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  1. Hi, Sharders!! It has been a recurring topic that this book will have some very painful deaths...and a lot of people seem to put their bet on Adolin. A lot of really great arguments have been made as to why his charachter arc appears to be heading that way and in comparison to other main charachters maybe he does play a smaller role in the fight against the forces of Odium. But at the same time I feel like he still has a lot to accomplish( I stand on the Maya has to come back to life and Shadolin is the best fandom) and as a charachter he adds a breeze of fresh air that I would miss deeply. So, where does the fandom stand? Do we need to prepare ourselfs to say goodbye?
  2. Am I the only one who thought the name of this ship sounded a little bit like Wayne+Veil Whale?? This story was pure GOLD, I loved the interactions between Shallan and Wayne....and trading Kal's boots that was just priceless. Also this dialogue: "I'm on a mission from God," said the man. "No relation." literally made me laugh so hard I fell.
  3. Well...... guess we have to start changing the fanarts....
  4. Silverstars Every time Shallan thinks about Jasnah it's so gay which is #relatable, @BrandSanderson did you realize how bi you wrote her?? Either way, thank you. Brandon Sanderson This wasn't directly on my mind while writing, but looking back, I think it was in my subconscious. I'm flattered to hear it. General Twitter 2016 (Sept. 26, 2016) So, until now I felt like Shallan might be simply admiring Jasnah and besides this or other WoB there was no canon for her bisexuality. Which is why this episode really excited me, I mean, that Adolin-Veil banter was amazing. And asking her husband (or her alter'salter's) how Dakhnah's breast feel....just great! So, what do you think: do we officially(in-book Canon) have our first bisexual protagonist??? Edit: I'm a huge fan of Shadolin, but we need a girl to ship Veil with ASAP!!!
  5. This episode was so well written. It's incredible how it torn me apart on the inside, but at the same time I couldn't stop laughing. It's a feeling I didn't thought something I read could give me. When Kal breaks in his room and remembers Moash's words I literally felt overwhelming pain and almost wanted to stop reading; but then throughout the rest of the chapter, though I could still feel Kal's sorrow, Adolin and Veil were such a comic relief and just a storming light of fresh air (if that even makes sense) TL;DR The episode just seems to work really well. I know some people hadn't like the tone of Kal's chapters, but this was a very Smart way of dealing with his depression and still have a very fun chapter.
  6. "Rock didn’t have a spren either, but he… had moved on to something else. Kaladin wasn’t sure what it was, but he didn’t call himself a squire." What!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!!! Am I the only one who exploded in excitement over this??! Does this mean he's on his path to radianthood, but for a different order? Or is it something else? I always felt like Horneaters had special information disguised as religion kind of like worldhoppers are gods, but something else very important to the general plot; so maybe it has something to do with that!!!?? I need some outburn speculation!!! Cause I have a feeling we won't get much of Rock(or anything) 'till his novel!
  7. That's what I said. I didn't use the term bond, I said they were singer whose souls were burned and branded by a VoidSpren, hence fusing then into one Cognitive Being.
  8. It seems to be a commun agreement that Fused are the CS of a singer...well, fused to a spren of Odium. So, maybe Thunderclasts are a singer CS fused with the Odium version of the spren that is refered to as the soul of the Tali-na( or other greatshells?)
  9. I'm gonna be honest here @Govir your logic adds up, but I just don't think a mistake like that would have been up to this point. Yes, I remember the whole shardblade bleeding problem a few episodes back but this feels like too serious. So, even though I don't think it's as simple as there's a mistake on last weeks epigraph there is something fishy. All that steel and iron reverse polarity is a little bit weird, why can tin and pewter directly be swaped ( like @Govir sais it's actually suppouse to be) And then we get to the point where they don't know how to make repellers. Like @the_archduke just said they know for sure about steel, so I can't wrap my head around the fact that they haven't tried it yet. So, either steel isn't the right metal for a repeller ( would kind of break the up until now followed symmetry) or they need to do something else besides using steel that they haven't figured out... yet. Bottom line, we still know too little about Fabrial Mechanichs to speak with certainty on the matter. Let's just hope future Navani POV help educate out ignorance!!
  10. So, I know it's not the most important thing in the chapter, but I was really happy to see Yokska is alright (or as alright as one can be when your city has been Taken over and you've been pretty much inslaved). Hope her husband is OK too( or as OK as one can... well, you get the idea) Wonder if She'll have some rol to play on the future( maybe She'll help Venli see that some humans can be trusted, help her with her resistence/rebellion and in the future serve as a bridge to Adolin and our MCs?) Regardless I just love the way Brandon doesn't forget about any side charachter and I'm a huge fan of seemingly unimportant charachters getting a little bit more relevance in the future.
  11. So, Fused retain the physical gender of the singer they take over....and Leshwi is malen this time around. Well, that was an unfortunate development....or is it more reason to ship Kalashwi now???? Wonder if Kal would be as open minded as a certain twinborn friend of ours?
  12. So much new info on this episode!!! Venli is starting a resistence!!!!! Yeeehhyyy!!!! First up, something seems odd with the epigraph. According to last week they are already using iron and steel as a pair to change polarity...and know they need a metal to do the oposite of iron, but don't think of steel? or could it be that they've tried but repellers use a different metal? Sweet that Venli can use both Stormlight and Voidlight but we still know very little of this one or how Fused obtein or use it. It seemed interesting that gravitationspren are used for workform. I think up until now we knew close to nothing about the sprends singers bond. Is there a logic behind it? could other spren be use for that same form? I think I find it curiouse because there are like 4 different spren on The Coppermind related to Gravity including the groundpren and the luckspren( the Mandra I think) , so are they really all different ir just different names for the same thing??
  13. @Trentolio had already find your songs on YouTube and instantly fell in love. My favorite one is "To kill a king", I must have heard it like 3 times in a row when I first discovered it and now it's part of my regular playlist. I pretty much forced all my friends to listen to it and most really liked it( even when some of them haven't even read SA). Szeth is actually kind of my favorite charachter and the way the song embodies his moral and honor struggles is incredible. I wish I could've told him "Even you have choices" when he most needed it. Anyway I hope you keep doing amazing job like this cause I have a pretty good feeling that it will be most welcome over here at the Shard.
  14. Someone's on his way to sware some good old Edgedancer oaths Video was amazing, those guys are just the best B44EVER!!!!!!!!