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  1. Granted. You got a good grade. You cannot look at a piece of paper without busting out in hives. I wish Moash became immortal.
  2. The Way of Kings - 6 Oathbringer - 10 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 3 Hero of Ages - 9 Bands of Mourning - 10 Secret History - 10 Warbreaker - 10 The Emperor's Soul - 9 Sixth of the Dusk - 1 Double-hurt SotD
  3. I can't understand 2EmLee2ese. Can you repeat that in English, please? Uno reverse card.
  4. But it was made out of cat droppings and apple juice.
  5. Do Heralds or Returned count as royalty?
  6. Voidspawn Splinters the false Shard, then Divides all opposing him into dust. Calling upon the powers of all stupid ides on the Shard, Voidspawn uses necromancy to revive Brandon Sanderson and force him to change the logo.
  7. Anything that has to do with admitting my mistake. Anything that I do during a concert is absolute perfection. Believe me... or else. *Summons Shardblade* WTWTTSW Kaladin dies like he deserves. All hail Moash/Vyre
  8. Obviously. What Sanderfan hasn't? Stayed up past midnight on the 17th Shard.
  9. ...to an extent. TPBM has no idea who Lyndel is (hint: Stormlight Archive).
  10. Voidspawn demolished Nameless and Ene's forces, attempting to revive the old logo. (I got a nat 20 on my attack roll lol)
  11. The Way of Kings - 9 Oathbringer - 10 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 3 The Hero of Ages - 8 The Bands of Mourning - 10 Secret History - 9 Warbreaker - 10 The Emperor's Soul - 9 Sixth of the Dusk - 7 Heal tWoK, hurt ES
  12. "What are you doing peacefully reading books that are in fact very good for the mind and you should probably be reading more of them when you could be outside, in freezing weather, at midnight, and getting hit in the head with baseball-size hail?" *faints*
  13. But since Butte was getting super hungry, he ate his own vegan butt.
  14. Um... TPBM "has gotten" good grammars.