seen. which leads me to another question if syl is the social equivalent of kaladins wife or I suppose sister does that mean her title is technically brightness stormblessed, I believe we have seen people refer to syl as brightness before, and also that is just an awesome name. butt the more important question for syl specifically, as we can see with sadeas and Ialai, she a high prince dies with no heir his wife retains her Power. So if syl is the Social equivalent of kaladins spouse or even sister, so far this is the only relevant case of this situation does that mean if kaladin dies with no heir house stormblessed reverts to her and potentially even whoever she bonded next would be the new head of the house if she chose?
  13. So I was thinking about it and I think I figured exactly how honor beat odium. But first my evidence; point 1: we see I Other series shards Have trouble interacting with those under the influence of another shard, granted these two shards were exact opposite but I think it likely this is true no matter what but the degree to which the shards oppose each other determines how much influence they can get in. point 2: so basically honor put part of his shard into odium at least enough to pass along some of his intent. That is why odium is Abe to be trapped there because of paths made by him potentially and why he has to follow the rules of a contest of champions if agreed to. Essentially he corrupted odium.
  14. Hence why I think it likely, I think the only two options are syl sacrifice or kaladin dying, kaladin dying is pretty obvious and syl dying leans a little more into his character arc especially if it’s a sacrifice to save others. But even then I still think kaladin would overshadow others in the back 5
  15. So I was thinking about journey before destinations do the ultimate implications of it along with kaladins character. I think that somewhere probably stormlight 5 kaladin and maybe dalinar are going to go out in spectacular fashion and they may lose to odium but keep him trapped or something like that. why: 1. kaladin has to die, he is far too op, And far too capable To survived to the second 5 books without stealing the spotlight from some other characters. (Not an interesting way to completely ignore this problem is something happening to syl, because if syl goes away especially if she is sacrificed for some reason it plays very well into kaladins arc and also makes it so he can’t overshadow others) 2. journey before destination really seems to be leading to the idea of a final last stand or a defeat. With kinda the idea going there being “it doesn’t matter that we lost because we put up a crazy good fight” at least in my mind that seems the end point of the idea But the main reason I think it’s gonna be kaladin is like I said before but also kaladin is the character that other main characters look at and go “that guy is awesome” the reason that’s important is because every other time I have seen brandon do that said character had died.