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  1. Why would adding growing to the mix make it in to something that’s the opposite of growing? Fighting a war to expand (grow) what you own is pretty much the definition of empire/conquest.
  2. I feel like it’s the second one. We know every shard has its own god metal, and that combined shards form a new god combined metal. It makes sense that every shard would then have its own light, which could then combine in to different named lights, that seems pretty analogous. How the anti-lights work seems a bit more complicated, but it also seems like it would take the combined anti-light to neutralize a light, not just one of the individual components.
  3. At this point it seems like a bit of a stretch that other planets and worldhoppers aren't more common knowledge on Roshar, especially among the educated and elite. Roshar has one of the most travelled cognitive realms of any of the planets with Shadesmar. We've seen an Elantrian there, goods from Nalthis, and now a trade delegation from Nalthis. Ghostbloods and 17th shard are both active on the planet and possibly others. Khriss knows about everywhere and is presumably writing for other people who are aware of all the planets too. We've got Terrismen in addition to Felt from Scadrial. We also know from WoB that the pits of Hathsin were a trade center hundreds of years ago and presumably some Rosharans were there too. Spren are almost definitely aware of worldhoppers but haven't felt the need to tell any of the humans. The stormfather has to know that worldhoppers are there and that some have likely used his perpendicularity but hasn't told Dalinar when they're in deperation mode to find allies. Just with all this interaction it seems shocking that it hasn't been leaked out yet, or that someone hasn't just wanted to take credit for discovering other planets and worldhopping and discuss it with everyone. This book Felt seemed especially blatant. He presumably came through Shadesmar before to get there but didn't mention that to anyone on the trip back through it. He also didn't mention that he has seen something similar to Odum be defeated before to give some hope or help strategize based on what happened before. It really just seems like this knowledge is hidden for the sake of being hidden and there's not a whole lot of justification for more people to not know.
  4. Cultivation’s gift was never for her to stop growing though. Lift just misinterpreted it and thought that’s what it would be. Her actual gifts of converting food to life light and seeing the cognitive realm is still going strong. Also I’m not convinced an inch is a huge amount since we don’t know how often she’s measuring. Google says people grow 2 inches a year in puberty which she’s definitely in, plus Rosharans are taller. I’m pretty sure she still won’t be a major player until the back half, and is definitely not champion material if Kaladin isn’t. Her shard blade won’t even turn in to an actual weapon at his point.
  5. Those are the main hints, but that seems like enough to be 99% sure it’s him. Otherwise it’s just Brandon messing with us with the biggest red herring which doesn’t really seem like his style. He brought Kel back for a reason, it has to be him.
  6. He would pretty clearly be an Edgedancer since Maya is a cultivation spren, and he’s reawakening her through listening and remembering her which is also in line with the Edgedancer oaths. I don’t feel too bad since both Dalinar and Kaladin made it pretty clear he could be a Radiant if he wanted to, he’s just not willing to give up Maya for it. That shows it isn’t the most important thing to him even though it definitely stings some, and that dedication to her is probably what’s going to make him a Radiant eventually anyways.
  7. We still haven’t seen Lift be a major player. Whatever she does may temper Todium somehow. Dalinar stopped Rayse’s plan, Taravangian replaced him, now Lift could be a check on him or keep the balance as a whole. She’s done some small quirk things with her powers, but nothing Cultivation absolutely needed. Her book should be pretty interesting at this point now that we’ve seen how big of a game Cultivation is playing.