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  1. the fellowship of the thing

    "I dunno. The roof sounds a little like bait, as its not the sort of crafty thing I would think they would do. Lets go up there, but be careful." @condensation
  2. "Don't you have to pay for that? Also, I have a sooper meta fourth wall theory if anyone wants to Hear."
  3. the fellowship of the thing

    "Same, though Phen says I'm close to the fourth." Kaila lashes herself to the wall of the elevator shaft, and does the same to Aria.
  4. "What was the point of that?"
  5. the fellowship of the thing

    "Good. At least two radiants here. What oath are you?" Kaila breaks the ceiling tiles, climbing out onto the top.
  6. "Yeah! We're trying to capture Agh wait wrong thread sorry don't listen to me." Ash says.
  7. the fellowship of the thing

    "You know lashings run out, right? She's my sister, we're both Windrunners. Anyways, follow me." Summer runs to the elevator shaft, lashing the door to the side so she could get in.
  8. "I vote No to whatever this death thing is. Now... where was I? Oh yeah, capture the flag."
  9. "The computer."
  10. the fellowship of the thing

    Summer walks over, frowning. "They get a free walk back." She unlocks the handcuffs, lashing them to the wall. "Doesn't mean I can't lash them, though."
  11. the fellowship of the thing

    Summer charges at Eldyn, lashing Reading to the ceiling. "Sorry." She then leaped out of red's territory. "We still get a free walk back!"
  12. the fellowship of the thing

    "What was that supposed to do? Do I have to lock myself up?"
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    Kaila decides to play, running to blue team's jail and picking the lock on aria's locks. "Follow me. Someone disabled the elevator without knowing I could climb up it." @Condensation
  14. the fellowship of the thing

    Summer short circuited the elevator and searched the arcade.
  15. the fellowship of the thing

    Summer walks over. "Hey, what's that?" She pointed to the turkey, grabbing her smore gun and shooting it at the turkey.