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  1. which, imo, can feel a bit like lots of people distancing without voting, but with my in active elim team credences i don’t think it’s that likely
  2. i don’t like this, for some reason. feels like too little activity with a too large train, and what i think we’ve been seeing from the elims is low to mid activity but voting most cycles that being said, i’m still good with my cash vote as i think it makes sense- i don’t want to vote jnv out for similar things as what i got him mld for qf63. edit: i mean they could have totally made the decision to bus for bus cred here, actually. e!cash means we’re relatively close to lylo from what i can gather. someone should do the actual n v n thing
  3. cash… -tani is totally not the most inactive player, we have people who literally have not talked yet -i uh, new players amogus a lot a v, right? bc like, someone saying you’re evil does not mean you need to vote them, it just means you should do something villagery. that post was,,, so much defensiveness,,, i,,, y’all know the thing where elims go like 10 v 2 9 v 2 7 v 2 that? something in me feels like we have e!cash and the elim doc has something very very similar to that in it also alv do you know who has which blade (of illwei’s and sticks) or do you only know two people, one w one blade and one with the other but you don’t know who has which? did that make any sense? i’m assuming you claimed shaman at some point lmao and im nearing 1000 posts here so that’s super cool! lack of talking makes me like, even more favoring v!jnv. pls reconsider your jnv votes, people cash edit: also @Cash67 did you edit your archer vote in? you should create a new post or @ ash because we’re not supposed to edit votes in
  4. yeah that was my question, thx tbh the lack of talking rn makes me thing mayyybe v! jnv could also just be a symptom of a very dead thread though edit (tani ninja): ( @Ookla the Implosion) are you feeling better now? I’ve actually also missed the first day/18 hrs of a couple games before lol but yeah what you’re doing is good, i’d honestly recommend skimming most of d1 a bit because its a lot of posts and what’s happening rn is more relevant imo edit2: so uh, 5/13 of us have talked so far, if my numbers are correct
  5. spoiler has vote counts if its a jnv/cash/stick/tun team; i dont really see it it’s definitely a lot of red in one place d2. that being said i am partial to e!cash and i could reconsider my v!tun read but i’d sort of like to wait for that. put it in spoilers and no bold bc i think that messes up the voting algorithms? im not voting any of these people but jnv @Ashbringer does whoever got shalash’s honorblade get their knowledge of how many honorblades a person have that night or the day after? we could kinda clear whoever has the honorblade that way
  6. thoughts on a cash/tun/jnv team or is cash/tun either/or? i think i gave tun a v read bc he voted along w stick and i’m not sure stick would follow a teammates vote like that but it could totally happen edit: also gave elk v points for voting along w stick quite closely but again that’s a soft v
  7. ok but like here’s the thing you’re in my poe you match the description of a low active elim team with low stakes d1 so like would you mind doing that reread on jnv? bc i’d definitely prefer for you to vote on someone you have a strong read on over just sheeping. I dont want what happened with the bookwyrm ml to happen here, especially when we dont have kas to tell us we’re all being dumb. and like there’s this niggling thought of ‘maybe this is tmi!tani’ so uh all that being said you can totally get out if my poe, you just haven’t given v vibes yet so edit: and like i totally understand the gut read thing i often have trouble putting my reads into words edit 2: i also felt very earnest in qf63 and kas can tell you how that went edit 3: archer you “i find it interesting’ is scaring me i just called the kas kill bc it fit w the kills we’ve been seeing lately: killing thread leaders/towncore and leaving low actives alive.
  8. noooooo who healed me we literally have no pinch hitters but i dont have the mental capacity to play this game ._.
  9. somebody who actually plays in mashes (*cough*illwei*cough*) correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t this literally just MU ITA shots in mashes? i’m gonna check this edit: yeah ITA is vig shots with a 15% chance of accuracy i think but like in a 50 player game so
  10. blackout game where it’s actually oops all mistborn but you’re told it’s all smokers idk if that’s blackout or just a bastard game
  11. WAIT @Ooklil' the Wei INTERESTING WAS A SCUMTELL I FEEL SO VINDICATED LMAOOOOO edit: so uh, i’d do my normal ‘assume the wagons are different alignments and see what happens but i think v!archer is so likely it’s unnecessary, so instead i did this: D1 The Wandering Wizard (5): xinoeph512 / Ookla the Forgotten, _Stick_, Elkanah, Tani, Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omniscient The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual (4): The Wandering Wizard, JNV, Araris Valerian, Alvron Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omniscient (3): The Unknown Novel, Archer, Matrim's Dice Matrim’s Dice (2): InfiniteInsanity, Chantara Alvron (2): Illwei, Cash67 Kasimir (1): Kasimir not voting: Bookwyrm, Shining Silhouette, Turtle D3 _Stick_ (7): Araris Valerian, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, Kasimir, Chantara, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Alvron, Elkanah Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher (2): The Unknown Novel / Ookla the Unknown, JNV Chantara (1): _Stick_ Elkanah (1): Cash67 not voting: tani, turtle, D2 The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual (5): Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE, Araris Valerian, Matrim's Dice, JNV, Cash67 Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omnicient (2): The Unknown Novel, _Stick_ Elkanah (2): The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual, xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten (2): Kasimir, InfiniteInsanity Araris Valerian (1): Archer not voting: silho, kas, chantara, alvron, tani, elkanah which leaves me a poe of <chantara, tani, alv, araris, xino, insanity, cash, jnv> which is bigger than the speculated elim team but not by much, especially because i’m nearly certain at least one of <chant, alv, tani> is v bc why would three elims choose to not vote at once? also v!elkanah is not a eod3 thing it’s a eod1 thing bc i don’t see two elims voting sequentially on the same person like that, i don’t think stick would like that also can somebody protect kas today? and wait actually lemme check ooa but if vig kills the nk target does vig get the honorblade? could be helpful if someone claims edit 2: also i speculate the reason we’re not seeing low active kills is because the elims want padding bc we have a less active elim team but i’d need to check again to make sure
  12. smh i’m not sharing my doc w anyone :p. it’s my doc elims don’t get to have it im just special like that