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  1. AHAHAHA STICK YOU DID IT! That was fun, but I think I’m gonna hold off on doing anything other than a qf or bt until winter break gg yall, imma go read the spec doc
  2. Oh cool, I like how it really does look like there’s light coming from the lantern! wait it’s inktober oh I forgot todays the first should I do it
  3. Can I have spec doc? I don’t think I’ll have time to play this but it seems super cool
  4. oh wow what absolutely thought I was gonna get yeeted but obv i wasn’t there during rollover (sorry internet was being weird) ….I’m gonna reread last day’s thread bc what how did yall go for archer? also note the vote manip edit: ok so after reading the eod4 um flashwagons late game are usually more suspicious to me so I’m guessing at least one of the elims was in there i still think there’s multiple elims left
  5. no. should I? ive heard it’s really long and fantasy and has an adaptation that doesn’t have a great reputation and that’s abt it
  6. Shoot I just lost all my multiquotes ok whatever: tun’s “yeet me” -archer and I aren’t e/e and so game is still winnable even if you get yeeted -you/mat team is scary lmao -kas’s reasons for v!stcik are because of jnv and xino interactions i belive- I want to respect kas’s legacy but I’d be fine w reevaluating this later edit: why is stcik in my autocorrect - — - “assuming that everyone was working with full information and acting efficiently” -archer …is archer secretly economics? - — - honestly the self vote and then me vote is enough to be a bud suspicious to me, plus the fact that if TUN is v we still have a good chance of winning assuming archer and I aren’t paired - — - wiz what was that mando’a? Why is my assumption immediately mando’a lmao - — - if someone wants to scan me it’ll show a blessing of presence used n1 right?
  7. Wait what who protected me and why? ik it wasn’t me I used my blessing on mat d1 bc he looked like the nk target and I had no idea how involved I was gonna be able to be in the game. also just realized there was vote manip last day so that’s fun I need to actually sleep now lmao bye
  8. Um so regardless of the current discussion on whether or not to kill me I wanted to point out that I’m like, never gonna be around for rollover in this game which is kinda sad but ah well :(( being attacked and but being protected shows up as “attacked but survived”, right? edit: 770 posts that’s kinda cool I’ll mention when I get to 777
  9. like, depending on certain things? I don’t have a great idea of how a lot of yall play as elim and so when I say someone’s clear/not clear for activity/tone it might not mean a ton. That being said the elims this game seem sort of inactive so it definitely has merit. Also sorry for writing tuo that was definitely meant to say tun Ohhhhh true oops, then wiz is clear archer’s post reminded me I haven’t done any rp either so here this is lol TurTaal woke up from his sleep, wondering where he’d put his flute. Maybe it was in his suitcase.
  10. reads rn: Wiz: killed jnv, basically clear unless it was like, conq who Kas- lots of interaction n stuff, in a game where the remaining elim(s) are probably inactive or were at least inactive earlier I say vil Mat- ugh mat is always hard for me to read. Vibes diffrient from the QF I specced though so tentative vil TUO- for the same reasons im reading kas as vil tuo is a bit sus to me Stick-jnv interactions make them seem v/e imo Shining-claimed coinshot and I don’t really see two coinshot on the elim team unless there’s only one elim left Archer-seems pretty v so far tone wise I think? Also this isn’t in any particular order Shining/Archer not e/e tell me if I missed someone/included a dead player and I’ll edit it
  11. (it’s the weekend hurrah) [insert archer quote abt my actuvity] So my inactivity is mostly due to needing to deal with school as well as this game, and schools been worse than usual lately what with ‘look good on college applications’ being most of what I’ve been thinking about. My attention span is getting worse and I don’t think I’ll be doing any long games in the future. vil-[kas, wiz]- basically cleared imo vil lean-[archer, mat] these are my strongest reads rn, everyone else is kinda :sparkleshrug: also why have we not seen more vote manip sorry right blessings are one use edit because I messed up my copy and paste: e lean-[shqueeves]- will look through individual posts later today I hope but read hasn’t changed a ton shqueeves is dead, sorry! I need so much more sleep than I’m getting edit 2: going through N2 rn and should have something, but I have art class rlly soon so it’ll be after that