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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I uh.... don’t know? 




  3. Come back, we miss you!

  4. Where aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you?

  5. We miss you Turtle! er.... eltruT...

  6. I am officially a terrible villager. Good job to the elims, this game was quite fun. Now to go through the death RP for Turtle and figure out why she survived that.
  7. “Ok makes sense.”
  8. “Can someone give me a TL;DR?” Ash asked
  9. the fellowship of the thing

    “Your call.”
  10. Ahhh the beauty that is computers breaking down and 94 notifications.


    I’m back. 

  11. the fellowship of the thing

    "I dunno. The roof sounds a little like bait, as its not the sort of crafty thing I would think they would do. Lets go up there, but be careful." @condensation
  12. "Don't you have to pay for that? Also, I have a sooper meta fourth wall theory if anyone wants to Hear."
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    "Same, though Phen says I'm close to the fourth." Kaila lashes herself to the wall of the elevator shaft, and does the same to Aria.