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  1. Happy birthday Voidspawn!

    1. Emery the Steelrunner

      Emery the Steelrunner

      Happy Birthday @Voidspawn.

    2. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.

      Happy birthday man!

  2. Granted. The slice of cheese Awakens and eats you from the inside out. I wish for the people around me to be smart for the first time in their lives. (For context, I'm playing D&D with a bunch of 6th graders right now.)
  3. Welcome to the Shard!

    1. Hoids4thApprentice


      Many thanks! (I somehow missed this message until now, not sure why)

  4. Are you talking about the audience breaking the fourth wall? Thaidakar was the one who brought that up. @EmulatonStromenkiin had no power to control TLT with a mere 54 reputation. Void vetoed the command and brought his army back.
  5. But it was all under control, as Void's audience rounded Moni up and KILLED Moni.
  6. AdoKho said, "Your Mom Daddio."
  7. [email protected] wanted in on the action, and declared himself Thaidakar's dinner plate.
  8. Void blinked, and the audience did alongside him in unison. They all echoed, "Are you talking to me?"
  9. Void took control of the audience.
  10. Thaidakar fell under Void's control.
  11. But it was Thaidakar who exploded.
  12. But the relief didn't last, as Navani snuck up and trapped him in a gemstone.
  13. Welcome to the Shard!

  14. But he was in the wrong adventure, and he accidentally stumbled upon TLPW as he ate that Elephant Earwax.