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  1. Hi! Loving this Shardcast series. I'm doing my Lost Metal reread simultaneously and I really enjoy how you've been analyzing Era 1 books. New episodes are actually one of my weekly highlits. I've never been much of a Mistborn Era 2 fan and now, between how Cosmere awarew Wax & Wayne 4 seems to be and your SpanReads, I'm actually reaaally hyped for November! Anyway I hope it's not a problem to tag you @WeiryWriter but I'm very curious as to what is the Stormlight couple that might dethrone Vin & Elend?? No risk giving me spoilers, I'm up to date on everything Cosmere (I would like die if I were'nt lol).
  2. Virtually impossible to pick favorites when there's soooo much greatness in the Cosmere! But let's try. Spoliers for everything the charachter has been on in my thoughts. 16. Adolin Kholin 15. Steris Harms 14. Wan ShaiLu 13. Sixth of the Dusk 12. Lightsong the Bold (Stennimar) 11. Renarin Kholin 10. Elend Venture 9. TenSoon 8. Vin Venture 7. Navani Kholin. 6. Taravangian 5. Szeth. 4. Lift 3. Hrathen 2. Jasnah Kholin 1. Sazed PS: I could've talked forever about this charachter; but this was just enough to explain my order without going into too much detail, I think.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure a lot of people interpret Tinkerbell's charachter as in love or at least having a crush on Peter Pan in the original play/novel and maybe even in some of the more recent movies. Personally that's my headcanon but assuming fairies experience love in a different way that humans can't understand. In general I like it when non human beings have non human emotions but emotions nontheless and perfectly valid, just different. That gets me to the subject at matter. My first question would be, have we been shown spren engaging in romantic and/or sexual relations of any kind among themselfs? It would strike me as odd for them to do this only with humans. My second thought is that if they engage in any kind of relationship it's probably quite different from human relationships and almost all of them would experience feelings if at all, quite different from us. That being said, we have been told on several occasions that Honorspren are the ones that resemble humans the most and I think we have also seen them imitating human traits, so I think they're the most likely to engage in a humanlike relationship (possibly to a human) and to fall in love. Now, for the specifics of Syladin. Like I said, it's a possibility, but I don't think we have been given much foreshadowing. Their relationship strikes me more like that of siblings. They care deeply for each other, look out for one another and share a very strong literal Bond; but I don't see much romance going on and no sexual tension whatsoever. If Syladin were to happen I wouldn't be shocked but I don't think is likely and would actually prefer if it didn't. .....Howeeeeever when it comes to the ship, I think it's a great ship. It was pretty much unavoidable. Probability and possibility shouldn't be factors that prevent someone from shipping. If you enjoy it, Ship it! I also think it's important to be respectful of other people's ships ( as long as those ships are respectful of the charachters we all love) Wow that got rather long Tl;dr: 1- I would prefer if spren didn't have emotions/relationships in the same way humans do. 2- If one type had, it would probably be Honorspren. 3- Syladin romance strikes me as unlikely but not impossible. 4- I read Syladin more like siblings. 5- Despite that, it's a great ship. 6- If you enjoy it, Ship away!
  4. Yeah, I mostly agree with you. The improbability of all spren being on a sufficiently advanced bond to manifest as a Shardblade is the main fuel for my questions. Are those dead spren Deadeyes? I don't think it would make sense for them to become dead shardblades, but I don't think we have been told one way or the other. So, how do they appear in Shadesmar?, because when other spren talked about Deadeyes in OB and RoW it seemed to me like all manifested in the PR as Shardblades.
  5. What happens to a spren whose bond isn't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade when their KR breaks their oaths? (Thinking about Syl on WoR, for example) What happened to all the spren whose bonds weren't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade during the Recreance? Did they become deadeyes too, but manifesting only in the CR? Are they "less dead" because their Bond was less advanced? Has this been directly explained in the books? Or maybe in WoBs? Thanks to everyone who answers!
  6. Sooo, not much meme making experience but I was talking to a friend who is currently reading RoW, this came to my mind and I had to share it. RoW spoilers
  7. Any one else feel like this is a wasted opportunity for Shardle to tell you: "This word is not accepted"? That would be sooo cool! PS: Big Wordle fan over here so compliments to the chef on giving us the worldhopper version.
  8. I believe most times in the Cosmere there'll be a in-universe logical (albeit perhaps loose or only in the back of Brandon's mind) reason for similarity in names or naming conventions. Obviously, coincides are also a possibility, but where is the fun on that? Not really sure how that would work but @LewsTherinTelescope seems to have a pretty decent sugestion. I just think that knowing how relevant Trell is/will be/has been? to Scadrial and the very palussible possibility that he might be we can't afford to discard any possible connections between this two planets. So, I don't know if you are offering this as an example of similar names in the Cosmere being coincidence or having actual relevance to the larger Cosmere plot. My 2¢ would be that is rather likely the Iriali had been to Sel (perhaps even originated on Sel and/or are the OG Elantrians 'cause the similarity in metalic hair/skin -though golden instead of silver...for...ehmm.. reasons [seen a coupple of theorizing in this direction in several diferent posts]) Anyway, I guess that in that case the name could still be common after visiting other lands. As for the main topic of the thread I have to admit when Brandon read Rushur Kris, I thought of both Rushu the ardent and Khriss, our beloved horldhopping scholar. Then I remembered, this is probably just the artifabrian Navani mentions in her PoV Prologue as being someone she admires on whom Gavilar had taken a sudden and inexpected interest. I still think is a weird choice of name, but can't seem to be able to see any weird revelations there. Can't seem to remember the different shash glyphs. Could you remind me? I would very much appreciate it. Also, yeah, the Ati thing has been mentioned by Brandon as just a coincidence (I think but couldn't find a WoB that said so) but I still feel like that's gonna be the exception and not the rule.
  9. Hello Lord of Discord! I think I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't share my appreciation for the wonderful work you, the Staff, the Arcanist and ehmmm...the Keepers? (just everybody in general) do to keep this amazing site running before I started shooting questions. I post quite rarely but the amount of time I spend reading entire threads here, Coppermind articles and pretty much every WoB, is alarming (to my satisfaction and the detriment of my grades ). Aaaaaanyway I've always wondered how you and the rest of the hosts of Shardcast -who happen to be beta (or ganma) readers- deal with having intense debates about Main Cosmere topics, recent WoBs, book releases, etc. without referencing the knowledge you have from as-of-then unpublished works? Those debates and their subsequent theorizing seem so genuine I would find it hard to beleive you are holding back on information (mainly because I would be completely uncapable of doing so...) [If this is some kind of behind the curtain thing you can't really discuss I would totally understand] Follow up: have you ever accidentally spoiled something for someone from a book you've read as a beta-reader? In my group of friends everybody is on a different point of the Cosmere (I just convinced a coupple of them to star reading) and unintentional spoilers have proveen themselfs unstoppable... PS: Just read this thread from beginning and now I really wish you would've been my teacher on Many variables Calculus on all those weird surface and line integrals. That makes me think... have you ever had a Sanderfan student that went like....WHAT IN THE STORMFATHER'S WINDS???!!! CHAOS IS MY RUSTING MATH TEACHER!?!
  10. @Mender at Rhythm of War Part Two Reactions
  11. RoW Spoilers for Rysn's Interlude:
  12. Thanks!!! Can't believe I missed that when writing the post. Guess I got too caught up on the theory. Fixed it!
  13. Rysn just became a storming Dawnshard. So, my question is how import is her charachter going to be in the future? We have a WoB saying that she never becomes a main charachter for Stormlight Archive. But we also have one that says there are some big plans for her future( what happened to her in this novel can't be all Brandon was thinking when he said this, more probably this is just the beginning) What I'm thinking is that for the back 5 books she may step up to a more important role, but still mostly an Interlude charachter. Then she will make her main stage appearance somewhere else on the Cosmere Endgame( yes, I know there won't be an Avengers style finale for the Cosmere, but there wil be some kind of End Game, right?) So what do you think, are we witnessing Brandon's build up for a VIC or is this it for Rysn??
  14. So, Brandon has said that for this book Rysn's Interlude is from a different viewpoint, is very different and won't spoil the novel but it would be better to have read it. Relevant WoBs on the matter spoilered for leanght: With this information I believe that we will have a Chiri-Chiri Interlude. There's no direct evidence for this but I think it makes sense. We know it won't be from Rysn's PoV, but it will still feel like Rysn's Interlude and not some other charachter related to her( like Vstim or someone from her ship) Also we learn in Dawnshard that larkins/lanceryns were the ancient guardians. This makes me think that Chiri-Chiri is much more sentient that what I initially suppoused or even Rysn thinks. It would be Brandon's MO to surprise us with her PoV. Tl;dr Get ready to get inside the mind of a larkin I would really like this theory to come true( Chiri-Chiri fan over here), but if someone else has another idea for the PoV on Rysn's RoW Interlude I would love to hear it.
  15. So, the last preview chapter is out and the Tuesdays of anxiously refreshing at 9am 'til Tor posted have ended. The past few months reading the chapters and coming here to enjoy the great insinghtness of my fellow Sharders and scream of excitement in the only place where people would get it have been amazing. Brandon's incredible work made its way into my life quite recently and almost instantly I joined the Shard. Coming here to read detailed theories, outright speculation and simple reactions of emotion have been the best way for me to deal with the stress of the pandemic and finishing my college year online. In that note I can't keep myself from shouting Thanks to Brandon, his Dragonsteel team, everybody on Tor, Lindsey and Alice for those detailed Read-Along Discussions, to the Admins here for making sure we don't miss any of the new info and have great threads; and finally to everyone who has been active on this Forum for just being great. In one weeks time RoW will be out and I'm expecting a huge explotion here(never been around for a book premiere), so we have plenty to look forward to. Even so ( and though I can't wait to get my hands on the book ASAP) I am going to miss the weekly releases. Virtual hugs for everyone. If you also loved coming here on Tuesdays leave a Shout and share the love.