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  1. @Mender at Rhythm of War Part Two Reactions
  2. RoW Spoilers for Rysn's Interlude:
  3. Thanks!!! Can't believe I missed that when writing the post. Guess I got too caught up on the theory. Fixed it!
  4. Rysn just became a storming Dawnshard. So, my question is how import is her charachter going to be in the future? We have a WoB saying that she never becomes a main charachter for Stormlight Archive. But we also have one that says there are some big plans for her future( what happened to her in this novel can't be all Brandon was thinking when he said this, more probably this is just the beginning) What I'm thinking is that for the back 5 books she may step up to a more important role, but still mostly an Interlude charachter. Then she will make her main stage appearance somewhere else on the Cosmere Endgame( yes, I know there won't be an Avengers style finale for the Cosmere, but there wil be some kind of End Game, right?) So what do you think, are we witnessing Brandon's build up for a VIC or is this it for Rysn??
  5. So, Brandon has said that for this book Rysn's Interlude is from a different viewpoint, is very different and won't spoil the novel but it would be better to have read it. Relevant WoBs on the matter spoilered for leanght: With this information I believe that we will have a Chiri-Chiri Interlude. There's no direct evidence for this but I think it makes sense. We know it won't be from Rysn's PoV, but it will still feel like Rysn's Interlude and not some other charachter related to her( like Vstim or someone from her ship) Also we learn in Dawnshard that larkins/lanceryns were the ancient guardians. This makes me think that Chiri-Chiri is much more sentient that what I initially suppoused or even Rysn thinks. It would be Brandon's MO to surprise us with her PoV. Tl;dr Get ready to get inside the mind of a larkin I would really like this theory to come true( Chiri-Chiri fan over here), but if someone else has another idea for the PoV on Rysn's RoW Interlude I would love to hear it.
  6. So, the last preview chapter is out and the Tuesdays of anxiously refreshing at 9am 'til Tor posted have ended. The past few months reading the chapters and coming here to enjoy the great insinghtness of my fellow Sharders and scream of excitement in the only place where people would get it have been amazing. Brandon's incredible work made its way into my life quite recently and almost instantly I joined the Shard. Coming here to read detailed theories, outright speculation and simple reactions of emotion have been the best way for me to deal with the stress of the pandemic and finishing my college year online. In that note I can't keep myself from shouting Thanks to Brandon, his Dragonsteel team, everybody on Tor, Lindsey and Alice for those detailed Read-Along Discussions, to the Admins here for making sure we don't miss any of the new info and have great threads; and finally to everyone who has been active on this Forum for just being great. In one weeks time RoW will be out and I'm expecting a huge explotion here(never been around for a book premiere), so we have plenty to look forward to. Even so ( and though I can't wait to get my hands on the book ASAP) I am going to miss the weekly releases. Virtual hugs for everyone. If you also loved coming here on Tuesdays leave a Shout and share the love.
  7. I was an advocate of it being a Sleepless, but now I'm in doubt. I still find the Sleepless theory one of the most logicals, but I'm struggling with the fact that because of the events of Dawnshard Navani has a context for what the Sleepless are. The problem here is that IFRC Brandon has said you can dive into RoW without reading Dawnshard. Thing is I don't see a scenario where she doesn't reference that previouse knowledge from Dawnshard if her blackmailer turns out to be a Sleepless ( which would be a Dawnshard spoiler IMHO) The other possibility is that it's a Sleepless but she doesn't find out on this book, but that would simply seem like no pay-off on a plot set from part 1. But then again, it is Sanderson, if someone can Dodge spoilers it's him. So maybe it's a Sleepless and -no surprise- it will be delt with beautifly.
  8. Personally, I struggle to read the true emotions behind those lines for one main reason: Kal is depressed, lost and thinking less of himself throughout this chapter ( at all point his go-to thought is "what did I did wrong now?") so I find him to be an unreliable narrator. When he says, for example, Deep down, Kaladin had known there was only one place he could go once the spear was taken from him. Does he mean only one place that made him feel ok, or just one place like he has no other choice. Which way did you interpreted this? Am I the only one double-thinking this lines? In general I believe going back to surgery will be very positive for Kaladin. On his WoK flashbacks,like some have stated here, he actually decided after many thought that he preferred being a surgeon. This only changed through necessity. Either this is temporary or long-term, I do believe it will do our good pal Kal some benefit to reconnect with that part of himself and also with his dad. On the other hand the way the chapter adressed this choice left me a little bit worried. Lirin's reaction was unappropiate IMHO. He completely disregarded his son's emotions on the matter and skipped to deciding for him. Kal just seemed to roll with the punch. So, like I said, I do think this is can be a possitive experience for him but only if old Lirin starts to put his pride aside and actually helps his son.
  9. Drehy's sexuality was adressed in a direct way without the need to use the term gay like you said so yourself. I agree Rosharans probably don't have any terms for bisexuality either, but that doesn't keep them from being able to reference Shallan's sexuality in a more explicit way. I actually agree that this being aproach explicitly is actually unlikely, but that doesn't change the fact that I would like for it to be. You might be unto something with your example. Adolin has been stated to be jealous and/or distrustful of Veil, so maybe we could get a scene with him being jelouse of a woman hence showing Shallan is bi in a more direct way. Last but not least I love the fact that Brandon shares so much extra information about his worlds and magic systems( it's a big part of why the Shard is such an amazing place) I just don't think a charachter's sexual orientation should fall under that category. No worries. I'm a college student myself and currentrly there's an Economy essay driving me nuts too ( I really shouldn't be on the Shard right now) I think we just have different opinions on the matter and I believe that's ok. It's probably a coincidence but I happen to be a TGP and Arrowverse fan. Sara Lance's bisexuality is extremely explicit on the show DC Legends of Tomorrow ( a spin-off), she has a girlfriend and it's the most beatiful healthy relationship on the show; so that's just people being blind ( really really blind) Eleanor on the other side, well, I have opinions in the matter and this is definitively not the place to adress them but this article here kind of sums up how I feel If I got your point right then you don't agree with me or the article and again I believe that's ok. I just feel like it's becoming a regular trope to show a charachter "kind of bi"( quoting Kristen Bell here), then canonizing it outside the story but never on the story, like if they wanted to live the possibility of that charachter being straight open to fans that don't want the charachter to be queer (maybe this is not at all what is happening, but this is how I'm perceiving it and it doesn't sound good to me and if this is a real trope and I'm not just making it up on my mind, then I wouldn't want Brandon-who I adore- to fall on it) Tl;dr Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is Shallan's sexuality shouldn't be a way people read her charachter, should just be one more amoung the many other things we know about her ( not more or less important, simply one more) PS: Sorry if I'm derailing this thread that shouldn't be about Shallan's bisexuality. It just seems that some very helpful possitive conversation on the matter has naturally occur. If a mod feels this is out of place there's actually a thread on the matter on this forum.
  10. Ok, since I'm not a bisexual person I might have no storming idea of what I'm talking about, but I'm gonna run you on my experience on the subject. I read WoK WoR and OB(I'm a recently cooked fan) and I read Shallan as simply being straight. Then came here to the forums, read theories and WoBs and realized that many people had read her as bi. In retrospective I realized this made sense, but it was a PoV as valid a reading her hetero. There was no actual way to tell for sure wich was right, if you check WoBs Brandon himself didn't intend on writing her bi. Then on RoW previews we had that scene with Veil on the bar which read very bi to me, so I created a thread on this very forum on Shallan's bisexuality to see what people thought and some still didn't read her as bi( and this was still a valid view cause wandering how another woman's boobs feel doesn't make a woman bi) Until today any reader could have his/her personal view on Shallan's sexuality, but now they can't. It would be at least IMHO like saying " I'm sorry, I don't read them as a woman, I believe being a man fits the charachter better" She's bisexual, it's a fact, Brandon said so ( technichally he said something like She's coming more bisexual as I write her, but close enough) The problem is we only know this because of a post in reddit. If this is canon it should be on the books in a way everyone could read it. Let's retake my gender example: No one goes saying "Shallan is a man" becaues the books make it obvious that she's cisgender and identifies as a woman. The books should make it obvious that she is bisexual (not just drop subtle clues, obvious!) I'm not saying it should be a big matter or a main part of her personality ( couldn't be farther from what I'm saying) I just believe it should be referenced in a more explicit way. People who only read the books and don't come here or on Reddit and didn't notest the previouse references should know she's bi and people who read her as bi from the very beginning but aren't on the forums right now should get the explicit confirmation that we all enjoyed today. Drehy's sexuality got a few lines and Kal and Sygzil's reaction, why not Shallan's? I don't know if any of this made sense, it's so late it's actually early in my country and I should be sleeping hours ago. I would love to hear what you think about this since I guess as a bi person you would have a better insinght( apollogies for possible poor spelling and/or typing, again it's late)
  11. So I guess option 2 is out of the realm of possibilities. 3 could still be cause well, She's heteroro, but like I said, I just don't see it. Meaning it's clearly number one! In general terms when I read Brandon's annotation I almost screamed of excitement cause we now have official confirmation on our first 2 LGBTQIA(losttrackofallthenewletters)+ protas. Really happy for all the fans like @AonEne who wanted a decent ace charachter ( it doesn't get better than that) and well, Shallan was almost a sure thing by now, but I do hope we get a more obvious bi development from her charachter despict of her marriage to a man( which is 100% a valid choice for a bisexual woman, but you know what I mean) Both are women, so I guess @Honorless will have to keep waiting for that gay male main charachter. As for me, I'll stick to hoping Hoid's pan. This is possible rigt? I'm not going crazy on this??
  12. (I was inspired by the great haikus on this thread, so I decided to write my very first one and ended up with 3. If any of the more experienced Sharders have any feedback on my haiku-writing it's more than welcomed) Face to face with pain I choose life instead of death. A piece of God's touch. I look for my strenght Weakness is the eassy way. Cracks filled with God's oath. The journey greets me No sense skipping to the end. My soul is Honor.
  13. Like many have stated before me there are a number of possibilities for the nature of this relationship and without further data and considering Navani's skewed PoV we really can't reach any conclussion. But this is the Shard, what would become of us without speculation? I'm gonna start with what I think we can mostly agree on: they are sharing information and probably have been since the WoR interlude; they are conspiring together; Hoid is advicing the Queen and Jasnah is teaching him how to soulcast( this is more speculative than the others). I think this kind of relationship (albeit there could be more to it) fits both their personalities and interests. The only question IMHO is how much do they actually trust each other because trusting Hoid 100%is not something I would recomend anyone to do. The bigger question comes on wether or not there is more to this relationship. Here I believe some people have been too quick to dismiss the possibility saying that the rumors and Navani's suspicions are simply the result of a society that can't see a strong independent women commonly surrounded by a man without assuming they're having sex or some how involved. This is obviously one possibility, but not necessarily the most likely like I see some people stating. The Alethi gender biases are huge enough that this would be a very logical missunderstanding; but after reading the chapter I felt a certain complicity between the 2 of them that doesn't simply come from working together. That scene where Hoid serves himself some wine and then handed over a cup to Jasnah screamed lover, at least to me. The only reason I didn't just assume there was something going on between the 2 of them was because casual sex doesn't seem very Sanderlike and Roshar is a very oath-based society. Then again that doesn't seem like something that would stop Hoid or maybe even Jasnah. Those 2 facts aside ( and one of them is more meta than actually based in the story) I don't see a reason why they couldn't happyly be FwB. Last but not least there's also the possibility that they have fallen in love, but given their personalities a romantic relationship just doesn't add up completely for me. Still, love comes im the weirdest of ways and in the most unexpected times so...who knows, maybe this will be a love for the ages!! PS: This topic has also brought out the theme of Jasnah's sexuality and I would like to say that the only information we currentrly have on that is that she has rejected a high number of male pretenders; but knowing her this could be only because she didn't want to simply become wife to Brightlord ______, so while I know there's a big fanbase #Jasnahisace and I completely support and desire more inclusive non-straight charachters, by this point in the story Brandon could claim that she is hetero, lesbian, ace, pan or pretty much any sexuality and I would find it logical and consistent. (Hoid on the other side is clearly pansexual and nothing Brandon says can change my mind on that) TL;dr IMHO 1-They are working together towards a commun interest: Almost surely, matches their personalities. 2-Afterwards they're sharing a bed: No way to know, but matches their personalities. 3-They have fall in love: Not likely, doesn't seem to match their personalities.
  14. I'm actually a bit surprised of how much I like the french covers!!! The WoK with Kal and Shallan actually gave me huge chills. Bulgarian WoR is pretty amazing too. The way they represented such an iconic fight is quite good( but I only like it in retrospective, I prefer my covers less spoilery)
  15. Just 17thShard level crazy like the rest of us........ I think it's a requisite to join in!